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Pourquoi stories-28s8ykc (4)

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Pourquoi stories-28s8ykc (4)

  1. 1. Written and Illustrated by the students of3A
  2. 2.  Once upon a time there was a horse without ahorn. A princess was riding on a horse in the sky.She decided to take a break for ice cream. Theprincess wanted to train the horse so she threwthe ice cream so he could catch it. The ice creamlanded on his forehead and it melted. It got stuckon the horse permanently. The princess paintedit with white paint and it fit kind of well. Fromthat day on the horse became a unicorn. Andthat’s how the unicorn got his horn. Arielle Bouhadana
  3. 3.  Once upon a time there lived a bat that had hiccups. Afurious old troll knocked as hard as he could andbroke his door down. The bat was surprised. “Hi OldTroll!” said the bat. “Why did you break my door?” TheTroll said that he was sorry, that he didn’t realize thatwould happen. The troll said that he came by becausehe heard noises. The bat explained that the noiseswhere from his hiccups. The troll told the bat that hecould help him because he knew how to get rid ofhiccups. The bat was very happy. The troll told himthat if he wanted to get rid of his hiccups, he had tohang upside down. The bat decided to try it and itworked! He was so happy! From that day on, Batshang upside down because they always have hiccups! By Aurelie Cohen
  4. 4.  Once upon a time there was a group of dogs.There was one very mean dog who alwaysbullied the other dogs. The dogs didn’t like it sothe dogs told him to stop but he wouldn’t stop.For months and months he kept screaming atthem until he lost his voice. From that day ondogs couldn’t speak anymore and could onlybark. Baruch Avigdor
  5. 5.  Once upon a time there was a unicorn thatwanted ice cream. His friends decided to play atrick on him. When he was sleeping, they camequietly and carefully and they put glue thatnever dries. The unicorn wanted ice creamagain, but guess what? There were no conesleft. So he went to the store and bought cones.When he went to his car, it exploded on him andthat is how the unicorn got its horn. By Eden Zrihan
  6. 6.  Once there was a lion who wanted to havesomething special, that was different than allthe other animals. So he went off to findsomething like leaves. He thought to himself,what could I use to be different? He decided touse straw. He asked people around him if theyknew where he could find some straw. They allanswered no. So he looked and looked until hefound straw. He took the straw and put thestraw around his face. That is how the lion gothis mane. Elie-Hai Smaza
  7. 7.  Once upon a time there was a camel and he hada flat back. One day a Leopard came and askedhim if he wanted to have a race and the camelsaid ok. So they raced and the leopard hit thecamel and he flew passed the finish line. He hitthe rock and got a bump, and it stayed for a longtime. And that is how the camel got his hump. By Emmanuel Sorek
  8. 8.  Once upon a time there was a butterfly thathad no colours. She was sad because she wasall gray. The fairy of the forest saw how sadshe was. She decided to give the butterfly allthe colours of the rainbow. The butterfly wasreally happy. And that is how the butterflygot its colours. By Esther Nahon
  9. 9.  Once upon a time there was a beautiful fish and the fishhad beautiful skin. It was pink, orange, blue, green andpurple but that beautiful fish had no scales. All the fishwere making fun of her because she didn’t have scales.The other fish were jealous at the same time because thefish was the most colorful fish in the ocean and the mostbeautiful fish in the ocean. One day the fish got caught inseaweed. The seaweed was so colorful and beautiful likethe fish. The seaweed got stuck on the fish, dried up andturned into scales. That made the other fish even morejealous than they already were. And that’s how the fishgot its scales. By Hadassa Gomolin
  10. 10.  Once upon a time there was a lady bug. She was not very nice.She was also very lazy. One day she met a witch. The ladybugasked,”Who are you and where did you come from?” The witchanswered,” If you don’t change your attitude, I will not give youyour spots”. The lady bug started to laugh and asked the witchwhy she would do such a thing. The witch told her if shecontinues with her attitude, her friends won’t like her. The ladybug couldn’t understand why the witch was saying this to her.She always thought she was nice. The witch told her thatsometimes in life, you don’t realize how you treat people. Theladybug decided to change her attitude. And that is how theladybug got her spots. By Hannah Cons
