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ePrescription Application Development Company

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EPrescription Applications make it easy for Hospitals, Doctors and Patients with easy scheduling. Enuke Holds Expertise in ePrescription Application Development as company had experience in health care domain from last 8 years. Read further to about E-Prescription apps.

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ePrescription Application Development Company

  1. 1. E-Prescription System E-prescription System is making Health Care easier because it seeks to connect all the patients’ health care providers facilitating effective and accurate Health Care. E-Prescription is basically the process of electronically generating a prescription. • Reliable and error free • Reduced risks involved than paper prescription E-prescription systems are a call of Indian HealthCare because Medical mistakes are third leading cause of deaths in India
  2. 2. Problems • India has just one doctor for every 1700 patients • Medical mistakes are third leading cause of deaths just after Cancer and Heart Ailment • Most Hospitals and Health care are not using any E-Prescribing system • User Action on available systems is quite complex • Maximum patient time in India is 2 minutes which is minimum 15 minutes in US.
  3. 3. • Easy Scheduling • Less Documentation • Time Saving • Department Wise Customization • Know Drug to Drug Interactions • Auto-Suggest • Demographic Data • Review Patient’s History • Patient drug allergies
  4. 4. • Patient Centred Approach • Error Free Prescriptions • Build in Dosing Calculator • Pharmacy Lookup • Send Message to Doctors
  5. 5. Increased Business Alert for running short medicines Inform about most prescribed medicines
  6. 6. Inform about Drug Allergies Raise the issue of Drug Interactions
  7. 7. Impact • Enhanced quality of care ensuring patient’s safety • Lesser time spent on Health Care • Reduced Health Care costs • Effectively reduced medical error mortality rate Request a Quote
  8. 8. How to Connect with Us? We are Mobile and Web Development company specialized in development, business consultancy and advisory, having experience of 8 years. If you are hunting for Health care development company then you can connect with us at- http://www.enukesoftware.com/ How to connect with us?