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Question 3

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Question 3

  2. 2. PURPOSE OF AUDIENCEFEEDBACKAudience feedback makes a difference in how the end productturns out, this is because you gain a lot more peoples views andopinions on the product before it is finished. Also a wider range ofpeople are more likely to pick out mistakes which you wouldnormally not see. From audience feedback we made changes tothe trailer and the ancillary to improve them on the comments thatwere made.
  3. 3. OBTAINING FEEDBACKWall wisherWall wisher is a good tool, that enabled me to post my media to the website andthen the viewer could look at the media product and make comments to the walldirectly after watching the video, this meant that it was fresh in their heads givinggood quality feedback.Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey is good for obtaining feedback when first looking at target markets.This means you can ask audience questions and then depending on the answerscreate a plan for our products. This was helpful as it gave us an insight into whatsort of trailer to create.Social MediaSocial media was the most effective way of getting feedback on my work, this wasbecause there is a big user base on sites like Facebook and Twitter to distributethe questionnaire and the wall wisher allowing me to get a lot of feedback back.Focus GroupBy selecting a small amount of people in my class, that fit the target market of thefilm, we were able to ask them questions about what they think of the trailer, how itcan be improved and whether they liked the idea of the film trailer. This was agood piece of feedback as it gave us lots we could improve in the trailer. I feel thatthis was the most effective piece of the audience feedback.
  4. 4. SURVEY MONKEYThe questionnaire as you can see above, hit the correct target market for thetrailer, this gave us some great feedback for ideas in the trailer and how certainaspects effect the feel of a trailer, for example low key lighting and how long thetrailer should last, we used this feedback when making our trailer
  5. 5. ANCILLARY RESULTS – WALL WISHERHere is some of the most useful Feedback I received on my ancillary drafts:• Change Image of Poster• Change the background of the magazine• Remove the white release date banner as it doesn’t look conventional• The magazines image looks more comedy than horror.
  6. 6. TRAILER FEEDBACK – FOCUS GROUP• Positive Feedback We used this feedback to improve the trailer, we took on board the • Heartbeat Sound effect fact that the storyline was hard to • Scary figure follow and we made a decision to • Conventional make it into a teaser trailer which• Improvements also helped with making it more scary as there was less time to fill • Lack of Storyline with scary scenes so we added a • Hard to follow the story phone call at the start of the trailer • Need to add scary to give it a scary and unknown scenes feeling to start with.• Conventions • Low key Lighting We felt for the trailer this is the • Teenage characters best way of gaining feedback as it is from out selected target market • Isolation for the trailer.
  7. 7. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OFTHE PRODUCTSTrailerStrengths• Good use of conventions• Good sound effects• Low key lighting giving the trailer a scary effectWeaknesses• Storyline was poor to begin with until making a teaser• Not a huge amount of fast paced scenes• Transitions could be betterAncillaryStrengths• Good use of fonts• Conventional poster• Good image for posterWeaknesses• Magazine image could relate to the film more• Background of the magazine wasn’t brilliant and looked boring just black.
  8. 8. WHAT I LEARNT FROM MYAUDIENCE FEEDBACKFrom my audience feedback I have learnt that by gaining feedbackthroughout the project it is easier to make a product that fits your targetmarket a lot more than just getting feedback at the start and once halfway through. This helped a lot as we then realized we needed to changeour idea to better fit the target audience more effectively along withproviding an easier to pick up story line. This was because when wefirst showed the target market the trailer they felt that the story was wayto hard to figure out from the trailer so we instead make a teaser trailerso that we could show more story related ‘panic scenes’ and tell thestory through this way rather than dragging the storyline out. If we hadnot of used the focus group and audience feedback on the trailer wewould not have produced as good of a trailer.When gaining feedback on my ancillary products it helped a lot becausethey provided a different aspect to what I saw, they talked about thingslike the background of the magazine and the layout of the poster whichwhen I made adjustments looked a lot better.