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How to Ensure High-Performing Microsoft .NET Applications

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In today’s distributed application ecosystems, with various inter-dependencies and dynamic infrastructures, it is extremely challenging to detect and resolve application failures and performance slowdowns. This is especially true in a Microsoft .NET application stack. Developers, IT Operations Staffs and/or Site Reliability Engineers often get involved in long war room sessions to isolate the root cause of poor customer experience in the digital business service.

Explore the various problems that could affect .NET application performance and discusses industry best practices for effective performance monitoring. Learn how a converged application and infrastructure monitoring strategy can help:

-- Detect digital experience issues in real time
-- Analyze critical business transactions and diagnose slowdowns
-- Get .NET method-level visibility to fix application code issues
-- Understand application dependencies with underlying infrastructure (IIS, Hyper-V, SQL, Azure, etc.)
-- Auto-correlate alerts and isolate the root cause of performance problems

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How to Ensure High-Performing Microsoft .NET Applications

  1. 1. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com How to Ensure High-Performing Microsoft .NET Applications An eG Innovations Webinar
  2. 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Moderator Natalie Tomko Digital Marketing Manager eG Innovations Natalie.tomko@eginnovations.com
  3. 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Logistics  Please submit your questions at any time during the webinar using the questions panel on the GoToWebinar client.  This webinar is being recorded. You will receive a link to the recording in a few days.  A copy of this presentation is posted on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/eginnovations/
  4. 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Today’s presenter John Worthington Director, Product Marketing eG Innovations John.worthington@eginnovations.com
  5. 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Agenda • Introduction to .NET Framework • Full Stack .NET Monitoring – User Experience Monitoring – Business Transaction Monitoring – .NET Application Monitoring – Infrastructure Performance Monitoring • Converged APM/IPM for .NET Environments • Conclusion
  6. 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com About eG Innovations Worldwide Locations Faster diagnosis and resolution of performance problems Enhanced service delivery and user satisfaction Maximum business productivity and cost savings Accelerated IT deployments and production rollouts Transform IT Service Delivery into Business Advantage eG Innovations is a provider of enterprise-class application and IT infrastructure performance management software that delivers end-to-end monitoring, diagnosis, reporting and analytics across physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid IT environments. Global Headquarters: Singapore US Headquarters: New Jersey Founded in 2001
  7. 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Why customers come to us... • 75% of IT organizations are suffering from degraded business applications – IDC Research • 70% of the time, IT organizations learn about performance problems from end-users - Gartner • 31% of performance issues take more than a month to resolve or are never resolved - Forrester Why is my application slow?!!!
  8. 8. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Microsoft .NET – One of the most popular web technologies Most Popular Programming Languages – 2016 C# and Microsoft .NET framework are used by millions of people for developing: • Windows client applications • XML Web services • Distributed components • Client-server applications • Database applications and more…
  9. 9. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com The Microsoft .NET architecture Web sites, web services and web applications built on .NET using programming languages such as C#, VB, etc. ASP.NET – open source server-side web application framework for web development CLR – runtime environment that manages the execution of .NET code and provides services such as memory management, debugging and profiling, and security IIS – web server that is used to host the ASP.NET web application. IIS has it's own ASP.NET Process Engine to handle the ASP.NET request.Windows Server – operating system used to host IIS A problem in any of these layers will affect performance of .NET applications
  10. 10. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Why Monitoring is so important? • Average total cost of unplanned application downtime per year is $1.25–2.5 billion • Average cost of a critical application failure per hour is $500,000 to $1 million The Most Dreaded ‘Application Downtime’ • 73% of businesses are experiencing productivity losses due to slow application performance ‘Slow’ is the New Down
  11. 11. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What to monitor? • Focus on digital user experience – Identify web application issues before end-users are affected – Is the web site is slow to respond, content not downloading properly, or site is down/unreachable? – Which users are affected and where? • Diagnose what is causing slowdown – Is it a front-end browser issue? – Is the network connectivity slow? Bandwidth throttling? DNS resolution issues? – Is it an issue with content download (document download, processing, page rendering)? – Is server-side processing in the .NET application layer taking excessive time? User Experience
  12. 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What to monitor? • Isolate the cause of slow server-side processing – Trace .NET business transactions and identify why a transaction is slow • Application code? • Slow database query execution? • External calls (HTTP, WCF, Web Services, etc.) taking high processing time? • Drill down and get code-level visibility – What part of the application code is taking high processing time? – Is any database query not written correctly, or has errors? Frequent performance issues appear mostly in application code (43%) and databases (27%) Business Transactions
