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BlueButton on FHIR - HxRefactored 2016

BlueButton on FHIR presentation to HxRefactored 2016 in Boston. An update from 2015 with details of HealthCa.mp/onfhir and HealthCa.mp/dev.

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BlueButton on FHIR - HxRefactored 2016

  1. 1. Enabling 
 Health Data at CMS
  2. 2. IS HE? @ekivemark WH Mark Scrimshire CMS BlueButton Innovator http://ekivemark.com mark.scrimshire@newwave.io 703.623.2789
  3. 3. @ekivemark Disclaimer The views expressed in this presentation are my own personal views and should not be construed as an official position of: • US Department of Health and Human Services 
 or • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  4. 4. @ekivemark 20–30k Downloads/Month • Hospital • Physician • Prescription drugs Federally Inspired Blue Button Community • VA • DoD (TRICARE) • CMS 2xtext downloadsBeneficiaries can download 
 up to 3 years of claims data Private sector applications already ingest, optimize, and visualize data from 
 Blue Button text files @ekivemark
  5. 5. @ekivemark Unique Medicare Members since 2010
  6. 6. There are big opportunities… 54,000,000Medicare Beneficiaries (2014 est.) @ekivemark 29,000,000MyMedicare Portal Users
  7. 7. An Essential 
 First Step @ekivemark …but it left the patient to do the heavy lifting
  8. 8. BlueButton Vision “Build a Developer-friendly, 
 Standards-based data API that enables beneficiaries to 
 connect their data to the 
 applications, services and 
 research programs they trust”
  9. 9. @ekivemark Why create 
 an API when
 the Industry
 has done that? @ekivemark
  10. 10. @ekivemark@ekivemark
  11. 11. @ekivemark CMS Blue Button on FHIR + @ekivemark
  12. 12. @ekivemark Fast Health Interoperability Resources
  13. 13. @ekivemark Making a contribution to 
 the FHIR Community CMS Synthetic
 Public Use Files 
 Patient ExplanationOfBenefit 11K Patient Profiles 1.1M EOB Profiles
  14. 14. @ekivemark 80 Participants 12 Teams
  15. 15. @ekivemark A busy 2 days
  16. 16. @ekivemark And the Winners were: @POC
  17. 17. @ekivemark Un-conference Code-a-thon Health Tech Policy
  18. 18. @ekivemark CMS FHIR Patient Profile https://api.bbonfhir.com/api/v1/Patient?_format=json {"resourceType":"Patient", "id":"421118", "meta":{ "versionId":"1", "lastUpdated":"2016-03-22T16:38:17.578-04:00"}, "identifier":[ { "system":"CCW_BENE_CRNT_VW.BENE_ID", "value":"0"}], "name":[{ "family":["00013D2EFD8E45D1"], "given":["f5"]} ], "birthDate":"1923-05-01", "address":[{ "line":["1625 N GEORGE MASON DR, 344, ARLINGTON, VA", “222053683”] } ] }
  19. 19. @ekivemark CMS Blue Button Claim Profile https://api.bbonfhir.com/api/v1/ExplanationOfBenefit?_format=json {"resourceType":"ExplanationOfBenefit", "id":"421383", "meta":{"versionId":"1", "lastUpdated":"2016-03-22T16:38:17.578-04:00"}, "identifier":[{"system":"CCW_PDE_FACT.PDE_ID", "value":"233324492503674"}], "provider":{"reference":"Practitioner/421386"}, "prescription":{"reference":"MedicationOrder/421384"}, "patient":{"reference":"Patient/421118"}, "coverage":{"coverage":{"reference":"Coverage/421134"}}, "item":[{"sequence":1, "type":{"system":"http://hl7.org/fhir/v3/ActCode", "code":"RXDINV"}, "servicedDate":"2008-12-05", "adjudication":[{"category":{"system":"CMS Adjudications", "code":"Patient Pay Amount"}, "amount":{"value":10,"system":"USD"}}, {"category":{"system":"CMS Adjudications", "code":"Total Prescription Cost"}, "amount":{"value":350,"system":"USD"} }] }] }
  20. 20. @ekivemark Get to know the FHIR Rest API https://api.bbonfhir.com/api/v1/Patient https://api.bbonfhir.com/api/v1/ExplanationOfBenefit ?_format=json|xml &{Search_parameters}
  21. 21. @ekivemark Patients take 
 ownership of their data I Authorize
  22. 22. @ekivemark Join in https://github.com/HHSIDEAlab/BlueButtonFHIR_API https://github.com/HHSIDEAlab/bluebutton-text-to-fhir
  23. 23. @ekivemark Keep Up To Date http://go.cms.gov/bluebutton
  24. 24. Mark Scrimshire CMS BlueButton Innovator @ekivemark http://ekivemark.com mark.scrimshire@newwave.io 703.623.2789