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AAPA Holiday Celebration 2011

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Asian American Professional Association Holidat celebration album created by Hector Aguilar. Founded in 1998, Asian American Professional Association (AAPA) is a 501c(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization. Our mission is to inspire, develop and promote Asian American and minority professionals to maximize their career and leadership potential. AAPA provides a multi- year and multi- track program, consisting of one-on-one mentoring , access to workshops and general sessions with influential keynote speakers (focusing on topics such as personal branding, leadership, management, negotiation, and communication skills), and regular networking opportunities. The AAPA Mentorship Program provides the skills, strategies, and mentorship support you need to become a leader and advance in your career. Find a mentor, connect with peers, and learn the strategies to propel your career forward. Find out more at their website http://www.aapamentoring.com

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AAPA Holiday Celebration 2011

  1. 1. AAPA HOLIDAY CELEBRATION 2011 PHOTO ALBUM by Aguilar, Hector