  13. 13. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What to monitor? • Identify performance issues in the .NET Framework – .NET Application – Worker process – CLR • Identify performance issues in Microsoft IIS Web Server – IIS web site – Cache – Application pool – IIS Server cache – IIS events, services, error log .NET Application
  14. 14. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What to monitor? • Detect performance bottlenecks in the infrastructure supporting the .NET framework – A problem in the physical server or virtual machine hosting IIS and the database – Operating system issues – Hypervisor issues – Network connectivity faults – Active Directory errors – Storage bottlenecks • Correlate all aspects of application performance and the supporting infrastructure to identify the root cause Infrastructure
  15. 15. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com On-Premises Cloud End-User Experience .NET Business Transactions ASP.NET CLR Microsoft IIS Windows Server OS Server Infrastructure .NETApplicationStack Full stack .NET monitoring Using an end-to-end application performance monitoring (APM) solution with correlated visibility across the entire .NET stack  User experience  Business transactions  .NET application  Infrastructure performance
  16. 16. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Full Stack Monitoring for Microsoft .NET Environments
  17. 17. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Monitor user experience for .NET applications – Real user monitoring (RUM): • Agentless, passive monitoring • Identify which user, location, transaction is slow, and why • Diagnose if application slowdown is due to the client, browser, network, server, or content download – Synthetic transaction monitoring: • Using simulated user transactions, proactively test and detect issues, establish benchmarks, compare pre- and post-deployment performance • Monitor digital user experience as users interact with the front end of .NET applications: User Experience
  18. 18. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What RUM does... Visibility into user experience; prove that you met SLA targets; understand impact of changes Early Problem Detection - Resolve issues before they surface and escalate. Fault Domain Isolation & Troubleshooting - Reduce Mean Time-To- Resolve. Insight into third-party providers accountable in real-time and with SLAs. Improved Communication with the Business – Interactive Visualization and Dashboards. KPIs. Quantitative mapping of results. Service Improvement - Locate Areas of Chronic Poor Performance and improve. Understand usage patterns and trends.
  19. 19. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com RUM limitations... • RUM indicates server-side processing is slow • But DOES NOT explain why User Experience
  20. 20. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com .NET business transaction monitoring • Picks up where RUM stops, and provides visibility of business transactions across the server-side tiers of the .NET application • Trace transactions using a tag-and-follow method across different .NET CLRs all the way to a database and back • Identify transactions that are slow, stalled, and having errors • Get response time split by each .NET tier for distributed web applications, and understand which tier in the server-side architecture is causing slowness Business Transactions
  21. 21. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com How .NET transaction tracing works Website (Hosted on IIS) Database Database Load Balancer N e t w o r k User Accessing Website or Web Application The injected code observes and reports the execution time for each step of the transaction flow across the application architecture The injected code adds GUID to each unique transaction to tag, follow and trace the transaction throughout its path Multi-Tiered CLRs CLR CLR CLRCLR Website (Hosted on IIS) Website (Hosted on IIS) Website (Hosted on IIS) The eG .NET Profiler uses byte code injection in the CLR during runtime
  22. 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Simple deployment • .NET transaction monitoring using eG Enterprise is simple to deploy and non-intrusive • It does not require any special database access privileges, application topology configuration, or code changes to trace transactions Business Transactions
  23. 23. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Monitoring the .NET framework and CLR • Monitor the .NET framework as a layer within the IIS component .NET Application .NET application Cache, compilation, request processing, errors, sessions, SQL connections, state server connections, and more Worker Process Application (running/restarts), requests (current/queued, rejected), request wait time, request execution time, worker process (running/restarts) .NET CLR CLR exceptions, garbage collections, heap memory usage, classes loaded, load failures, appdomains, threads (logical/physical/recognized), current queue length, stack walk depth, link time checks and runtime checks
  24. 24. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Monitoring Microsoft IIS web server • Use purpose-built monitoring model for Microsoft IIS and get out-of-the-box performance metrics about: .NET Application .NET application Connection, requests, errors Worker Process Availability, TCP connection time, server response time, data transfer time, content validity IIS web cache File cache hits, misses, URIs cached, memory Application pool Pool status, CPU, memory, page faults, read and write IOPS, running threads, worker process failures Types of HTTP errors encountered Application offline, busy app pool process, bad request, connection reset by client, connection dropped/refused/ abandoned, internal errors, URL processing errors, etc.
