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Offensive & deffense strategies

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Offensive & deffense strategies

  1. 1. Offensive and Defensive Strategies• Offensive Strategies• Used to build new or stronger market position and/or create competitive advantage• Defensive Strategies• Used to protect competitive advantage
  2. 2. Offensive Strategies• Direct attacks: Price cutting, adding new features, or going after poorly served markets• End-run offensives: Seeking unoccupied markets• Preemptive competitive strategies: Being first to obtain particular advantageous position• Acquisitions: Buying out a competitor
  3. 3. Defensive Strategies• Attempts to reduce risks of being attacked• Convince an attacking firm to seek other targets• Blunt the impacts of any attack – Exclusive contracts with best suppliers – New models to match competitor’s lower prices – Public announcements about the willingness to fight
  4. 4. Counter-parry• Popular strategy for multinationals• Respond to attack by attacking competitor in another country – Ex.: Kodak—When Fuji attacked Kodak in the U.S., Kodak retaliated by attacking Fuji in Japan. – Goodyear also attacked Michelin in Europe as response to attack in U.S.