  11. 11.  Once upon a time there was a witch, a mean witch, awitch like any other old mean witch. She had warts onher face, a black cat, a pointy black hat and a terrifyingbroomstick. Her cat was not enough so she wantedsomething magical like a horse. She waved a magic wandand out came a mare. She wanted horns on it. She saidshe did not want three horns, she did not want twohorns, she wanted one a magical horn! So the unicornhad a magical horn. The unicorn did not like the witch soshe ran away. She came to the magic forest and she wentto see a fairy. The fairy said I will call you the unicorn.And that is how unicorns came to be. By Leah Rubin
  12. 12.  Once there was a ladybug that was not like her friends.Her friends had beautiful black spots but didn’t have anyspots on her back. One day she received a letter with aninvitation to a party at the Ladybug Park. The ladybugwas so happy because it was tomorrow. The nextmorning at the party, everyone was dancing except theladybug. She wished she could get black spots like herfriends.” Too bad I don’t have black spots like my friends”she said. But when she was dancing she stepped intomud. So from then on, she had beautiful spots. Herfriends all yelled: ’hooray”! They were so happy for her,they continued the party. And that is how the ladybuggot her spots. By Liora Ifergan
  13. 13.  One day there was a ladybug that had no spots.Then one day when the ladybug was having a walk alady who loved ladybugs found her and brought herhome. She named her Stella. One day after they hadbreakfast the lady started to paint her house with ared background and black spots. Then the lady hadan idea. She was going to paint the ladybug withblack spots since the ladybug was already red. Stellaloved having the black spots on her red back. Fromthat day on, ladybugs always had black spots. By Liraz Ohayon
  14. 14.  Once upon a time the jaguar was the king. Thejaguar had a daughter. The jaguar was dying so hesaid before he died another king must rule thekingdom. Every animal was excited. Jaguar said hemust be wise. Jaguar said whoever counts to ten willbe king. The elephant tried one, two, and three. Thetiger tried one, two, three, four but it fell to theground. The lion tried, two, four, six, eight and ten.He became the king. The jaguar gave him hisdaughter. The animals all cheered for the newprince and they lived happily ever after. And that ishow the lion became king. By Moshe Azoulay
  15. 15.  Once upon a time there was a butterfly named Rosa.One day Rosa was sad. Suddenly her friendappeared and asked her why she was sad. She saidshe was sad because no one liked her, because shehad no colors. Rosa’s friend told her that she likesher. She told Rosa a way that she got her own colors.She said that she found a magical fruit and whenshe ate it, she got her colors. So Rosa went to lookfor the magical fruit and she found it. That is howbutterflies got their colours. By Noa Abicidan
  16. 16.  Once upon a time, there was a really nice elephant that had notusks and 2 holes in his cheeks. His friends kept making fun ofhim. They even saw 20 ants go inside his cheeks. One day theelephant went for a walk. He was crying because his friends keptmaking fun of him. While he was walking, there was a sabre-toothed tiger next to him. The sabre-toothed tiger didn’t realisethe elephant was next to him; because he was too busy crying.The sabre-toothed killed 6 animals for dinner and was still veryhungry. He found a lion, and started to fight with the lion. The sabre-toothed killed and ate the lion. The elephant saw this and wasvery upset. The sabre-toothed tiger realized there was anelephant and wanted to eat it. He started following the elephantand they got into a fight. The elephant was so strong, he steppedon the sabre-tooth’s mouth and took his front teeth and putthem into the two holes. And that is how the elephant got histusks. By Raphael Somech
  17. 17.  Once upon a time there was a town of animals. Every sevenyears the animals got to the highest hill and pick theiraccessories. All the animals raced up to the hill but Tehila theturtle was so slow. When the turtle was half way there she sawher friend the zebra. The zebra asked Tehila why she was stillonly there, because all the accessories were almost gone. Thezebra was showing off her new black and white coat. Tehilathe turtle was hurrying to go up the hill. When she got there,there were no accessories left. She looked everywhere to see ifshe could find one but she didn’t find anything. So she went tosee her friend Bear to see if Bear could help her find anaccessory, but Bear had none. Tehila the turtle was so sad, shewas just wandering around the mountain when she got stuckgoing under a rock. Then she realized that the rock was aperfect fit! From that day on, turtles carry that rock all around.That’s how the turtle got its shell. By Rebeccah Ohayon
