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HCM Software

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HCM Software - Eilisys Technologies offers a simple and efficient human resource software which having many advanced features which is not only useful for the HR department of an organization but also for the employees.

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HCM Software

  1. 1. Eilisys' customized HCM software http://www.eilisys.com
  2. 2. Human Resource Management Software or Systems (HRMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) has become the need of the hour. This is because this software helps to manage all the essential HR activities of a company, leaving the HR personnel to focus on their core responsibilities. Benefits for HR Dept.Benefits for Finance Dept http://www.eilisys.com/human-resource-management-software.php
  3. 3. http://www.eilisys.com/human-resource-management-software.php
  4. 4. http://www.eilisys.com/human-resource-management-software.php
  5. 5. You can add, delete and extend the features that we provide to create software that fits your needs perfectly. http://www.eilisys.com/human-resource-management-software.php
  6. 6. You can utilize the features of the software to the fullest as they are designed to serve the requirements of your company. http://www.eilisys.com/human-resource-management-software.php
  7. 7. The look and feel of your bespoke software would match the brand name of your company. This would make the experience of using the software pleasant not only for you but also for your employees. http://www.eilisys.com
  8. 8. The HRMS which is commonly used by several companies would remain the same although there would be few general updates. However, these updates may or may not work for you. On the other hand, the customized software would evolve with your company and its needs. http://www.eilisys.com
  9. 9. This gives the opportunity to manage the human resource activities of your organization according to the standards of your company. http://www.eilisys.com
  10. 10. PUNE: Office No. 602, Kapil Zenith, S. No. 55, Behind Maratha Mandir, Bavdhan, Pune – 411021. Phone / Fax: +91 20 6729 5300