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University Affiliated East Coast Medical Center Case Study

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University Affiliated East Coast Medical Center Case Study

  1. 1. This 600 bed university-affiliated medical center, has greatly improved their operations efficiency by choosing Enstoa to implement Oracle Primavera Unifier® as its new capital projects management system. The medical center, which offers sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery, now has real-time visibility into the financial status of a project or portfolio of projects, allowing for immediate strategizing and decision- making based on actual, up to date data. These powerful dashboards and reporting system supports the medical center in its functions as a major regional healthcare resource with a deep commitment to medical education and research, offering a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services. The medical center, which employs around 6,000 people, now leverages Primavera Unifier as the Cost Management solution for its many operations. In 2010, this medical center handled: • Inpatient care for 33,082 men, women, and children • Over 66,000 emergency visits • 4,632 childbirths • More than 3,802 electrophysiology procedures • 4,892 performed cardiac catheterizations • Over 18,500 surgical procedures completed, including 458 open-heart operations Case Study University Affiliated East Coast Medical Center
  2. 2. www..enstoa.com/case-studies 655 Third Ave, 7th Floor New York, NY 10017