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Mobile Terminals

  1. 1. Mobile Terminals
  2. 2. Personalized Social Magazines Zite Flipboard
  3. 3. Mobile Phones • Basic phones are entry-level phones with limited functions • Feature phone and smartphones are the real competitors in the market today. – Hard to differentiate a feature phone and a smart phone as both the phones have goodies and drawbacks that are common between them.
  4. 4. Mobile Phones • A growing majority of people prefer the feature phone for its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. • On the other hand smartphones are believed to be more complex and have features or applications that common people may not need or use in their daily lives. • Looking forward to enter into 2011 – Feature phones are becoming more powerful – Smartphones are trying to be more customer friendly.
  5. 5. Feature Phone in the beginning • most common clamshell, • slider forms with physical keyboards • Controlled by MNOs walled gardens • Controlled Internet (WAP) access • Offnet was expensive Feature Phone
  6. 6. • Intermediate phones between the smart phones and the basic phones – They have a limited OS support – Limited third-party application support (may be only Java applications) as well. – Some feature phones support email – A lot of documents may not be used – May also give access to social networking abilities. Feature Phone as Today
  7. 7. • Smarter with its office works • Ability to run third-party OS and third-party applications • Working on emails is a pleasure (push email) • A smart phone is designed for business purpose and hence calendar synchronizing appointments and other things are more effective. • Manufacturers: Apple, Android and Blackberry • Increased capabilities: Storage, processor, sensors,… SmartPhones as Today
  8. 8. Basic Phone – Tecla de pedido de ajuda – Teclas grandes – Rádio FM com antena interna – Lanterna – Alta Voz – GSM, Dualband, Toques Polifónicos – Calendário – Agenda – Memória interna até 300 contactos – Alarme – Calculadora – Formato barra Tmn 1210
  9. 9. Feature Phone – SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging Clamshell, teclado físico – 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 px – 240 x 320 px, 2.2 inches – 2G e 3G, sem Wlan – Video Call – Radio FM – Aplicações Java – WAP 2.0/xHTML – Sem GPS Sony Ericsson W980
  10. 10. SmartPhone Google SmartPhone
  11. 11. Which one to choose?
  12. 12. Lack of difference between them • For a user, with little or no interest in internet or business-related features but is a multimedia freak, the feature phone is supposed to be the right choice. • Smartphones are “complicated” and are only for those who indulge in business-on-the-move, the real factor is that using them (smartphone) is not a challenge by any means. And to add to it, modern smart phones have strong multimedia capabilities too. Smartphone vs Feature Phone
  13. 13. Price Factor • The real difference between a smartphone and a feature phone is not clear, thanks to the massive changes mobile phones have undergone these days. • A smartphone might eat up your money-saving, with its monthly subscription for data usage plans, this trend or factor is changing too. For, data subscription in a feature phone, also costs you the same. • It would be smart from a buyer's point of view to purchase a mobile phone, only concentrating on its features, that would best suit his style interest and needs, instead of analysing or hunting for a smart phone or a feature phone. Smartphone vs Feature Phone
  14. 14. Price Factor Mobile Phones TMN A1 129,90 Android 2.1 TMN soft stone 119,90 Android 2.1 Vodafone 945 99,90 Android 2.1
  15. 15. Mobile Phone OS - 2011 Android tops BlackBerry globally for the first time
  16. 16. Smart Phones Trends Autoria Multimédia para Sistemas Móveis
  17. 17. Smartphone in 2004…
  18. 18. Smartphone in 2004… • Proprietary OSs are ignored as a ‘platform’ which often support J2ME. • The J2ME installed base is currently about 708 million handsets (‘JAVA on Symbian OS’) • Symbian portion of the above graph is 14.4 million (with 40 million installed base). • Focus on a mobile version of Linux started. Development and deployment tools not available. • Symbian OS or Microsoft Windows Mobile were dominant
  19. 19. Smartphone Show in 2005 • It’s all about Symbian – Sony Ericsson: P990 – Nokia E60, E61 and E70 – Nokia N91 – OS: 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 • Improved Browsing (Apple Webkit Source) • Push-to-talk • http://www.mobileuserexperience.com/?p=131
  20. 20. 2006 the show continues…
  21. 21. 2007 changed the game • Feb 19th 2007
  22. 22. Oct 2008 more competitors arrived Android T-Mobile G1
  23. 23. Smart Phones Today Autoria Multimédia para Sistemas Móveis
  24. 24. Smartphones • Nielsen Survey March 26, 2010 • The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and smartphones in general dominate the buzz in the mobile market, but – only 21% of American Q4 2009 compared to – 19% in Q3 2009 and – 14% at the end of 2008 • Smart phones will become the standard device consumers will use to connect to friends, the internet and the world at large.
