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Dolibarr - What's new in 9.0 - devcamp valence 2018

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Presentation of main new features / modules of Dolibarr ERP CRM v9

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Dolibarr - What's new in 9.0 - devcamp valence 2018

  1. 1. DevCamp Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2018 Dolibarr ERP CRM What’s new in 9.0
  2. 2. - New features reported by ChangeLog: 94 (including 24 for developers) Note: 160 for 8.0, 239 for 7.0, 119 for 6.0, 102 for 5.0, 103 for 4.0, 131 for 3.9, 110 for 3.8, 76 for 3.7 Summary
  3. 3. Just few things were introduced in the Look And Feel v9 compared to v8 : ○ Use different icon for “unlink” and “delete” ○ Direct open a record when using a the Quick search box and we found only 1 answer (was already supported for few objects in v8). ○ All creation forms in v9 has a focus now (this save 1 click in most cases). Look and feel v9
  4. 4. ● Enhance “default values” admin page. You can set now : New features ❏ The default value in a create form ❏ The default search criterias in all list pages ❏ The default sort order in all list pages ❏ The default field for focus on all create form ❏ NEW: You can define if a field is mandatory (works on screen level, text field only for the moment)
  5. 5. ● Enhancement into accounting interface (example: filter on “all european countries except mine”, “FEC export”) ● Enhancement of extra-fields (Help text for tooltips on fields to show on forms, Can define if field must have a total or not in lists) ● Enhancement of Stripe payment mode integration ● More bulk actions in lists ● A tons of minor enhancements in all modules… (see ChangeLog.md) New features
  6. 6. ● A lot of duplicated code mutualized in shared includes. ● More and more REST APIs. ● A more complete module skeleton provided with the Module builder… New features for developers
  7. 7. ● As usual, automatic migration from any old version is provided ● Still compatible with any PHP version >= 5.4 ● Dolibarr v9 is supported for PHP 7.3 too with high performance enhancements : ○ Travis Unit Tests last 6 min with PHP 7.3 ○ Instead of 9 min 30s with PHP 7.2 ○ And 13 min 30s with PHP 5.4 Compatibility
  8. 8. Stable : ● Module “DAV” (WebDAV only for the moment) ● Module “Skype” replaced with “Social Networks” => Adds only fields, dedicated to some external communication tools or social networks, to third parties, contacts and users ● Module “Module Builder” (RAD tool) ● Module “Web site” (See demo later) New modules
  9. 9. New experimental ● Module “Privacy Data” (GDPR requirement, features to auto delete data after expiration delay) ● Module “Take POS” (A touch screen POS) ● Module “Ticket” ● Module “Email Collector” (Scan your mailbox to auto-create lead / third party or just email events - Can attach emails to correct object when email is an answer of ...) New modules
  10. 10. ● Build a module without leaving Dolibarr… New module “Module Builder”
  11. 11. ● Build your own Web site. ● Include any dynamic content from your ERP on your web site. ● Import or Export a complete ready to use web site. New module “Web site”
  12. 12. For a complete list of all changes: https://github.com/Dolibarr/dolibarr/blob/develop/ChangeLog Full ChangeLog