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Photoshop process

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Photoshop process

  1. 1. I created an A4 document which gave me a white background. This size is a typical magazine convention.I then selected the colour for mybackground, I did this by using the colour filltool and choosing the colour which I wantedfor my background.Next, I changed the hue and saturation of thebackground by adding an adjustment layer.
  2. 2. I was then able to insert my main cover imageI used the quick select tool to cut out theoriginal background to the image and thenwent around the edges with the refine edgetool to get a smoother blend between theimage and the coloured background.I chose the font and style I wanted for my titleof my magazine and then applied it to thefront cover, tilting it sideways to get a moreinformal look.
  3. 3. I created a rectangle using the shape tool, andchanged the opacity so the main cover image wasstill coming through. This then became a banner which I inserted the name of the band “The Beatz” onto, and added a drop shadow to.Using the shape tool, I created threerectangle boxes for my ‘puffs’ and tiltedthem sideways and then added slight dropshadows.
  4. 4. I added some cover lines to the whiteboxes to intrigue the readers to readmore. I also added a black rectangle box with the shape tool and then wrote in an offer of ‘winning a pair of tickets to see a band of your choice for free’. A magazine needs a barcode so I then created this and put it in the bottom right hand corner.
  5. 5. After this, I created a star like shape with theshape tool.In this star like shape, I added text usingthe text tool. Finally, I added text again using the text tool just under the title of my magazine stating the month of the issue.
  6. 6. After I finished my front cover, I started to create my contents page. I opened an A4 document and inserted a title called contents.I then created image boxes to import my images intothat I was using for my magazine, using the createimage box tool. I then placed them in different placesand ways rather than leaving them plain. I then created rectangles using the shape tool and selected the dark green colour and then added text which became my sub headings for my contents page.
  7. 7. To complete my contents page, I createdtext boxes and wrote the necessary text inthem.
  8. 8. I created a new double page spreaddocument on Quark, for the doublepage spread in my magazine.
  9. 9. After choosing the font I wanted I created text using the text tool and added in the main cover story title as well as page numbers. I then created a text box and added my text for the article for this page, which is an interview with a band called “The Beatz”I took one of the pictures from myphotoshoot and individually cutaround each person and added themin one after the other with a heightdifference.
  10. 10. This is the second person who I cut out from the photo to add into this page, increasing the length of the picture.Again I cut around the third person andadded him into this increasing thelength of the picture.As you can see, I increased the height of eachpicture to give it a ‘stair-effect’ kind of looksignifying that they are growing as a band.This is my final product.