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NURTURING A CLIMATE FOR GROUP INNOVATION: A reflection with the SAODN – 29 June 2016

Elmi Bester share her story of creating an innovative, collaborative approach to convening the KM community, employing the four principles at the Summit.

Related article:Improvisational theatre as team development intervention for climate for work group innovation
Burgert Kirsten, Ronel du Preez
SA Journal of Industrial Psychology; Vol 36, No 1 (2010), 9 pages. doi: 10.4102/sajip.v36i1.862 http://www.sajip.co.za/index.php/sajip/article/view/862


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NURTURING A CLIMATE FOR GROUP INNOVATION: A reflection with the SAODN – 29 June 2016

  1. 1. NURTURING A CLIMATE FOR GROUP INNOVATION Elmi Bester Convener of the SAKMS A reflection with the SAODN – 29 June 2016
  2. 2. Community Development Lifecycle • Loose network • Potential community, with a desire to coalesce towards community • Emergence of strategic purpose or intent • Finding and recognition of common ground and engaging issues on a communal level • Redirection of attention towards seeing own issues as a communal fodder • How their passions and desire for community can translate into something useful • Energy from recognising similar issues & contributions Etienne Wenger http://partnership.esflive.eu/files/CoP_development_stages.pdf
  3. 3. Our curious reasons for doing it the SNE way… • What knowledge in and about our network can such a process access and externalise? • How can it enable the network to shift from potential community to coalescence towards community? • What can it tell us about emergent narratives in the KM network? • What level of engagement can it elicit from delegates? • How can it facilitate the interplay between individual and collective learning? • How did it influence the development of a climate of innovation?
  4. 4. A shared vision…
  5. 5. A combination of design & techniques flowing along the narrative arc Petro Janse van Vuuren
  6. 6. • Ongoing interaction – engagement -- participation • Transparency, immediacy, reflective • Altruism & reciprocity • Invitation for disagreement • Move issues/ learnings from individual to communal fodder  work on it together • Enable each other to look good – honour the stories of others, playback in movement language without judgement
  7. 7. Case Study Café Many formats, many design. Lost of experimentation.
  8. 8. What was iT like for you? New approach to tackle obstacles in workplace. Lighter side/ approach in trying to make a break through. Networking being the key that will help you break through. A new way of sharing knowledge Mind blowing, helped in thinking differently. Got me thinking. Appreciation of a different method of working with groups/ teams. Drama session - bit of challenge for me to grasp.
  9. 9. Voices from the Summit Participative safety I want to share my learnings from the Summit. Share what I know and be a helping hand. Let us continue to learn and share from one another. Openness in sharing Lessons Learned. Keep in touch with wonderful peers KM Practitioners group to represent the discipline, learn from each other and find innovation & experts. Please increase the frequency at these interactions Support for innovation Share what I know and be a helping hand. There is always something new to learn and share. We address similar challenges differently and can learn from each other. We need to stand together. Move into a new era of KM in South Africa Get support forum; the helping hand Support KM practitioners with Lessons Learned Shared vision Be the difference. The KM industry have many success stories, yet we tend to focus on the challenges and barriers. I want to tell the success stories instead. Task orientation To think more on a strategic & innovative way regarding the KM activities my organisation will be implementing Be a positive change - whatever does not work, evaluate it, reflect an aspects that does work well, redesign, move on find the solutions Change methodology to get different results. It is about time !!! Harness the power (influence) that KM can have To unearth TRUE best practices to rapidly accelerate the advancement of the field.
  10. 10. Thank you for the opportunity to reflect & leanr with the OD Community.