  18. 18.  Once there was a giraffe that had a short neck. Hewanted to help the monkey get his banana on thetop of the tree. So the monkey suggested that heshould stretch the giraffe’s neck until it’s longenough. The giraffe said,” Let’s do this thing!” Sothe monkey sat on his back and they stretched. Itdidn’t work because the giraffe was only a baby!So they tried it on an adult giraffe. He stretchedand stretched and stretched until the monkeyreached the banana. And that is how the giraffegot a long neck. By Ruthie Feinberg
  19. 19.  Once upon a time there were dinosaurs andthey had very happy lives. Until one day, ameteorite was going to hit the earth. Thedinosaurs were trying to get away, but it waslate. The meteorite was too close to the earth,they didn’t have enough time to run. Themeteorite hit the earth and that is howdinosaurs became instinct, but the earthremained in the same spot as it was before. Samuel Sidloi
  20. 20.  Once upon a time there was a dolphin, her name wasRebeccah. She was pink with sparkles. Rebeccah was sohungry she asked her mom when she can eat. Her momtold her it was her turn to get food. So Rebeccah went tolook for three squids. Rebecca saw a squid and started tochase the squid. The squid sprayed Rebeccah with pinkink. She couldn`t see anything and bumped into a stickysea weed. She started to pull and pull, but couldn`t move.Rebecca`s friend S.T. came and tried to help Rebeccah.She pulled and pulled and was able to pull her out withher teeth. Rebeccah was so happy, she jumped out of thewater and noticed the sea weed stuck on her back.Rebecca`s skin took on a triangular shape. And that ishow the dolphin got its fin. By Tehila Lion
  21. 21.  Once there was a fish that didn’t have anyscales. One day she was swimming in the lake.All of a sudden she got stuck in some beautifullycolored algae. She tried to get out but shecouldn’t. Along came a flying fish and pulled herout of the algae. The algae dried up and becamescales. From that day on, fish have colourfulscales. By Yael Bohbot
  22. 22.  Once upon a time a lion was hungry. He waswandering around for years in the desert. He finallyfound a forest. He went into the forest and saw alake. He drank from the lake but he was still veryhungry. Then he saw a nest of owls. He ate the babyowls that were in the nest. The mother owl was veryangry so she attacked the lion and started picking atthe lion’s neck. She pulled and pulled until she hadpulled out a mane. And that is how the lion got hismane. Yehuda Dahan
  23. 23.  Once upon a time there was a cheetah, and hewas playing with his friends. All his friends hadspots except for him. Once there was this hugelion and he said, “I see you want spots”. And hesaid yes. So the lion took him to this huge lake.He said to the cheetah, ‘’Drink this shiny water’’.So the cheetah said o.k. He drank the water. Thecheetah started to have spots one by one. Hewas so happy and everybody treated him better.And that is how the cheetah got his spots. By Yoan Amzellag
  24. 24.  Once upon a time there was a turtle and the turtle didnot have a shell. The tortoise had a shell. The tortoisewas mean to the turtle. He said,” You do not have a shelland I do’’. Every day he said that and even when he saidthat the turtle had red cheeks like a red cherry. He wascrying like fire balls were coming out of his eyes. Thatnight he had baby turtles. There were 1958 turtles andthe turtles were exactly like the adult turtles. They hadno shells. The tortoise made fun of them all. The whalewas the king of the sea. He felt bad for the turtle so hepunished the tortoise so he can no longer breathe in thewater. He gave the turtle a shell as a gift to make him andhis babies happy. From that day on, turtles have shells. By Yoel Oliel
  25. 25.  Once upon a time there was a bat and a monkey.The monkey said to the bat, “Ha Ha ! I could hangupside down on my tail and you can’t!” The bat gotreally mad so he kept on trying and trying and oneday he got it. One day he saw the monkey and hesaw that the monkey had no tail. He said, “Ha Ha!You can’t hang upside down because a leopard bitoff your tail”. All the other monkeys started to laugh.Even the leopard that bit off his tail was therelaughing with the monkeys. So that is why bats canhang upside down. By Yosef Benisti