  25. 25. Smartphones • The share of smartphones as a proportion of overall device sales has increased to – 29% for phone purchasers in the last six months – 45% say that their next device will be a smartphone.
  26. 26. Smartphones • By the end of 2011, Nielsen expects more smartphones in the U.S. market than feature phones. – falling prices – increasing capabilities – explosion of applications for devices – Friendly devices
  27. 27. Smartphones
  28. 28. Smartphones The Smartphone User • Slightly more males than females are getting smartphones (53% versus 47%) - technical early adopter products. • In terms of demographics, Hispanic Americans and Asians are slightly more likely to have a smartphone • While smartphones started out in the business segment, 2/3 of today’s buyers of smartphones are personal users.
  29. 29. Smartphones
  30. 30. Smartphones Loyalty • In the last six months – 77% of new buyers remained loyal to their wireless operator – 18% switched to a new provider to get their new smartphone with the remaining percentage made up of first-time smartphone buyers. • Satisfaction – smartphone owners (81%) – feature phone owners (66%).
  31. 31. Smartphones Features, features, features • Smartphones show higher application usage than feature phones • People are actually taking advantage of the device capabilities. • People who use their phone for only voice calls – 14% among new feature phone – 3% of smartphone owners. • Use of the built-in camera and video – 20% for both categories, due to the generally better quality and user friendliness of the features. • Use of Wi-Fi increases – 5% for feature phone owners – 50% for smartphone
  32. 32. Smartphones Smartphones make up a small percentage of the World's four billion cell phones but they differ drastically in their use. How drastically?
  33. 33. Smartphones • Market Share – In the Asia Pacific, smartphones 6% and feature phones have 28% market share. – In Western Europe & North America, smartphones have 20% and feature phones have 68% and 64% market share respectively. (source). • Traffic – Smartphone generates 10 times by the average non-smartphone user. (source). • Mobile Browsing – 35% of smartphone vs 4% of feature phone owners. (source). • SMS Daily Usage – 61% of smartphone vs 32% of feature phone owners. (source).
  34. 34. Smartphones • Social Networks – 30.8% of smartphone using their mobile browser compared to 6.8% of feature phone users (source). • Mobile Media – 80% of smartphone vs. 26% of non-smartphone users. (source). • Email – 70% of smartphone vs. 12% of non-smartphone users. (source). • News/info access – 65% of smartphone vs. 14% of non-smartphone users. (source). • IM – 37% vs. 10% of non-smartphone users. (source). • iPhone Data traffic for an iPhone operator – is almost 14 times that of a non-iPhone operator. (source).
  35. 35. Who is Winning the U.S. Smartphone Battle?
  36. 36. Who is Winning the U.S. Smartphone Battle? • The answer depends on whether you’re looking at operating systems or manufacturers. • When it comes to consumer marketshare by operating system – Android (29%) – RIM Blackberry (27%) and Apple iOS (27%) • By manufacturer shows RIM and Apple to be the winners since they are the only ones creating and selling smartphones with their respective operating systems.
  37. 37. Who is Winning the U.S. Smartphone Battle? Android seems to attract more young consumers.
  38. 38. Who is Winning the EU Smartphone Battle? • According to IDC's latest Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, the Android platform saw massive year-on-year growth of 1,580 % in Europe between Q4 2009 and Q4 2010. http://www.idc.com/about/viewpressrelease.jsp?containerId=prUK22729011
  39. 39. Tablets Autoria Multimédia para Sistemas Móveis
  40. 40. Tablets PCWORLD Nov 2009 – Apple fanboys dream “Let's face it: the Apple tablet is a mirage created by legions of fanboys and tech dreamers. The closer you get to that mirage, the more you realize it's not going to be there when you arrive. But then, off in the distance, an even brighter and more beautiful tablet is envisioned for a day that will never come. It's a nice dream, but it's just not going to happen.”
  41. 41. iPad – 2010
  42. 42. 2010 Microsoft Tablet? • Microsoft Courier itself was a wonderful two- screened device that was to rethink the way that tablet computing is usually enacted, with a single slate-style screen. With two screens, the Courier was hoping to change the paradigm for touch computers. • Microsoft has been pushing touch screen (tablet) computing for years to little effect in terms of market adoption. Whatever the future of touch computing at Microsoft, this is no longer part of it. • RIP after iPad launch
  43. 43. Tablets Invasion 101 iPad Wannabes
  44. 44. But Meanwhile… iPad 2 is Out IDC Report http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/03/apple-way-ahead-of-tablet-competitors-expected-to-hold-80-share.ars
  45. 45. Tablets – Behold 2011 • CES 2011 Tablet-counter: The score so far...26 • 2011 year of Tablet Invasion • iPad 2, Xoom, TouchPad, PlayBook, Tab 10, Optimus
  46. 46. Tablets – Behold 2010