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A Baptism of FHIR - The Layman's intro to HL7 FHIR

As I work on #BlueButton on #FHIR I find people struggling to understand how FHIR works. I am still learning myself. This was a short introductory session I gave to colleagues at CMS about the underlying mechanics of FHIR and how it can benefit Healthcare interoperability.

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A Baptism of FHIR - The Layman's intro to HL7 FHIR

  1. 1. A Baptism of FHIR @ekivemark Mark Scrimshire HHS/CMS Entrepreneur-In-Residence
  2. 2. @ekivemark
  3. 3. What is @ekivemark • A Standards Developing Organization • Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) • Author of consensus-based standards • Representing a broad view from healthcare system stakeholders • HL7 compiled a collection of message formats and related clinical standards that loosely define an ideal presentation of clinical information • Adoption of version 3.0 since 2005 drove a “reset” in the HL7 Community • FHIR is the result of that “reset” http://www.corepointhealth.com/ whitepapers/evolution-hl7
  4. 4. What is the Industry doing with FHIR? athenahealth Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Cerner Epic Intermountain Healthcare Mayo Clinic MEDITECH McKesson Partners HealthCare System SMART (Boston Children's Hospital Informatics Program) The Advisory Board Company @ekivemark http://hl7.org/implement/standards/fhir/2 015Jan/argonauts.html
  5. 5. What is FHIR? Secure Transport Developer Friendly Structured Data @ekivemark
  6. 6. FHIR Think of it as an International common Language for Health @ekivemark
  7. 7. FHIR Can Publish and Consume Data @ekivemark
  8. 8. What can a FHIR Server Do? • Its all in the Conformance Statement http://fhir.bbonfhir.com:8080/f hir-p/ baseDstu2/metadata/ $everything ?_format=json @ekivemark
  9. 9. { "resourceType":"Conformance", "publisher":"Not provided", "date":"2015-09-02T15:19:48-04:00", "software":{ "name":"HAPI FHIR Server", "version":"1.0-SNAPSHOT" }, "implementation":{ "description":"UHN Test Server (DSTU2 Resources)" }, "fhirVersion":"0.5.0", "acceptUnknown":false, "format":[ "application/xml+fhir", "application/json+fhir" Conformance: What and How • JSON or XML Description of the Data Profiles and the Actions each profile supports interaction":[ {"code":"vread”}, {"code":"update”}, {"code":"delete”}, {"code":"history-instance”}, {"code":"validate”}, {"code":"history-type”}, {"code":"create”}, {"code":"search-type” }] GET http://localhost:8080/fhir- p/baseDstu2/Practitioner/32768 @ekivemark
  10. 10. Building Blocks Primitives @ekivemark
  11. 11. @ekivemark Constructing Resources • Identifier • HumanName • Address • ContactPoint • CodeableConcept
  12. 12. Resources: Define what you use @ekivemark
  13. 13. Codes within Codes @ekivemark
  14. 14. Cardinality 0..0 Not used 0..1 Optional 0..* Optional multiple 1..1 Required 1..* At least one @ekivemark [{ Address} ,] “String” Boolean Integer { CodeableConcept }
  15. 15. Building a FHIR Request https://fhir.bbonfhir.com:8080/ fhir-p/ Patient/ {123456} ?parameters [_id=123456]& [date=>2015-02-14&date=<2015-06-30]& [name:exact=Eve]& [_format=json|xml] @ekivemark Base-url resourceType id https://www.hl7.org/fhi r/search.html
  16. 16. FHIR Interactions • Read – GET https://example.com/path/{resourceType}/{id} • Search – GET https://example.com/path/{resourceType}?search parameters... • History – GET https://example.com/path/{resourceType}/{id}/_history • Operation – GET https://example.com/path/{resourceType}/{id}/${opname} • Create – POST https://example.com/path/{resourceType} • Update – PUT https://example.com/path/{resourceType}/{id} • Delete – DELETE https://example.com/path/{resourceType}/{id} • Transaction – POST https://example.com/path/ • (POST a transaction bundle to the system) @ekivemark
  17. 17. Implementing FHIR @ekivemark • Identify code sets • Publish codeable concepts • Map fields to Profile/Resource elements • Define Legacy-FHIR Integration – Real time query – Batch ETL
  18. 18. DEMO/TOUR@ekivemark
  19. 19. Links to know… • http://hl7-fhir.github.io/index.html • https://github.com/jamesagnew/hapi-fhir @ekivemark