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Virgin Friend Finder

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Virgin Friend Finder

  1. 1. It’s almost inevitiable that you’ll lose your friends as you soon entera music fesitval. That’s all right just call them.Nope, just your luck, no coverageNow your afternoon involves either pushing through crowds orwatching your favourite band alone.The problem
  2. 2. Bad reception at music festivals can ruin a good time, so VirginMobile are here to help.Introducing..F r i e n d f i n d e r
  3. 3. When you arrive at the festival youwill receive a push notif ication onyour iPhone to connect.how it works
  4. 4. Download the FRIEND F INDERapp.with the code on yourfestival ticket, log into ourclosed circuit mobilef r i e n d f i n d e rf r i e n d f i n d e r
  5. 5. This network will be set up for the grounds of thefestivalensuring the best reception so you don’t lose your friends.
  6. 6. Through the app, Indoor PositioningSystem (IPS) technology will be usedto simulate a map of the grounds.Youcan then enter your friends mobilenumbers to f Ind out exactly wherethey are.ph. 0409334883
  7. 7. these vans will also allow you to charge your phone .IPS technology relies on nearby anchors. ours are in the form of VirginMobile Vans that will be set up around the grounds.
  8. 8. Contacting your friends is no longer an issue as Virgin keeps you connected.
  9. 9. So kick back and enjoy your time with your friends by your side