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Social media and health literacy mla 2017

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Using known and emerging social media tools for health literacy outreach and awareness in a solo medical library setting.

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Social media and health literacy mla 2017

  1. 1. The Use of Social Media for Health Literacy Outreach Elisabeth Marrapodi Library Director Trinitas Regional Medical Center Elizabeth, New Jersey MLA NY/NJ Chapter Meeting October 17, 2017
  2. 2. Why Use Social Media for Health Literacy Outreach? 59% of US adults have searched online for health information in the past year The “good” news: 53% of these “online diagnosers” have spoken to the their primary care doctor about what they found The bad news… 47% have not and believe what they’ve read online
  3. 3. Outreach to the Digital Community Choosing Platforms • Familiarity/ease of use • If you build it will they come? • Flexibility • Go where your customers are! @TrinitasLibrary https://trinitaslibrary.blogspot.com
  4. 4. Sometimes it takes a village: Networking/Partnerships Don’t work in a silo! • Be the town crier & publicize everywhere to launch: – Bulletin boards – Institutional newsletters – Orientation – Committees – On your own social media accounts Our networks & Partnerships: 1) Elizabeth Public Library 2) Community Advisory Outreach Committee 3) YMCA Family Gateway 4) University of Sheffield, Library & Information iSchool, UK/SL campus 5) Whole Brain Health/SL
  5. 5. Hurdles & Obstacles MLA Hospital Libraries Section Survey Results 93% of small/solo hospital libraries do not offer social media
  6. 6. What do we post? Don’t reinvent the wheel: Retweets & self-promotion
  7. 7. Blog
  8. 8. Tapping into Alternative Social Media Platforms The virtual health literacy outreach project in Second Life: health quizzes (English & Spanish) UNIV SHEFFIELD INFOLIT ISCHOOL WHOLE BRAIN HEALTH
  9. 9. Networking: exhibits displayed in a variety of settings helped expand outreach This project received the 2010 Medical Library Association’s Hospital Libraries Section Award for Research UNIV ILLINOIS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
  10. 10. Measuring success: numbers & surveys Twitter: nearly 600 followers Blog: over 90,000 hits Health quizzes: over 15,000 plays world wide
  11. 11. In Conclusion… • Health literacy is about communicating health information in ways that people can understand--- • And today, that includes using social media for learning and sharing. It’s a powerful way we can all use for health literacy action. Helen Osborne, Social Media and Health Literacy. AMWA Journal / V32 N3 / 2017 / amwa.org. 2017 Alvarez Award Winner
  12. 12. To learn more about this our library’s health literacy outreach projects using Social Media: Textbook chapter: “Improving Health Information Literacy with Games in the Virtual World of Second Life,” p175-89 in Virtual, Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare 1, 2014 (Springer) Article: Soon to be published article in Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet https://virtualinspirationisland.org/location/health-literacy- area/