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Wholesale indian limestone dealers

  1. Wholesale Indian Limestone Dealers Make It Big
  2. Limestone is found in India on the banks of its mighty rivers and sand belts. It is not only a cheap replacement model of the more expensive and regal marble stones. Limestone was first used in India as a mortar to build statues, temple foundations and idols. With time, it has found its way into construction materials with a great stability and strong integrity. Highest and longest dams in India are all made of naturally found Limestone. Indian limestone wholesalers play a big role in bringing the popular stone in the Limestone segment to the world of rich deco and construction houses.
  3. Limestone is made of fossilized shells. It is a sedimentary rock made of fragmented structure. The basic compound in its constitution is calcium carbonate. The fragments are made of shells which are glued with calcite. Calcium carbonate makes up for almost 10 percent of its volume while the rest is usually made of granular minerals and skeletal remains.
  4. Majorly Limestone is used in building of stone slab. It is used in construction of roads and highways as well as side paver footpath. Toothpaste and paint accessories also contain limestone. It has a similar physical look as that of more commonly found compound called dolomite. It was first distinguished from dolomite in the year 1780 and since then has gained access into construction business with popularity.
  5. •Popularity in Commercial Tiling Stone slabs and tile made of limestone and marketed by the limestone wholesaler have gained wide scale acceptability owing to their commercial viability. Historically, limestone metamorphosed from living sea shells into calcium carbonate compounds. Marine animals and their bodies and scales are the greatest contributors to the world of limestone compounds and slabs.
  6. •Window and Door accents Limestone wholesaler ensures that limestone can be used in exterior accents built around the windows and entrances. They exhibit super glossy finish and have a spectacular appearance when blended with the natural shades.
  7. •Office and commercial spaces Limestone can be polished with gloss and can be used exclusively in office spaces to give a remarkable look which is hard to beat. Adding a touch of natural elegance, limestone is used in re-modelling projects and also in absolutely new projects.
  8. Indian limestone wholesalers work with the best miners and also top geologists. Limestone countertops can add an ambience of warmth and soft appeal with casual charm. Though it is difficult to extract from the sea shore, limestone is usually available in following contrasting shades and appeals.
  9. The most regular shades are: •Beige with Copper touch •Golden straw •Bone shade •Ocean blue •Roman Gold •Carmella brown
  10. Commercial tiling needs to be managed in expressive way and has to breed faith in the minds of the customer. Limestone slabs can be used in building walls as well as roof tops. Each limestone slab has its own specific property and characteristics. Housing agents and home designers use limestone in interior as well as exterior tiling and foundation.
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