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Blue Button 2.0 - At ONC Interoperability Forum

Presentation at ONC Interoperability Forum on August 6, 2018.

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Blue Button 2.0 - At ONC Interoperability Forum

  1. 1. 2.0 Creating a Data-Driven Ecosystem with Medicare Beneficiaries HIMSS 2018
  2. 2. #BlueButton A Brief History of Blue Button
  3. 3. • Patients should have access and control to easily and securely share their data with whomever they want, making the patient the center of our healthcare system • Vision for Blue Button 2.0 at CMS: To build a developer-friendly, standards-based data API that enables beneficiaries to connect their data to the applications, services, and research programs they trust Why Improve Blue Button? #BlueButton
  4. 4. #BlueButton
  5. 5. Meet Betty #BlueButton
  6. 6. Sample Third Party App
  7. 7. BBUser23123 ********
  8. 8. Your Logo Here { }
  9. 9. Sample Third Party App Connected
  10. 10. #BlueButton BlogSupport
  11. 11. 53M Beneficiaries Medicare Part A, B, and D 4 Years of Claims History #BlueButton
  12. 12. Patients have a right to view and transmit their health records. HIPAA The industry-standard for exchanging health information electronically. FHIR The industry standard protocol for authorization. OAuth 2 The beneficiary is always in control of who can access to their data. Consent #BlueButton
  13. 13. Synthetic Beneficiary Records https://sandbox.bluebutton.cms.gov 30,000 #BlueButton
  14. 14. With the click of a button, Medicare beneficiaries will be able to donate their claims data to scientists performing groundbreaking research Partnering with NIH’s Sync for Science #BlueButton
  15. 15. #BlueButton Putting Patients at the Center
  16. 16. Sandbox Registered Developers June 30, 2018 #BlueButton
  17. 17. bluebutton.cms.gov #BlueButton