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ARDA 2014 presentation

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Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership presentation for the ARDA World conference in Las Vegas April 2014 showing what Merlin Software can offer, Merlin's main features and the benefits of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS). Merlin Software is the leading provider of cloud based software for the timeshare and vacation ownership inudustry with marketing, sales, property management, reservations and accounting modules. It provides all the software you need to run your entire resort.

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ARDA 2014 presentation

  2. 2. Welcome from Merlin Software “Your chosen software should save you more than it costs you in time, money & frustration.” Mike Pnematicatos, Chief Architect Merlin Software
  3. 3. Resort Software: Why you need it • Business is too big for manual processes • Automate procedures • Increase staff efficiency • New working practices - remotely in real time • Save money • Generate income
  4. 4. Old Technology • On premise • Pay for upgrades, communication links & licenses • Large upfront costs and ongoing fees New Technology • Cloud-based data centre • All upgrades included • Totally flexible & scalable Old Technology New Technology
  5. 5. Cloud Computing: The benefits  The latest technology without major investment  Pay for what you use  Easy & fast deployment to users  Monthly payment plans  Increased performance & productivity  Multi user access  No file transfers
  6. 6. Cloud Computing: The benefits  On demand scalability, flexibility & mobility  Requires fewer in-house operational staff  Peace of mind  Disaster recovery & security  Reduce environmental impact  Reduced IT labour costs  Access data anytime, anywhere on any device
  7. 7. Move to the Cloud: With Merlin The #1 provider of enterprise cloud computing software as a service to the vacation ownership industry today
  8. 8. Key Features: Merlin Software  ASP/hosted application  Latest version always available  Worldwide real time access 24/7  Completely mobile  Website interactive  Secure
  9. 9. Key Features: Merlin Software  No upfront purchase  No maintenance or upgrade fees  No server hardware costs  No server software license fees  No IT staff to run, install or back up  Multi currency  Live data to all sites & head office
  10. 10. Key Features: Merlin Software  Sales, contracts & commissions  Marketing, CRM, telemarketing & database marketing  Property management, housekeeping & maintenance  Front office, reservations, reception, concierge, interface with PBX, POS, credit cards & key cards etc.  Back office, maintenance fee billing, mortgages & collections  Integrated, double-entry accounting system, billable & receivable
  11. 11. 5 Member website 6 Online rentals 3 Front office 4 Back office 1 Marketing 2 Sales Merlin Software Total Business Solution Business activity & consumer interaction
  12. 12. Old Technology VS Merlin Software  Only provider of SaaS for the vacation ownership industry  One single database, fully integrated modules  No long term contracts  Complete business process & GAP analysis  User acceptability testing  All generic enhancements made FOC  Always served the latest version  Unlimited users, properties & members
  13. 13. Old Technology VS Merlin Software  24/7 real time data across your business sites  Seamless interactivity for everyone  Project managers with industry experience  New & easy app development  Clients & support in your region & time zone  Full business operations manual  Full system operations manual
  14. 14. Old Technology VS Merlin Software • “Why buy old technology?” Mike Pnematicatos, Merlin Software • “It may not always be profitable at first for businesses to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online.” Esther Dyson • “Organisations that fail to embrace cloud computing as part of a new way of working will struggle to survive beyond the next decade.” Dr. James Bellini, futurologist
  15. 15. The team: Merlin Software  Mike Pnematicatos  Property developer  Globally respected visionary & innovator  Developed first points system in SA 1988  First fractional development in SA 1986  Developed in-house software since 1983  Representatives in SA, USA, Spain, UK & Australia
  16. 16. The team: Merlin SoftwareMike Pnematicatos Mike Ashton Martine Pnematicatos Kyle Pnematicatos
  17. 17.  Timeshare & Fractional resorts  Private Residence Clubs  Hotels and condos  Rental companies  Management companies  Sales centres  Marketing companies  Re-sale companies  Exchange businesses Who can use Merlin Software?
  18. 18. Marketing Module: Essentials Build a database of leads and clients Record all marketing activities Track responses Determine response rates and costs Profile clients Track sales Build complex marketing cascades
  19. 19. Sales Module: Essentials Handle ALL types of product Build an inventory of products to sell Maintain control over unsold inventory Record new sales & changes of ownership Reflect the sale in the appropriate ledger Calculate and credit commissions Update ownership for maintenance fee billing
  20. 20. Front Office Module: Essentials Reservations for all types of members Front desk check in and out Housekeeping and unit maintenance Track reservations Manage rental pool and exchange inventory Interactive pages allows bookings directly from your website
  21. 21. Back Office Module: Essentials Handle multiple companies with separate accounting records Include a fully functional accounting package Caters for multiple currencies Records sales and tracks sales debtors & internally financed debtors Bills maintenance fees & tracks collections
  22. 22. Reporting and more: Essentials Handle ALL types of product Build an inventory of products to sell Maintain control over unsold inventory Record new sales & changes of ownership Reflect the sale in the appropriate ledger Calculate and credit commissions Update ownership for maintenance fee billing
  23. 23. Merlin Software’s Interactive Pages Allow your members to service themselves Directly from your website With all data collected into Merlin in real time
  24. 24. Interactivity: Online member services • Your members & guests are online NOW • Expect resort to offer interactive facility • Features your website should offer: • Log in to their personal account • Make changes to their personal details • View their ownerships • Search for availability • Make & amend reservations • Pay management fees online • All online in real time & saved to one database
  25. 25. Interactive pages
  26. 26. Interactive pages
  27. 27. Access: when, where & how you need it
  28. 28. Apps & Widgets Telemarketing Check in/out Payments Tour booking
  29. 29. App in production Invoice Company Merlin Demo Company Ltd Currency USD Invoice Multiple Days Yes Transaction Date 04/06/2012 To Transaction Date 10/06/2012 GL Account 1234567 Item Category Resort Management Item Annual M Fee Quantity 1Rate 500.00 Amount USD 350.00 Enter Own Remarks Yes Remarks entered below will be used for ALL transactions created. Un-tick the box above to use System Generated Remarks. Remarks Check System Remarks Save Clear Abort
  30. 30. Partner Interface
  31. 31. Industry Game- changer  One software  Internet based  Log in and go  Multiple users  Multiple locations  Anywhere  Anytime  Any device  Any currency  Any product
  32. 32. Questions? More Information? www.quickmerlin.com mikea@quickmerlin.com