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Selling agile across the enterprise

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You've started on Agile project. You've probably got IT management on board. You've read the manifesto. You've got a wall covered in post-its. You’re probably not using pair programming but you’re following most other Scrum and XP practices. But now you have a problem. Operations, HR and finance can’t keep up. Ops is having problems (or just refusing to) deploy each iteration. HR won’t let you form self-organising teams and don't know how to write KPI’s to support collaborative work practices. And finance wants a 3 year budget with fully costed initiatives.

Like many cultural problems, change comes from understanding. This presentation will explain how non-IT business functions operate and why they have legitimate problems with Agile delivery.

We won’t stop there however.

By understanding your business, this presentation will provide you with the tools you need to align your corporate business functions to your agile development approach. From improved communication integrated sales, rolling budgets, agile KPI’s and aligning to revenue drivers. You will learn how to build a truly agile organisation.

=== CONTEXT ===
There is a natural evolution to business agility. This is the precept behind everything I've learnt over the last 10+ years in applying agile across the business. From this, I'll be showing how IT can help non-IT business functions support an agile delivery model. That is, as an agile practitioner in IT, how can you position agile in such a way as to get the support of the wider business in its adoption. Ultimately, in cases of high agile maturity, this can extend into developing agile business practices across the organisation outside of IT (although that is not the main thrust of this presentation).

This is intended to be a practical discussion on how organisations operate. There are three parts to the presentation (roughly a third of the presentation will be spent on each).

* Section 1. A high level overview of the way non-it business functions work and why
* Section 2. How agile can align to these functions, and how they can align to agile
* Section 3. Communication strategies that participants can take back to their organisation to bridge the gap between it and the rest of the business

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Selling agile across the enterprise

  2. 2. Evan Leybourn lean / agile business leader and author Singapore @eleybourn http://theagiledirector.com CLICK TO DISCOVER MORE
  3. 3. understand the outcomes why are you in business?
  4. 4. understand the “enterprise architecture”how does everyone and everything fit together?
  5. 5. how can you “be” agile in a non-agile business?
  6. 6. finance & procurement responsible for the dreaded annual budget cycle
  7. 7. finance & procurement responsible for the dreaded annual budget cycle
  8. 8. finance & procurement responsible for monetary aspects of the business
  9. 9. understand the interface finance & procurement
  10. 10. understand the outcomes finance & procurement
  11. 11. human resources & recruitmentresponsible for slowing everyone down
  12. 12. human resources & recruitmentresponsible for slowing everyone down
  13. 13. human resources & recruitmentresponsible for people aspects of the business
  14. 14. understand the interface human resources & recruitment
  15. 15. understand the outcomes human resources & recruitment
  16. 16. sales & marketing responsible for leaving us to fix up their mess
  17. 17. sales & marketing responsible for leaving us to fix up their mess
  18. 18. sales & marketing responsible for new business aspect of the business
  19. 19. understand the interface sales & marketing
  20. 20. understand the outcomes sales & marketing
  21. 21. there is a natural evolution to agilityalign the interfaces
  22. 22. rolling monthly budgets finance & procurement
  23. 23. contingency & trust finance & procurement
  24. 24. cadence, flow & transparencyfinance & procurement
  25. 25. agile metrics & kpi’s human resources & recruitment
  26. 26. agile recruitment policies human resources & recruitment
  27. 27. kanban for hr human resources & recruitment
  28. 28. collaboration & transparencysales & marketing
  29. 29. embed sales into development teamssales & marketing
  30. 30. eliminate commissions sales & marketing
  31. 31. http://agilebusinessmanagement.o rg - Case Studies - Articles - Community Join our Agile Journey
  32. 32. it all comes down to communication
  33. 33. friendly negotiation strategiesselling agile across the enterprise
  34. 34. 1.build credibility 2.build a relationship 3.find a concession point 4.naming the first price 5.ask questions 6.know when to walk
  35. 35. if you’re reading this you’re not paying attention
  36. 36. pre-emptive agile alignment find the existing alignment to the manifesto
  37. 37. find the value drivers
  38. 38. find the revenue drivers
  39. 39. To learn more, check out Directing the Agile Organisationby Evan Leybourn available at Amazon and all good book stores CLICK TO DISCOVER MORE