  25. 25. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com What transaction tracing does... • Identifies and diagnoses server-side processing slowness in websites and web applications – Defects in business logic – Poorly written database queries – Slow third-party or external service calls Transaction has been executed within the slow threshold of 4 secs Transaction execution has exceeded the slow threshold of 4 secs Transaction execution has exceeded the stalled threshold of 60 secs There were exceptions found while processing the Java code. View the stack trace to identify where it has happened in the code. Note: All out-of-the-box transaction response time thresholds can be modified to meet custom criteria.
  26. 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Infrastructure issues also affect application performance – Database root blockers, index fragmentation, bad design – Network connectivity and bandwidth issues – Storage hotspots in SAN arrays – Virtualization issues such as under-allocated VMs, memory ballooning, co-stop, – Server hardware faults – Corrupt services in the OS, runaway processes hogging CPU and slowing down the application Infrastructure • Bottlenecks in the underlying IT infrastructure have direct impact on application performance:
  27. 27. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Only infrastructure monitoring helps diagnose the root-cause Infrastructure – If the backend database is slow due to insufficient memory, all queries will report slowness – Only direct visibility of the database health, availability, performance and configuration will help isolate the root cause and troubleshoot the problem • Business transaction monitoring tells you if there is a slow query that is affecting application performance • But DOES NOT reveal the root cause IT teams need unified visibility of application performance in context of infrastructure health to determine the root cause App Infra
  28. 28. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Understand application dependencies with the underlying infrastructure Infrastructure A database bottleneck is affecting SharePoint application performance eG Enterprise identifies the root blocker query in the SQL Server database (which is the root cause of SharePoint slowdown)
  29. 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Out-of-the-box recommendations for infrastructure performance tuning • Improve the performance of .NET web applications by optimizing underlying physical and virtual infrastructure – Know when your servers will run out of capacity – Plan intelligently for capacity expansion • Built-in and customizable reports provide actionable insights to right-size your infrastructure Infrastructure
  30. 30. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Other capabilities Performance-Oriented Configuration Tracking Knowledge Sharing Self-Healing Correlation Role-Based Dashboards and Reports
  31. 31. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Simple data collection
  32. 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Easy integrations and extensions 180+ applications | 10+ operating systems | 10+ virtualization platforms | 20+ storage devices eG Admin/Developer Business/IT Monitor Users HTTP/S On-Premise or SaaS eG Universal Monitor (Agent/Agentless) Measurement results New tests, thresholds Configure tests, measurements and integrations API, CLI Scalability eG SuperManager Metric Aggregation, Consolidation eG Enterprise for Unified Monitoring & Observability of .NET Environments Cloud Tool Chains Chat ITSM / Ticketing . API, CLI Auto Deployment | Orchestration | Integration | Data Export Tests and Measurements Library | Observability | Self-Healing Correlation Configure tests, measurements and integrations Environment(s) | Public | Private | Hybrid Multi-tenancy & Personalized Views Dev Test Stage Prod Unified Monitoring
  33. 33. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Flexible deployment options Business Requirement On-Premise License eG On-Tap (SaaS) Option Real User Monitoring • Requires one license for each website monitored • Unlimited users • 1, 2, 3 year terms • Unlimited users Business Transaction Monitoring • Requires one license for each Windows OS instance on which .NET websites/web applications (IIS servers) are monitored • 1, 2, 3 year terms • Unlimited users Full Stack .NET Application and Infrastructure Monitoring • Flexible data collection options • Requires one license for every agent/data collector per target server • Embedded analytics across end-to-end digital business services • 1, 2, 3 year terms • Unlimited users
  34. 34. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Full Stack .NET monitoring On-Premises Cloud End-User Experience .NET Business Transactions ASP.NET CLR Microsoft IIS Windows Server OS Server Infrastructure .NETApplicationStack  User experience  Business transactions  .NET application  Infrastructure performance Business Transaction Health Application Health Infrastructure Health Create Order Create Invoice Ship Product Digital Business Service Real User Monitoring | Synthetic Monitoring | Business Transaction Tracing Order Service Invoice Service Logistics Service Legacy Data Ctr Private Cloud Public Cloud Topology Discovery | Code-Level Correlation Pre-Emptive Alerting | Automated Diagnostics | Capacity Planning | Right Sizing Digital User Experience
  35. 35. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Key benefits  Get correlated visibility of user experience, application performance and infrastructure health  Reduce downtime and increase application and service availability  Proactive problem detection enables quicker debugging and code optimization  Faster MTTR leads to increased business productivity  Optimized infrastructure delivers enhanced application performance and user experience  Unified solution for service owners, applications managers, IT Ops, DevOps, developers and support team
  36. 36. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Questions?
  37. 37. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.com Thank You! www.eginnovations.com https://www.eginnovations.com/solutions/microsoft-net-monitoring info@eginnovations.com +1 (866) 526 6700