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Magazine draft annotations

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Magazine draft annotations

  1. 1. Front Cover Annotations Masthead- The masthead is written in capitals in order to stand out. I want my masthead to have stamp like effect on top of my magazines main image this is to represent the ‘stamp like’ affect that the target audience has on not only the college but the magazine. The colours of the masthead are also colours which are known for Solihull Sixth Form to allow recognition. It is also placed on the top left third- this is also for recognition Main Cover lines- the main cover line is positioned underneath the masthead, as this is one of the places the target audience will look at first allowing them an insight into the magazine. The large text will also stand out and demonstrate the importance of the story- this is an anchor to the main image. Other cover lines- The other cover lines are related to stories which can be seen inside the magazine. They will also be written in green/purple as I want this colour scheme throughout to draw attention to the reader and look professional. There is a range of categories in the cover lines to show the range and diversity of the magazine. Main Image- The main image will stand out on the magazine as this is where the eye is automatically drawn- engaging the reader. The image will be a medium close up shot in order for the audience to clearly see. This will link to my main cover line as they anchor each other. Barcode- Shows issue NO.1 to allow the audience to see this is the first magazine. That it is low priced and affordable for students and teachers who are the target audience. Bottom strip- This is the area of interest for the target audience. By having this it gives students a chance to see what is inside the magazine. These areas interests of something which a student and this age range would be interested in. Puff- This is there to help draw attention and promote certain elements to the magazine. This will be circular shaped as I do not want too much attention to be taken away from the main image, cover lines and masthead. Colour Scheme- Purple/Green will be used throughout the magazine in order to give recognition not just in one magazine but in several. This is something that the target audience can also associate with due to being in the Sixth Form itself surrounded by these colours.
  2. 2. Contents Page Annotations Colour Scheme- This will be likewise to the front cover, to give recognisable features as well as make sure the target audience do not forget what they are reading but continually remember due to the colours purple and green. Images- These images will be relating to the cover lines of which are shown. This will help the audience feel engaged as they can relate one cover line to an image. Which will help create interest and make them continue reading. Font- The font will be illegible and not old fashioned. This is so the magazine has consistency and creates an organised feeling to the magazine. The font will entice the audience as it will be clear and stand out. It is important the font is something the reader is happy to look at, being the right font choice and size. Rule Of Thirds- The rule of thirds will also be applied to my contents page, and columns will be added. This makes my magazine seem organised, not overdone and helps the audience feel they are reading something professional. The articles will be in the left third of the contents page with the masthead also being included on this side of the magazine; the first thing the audience will see. The right side of the magazine includes images and grab quotes. This will link stories together, as well as give the audience a preview into stories inside, making them likely to read on. Images- These will be both male/female and will also be objects around the college like book/facilities. This is so I have a wider target audience and I do not stereotype the college and students/teachers within it. By making my target audience a wider range and including things which relate to everyone, it means my magazine will be read and people will continue to buy it.