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Load cell

Epoch Instruments & Controls Pvt Ltd is the faster growing company in the design of Load Cells,
Good quality of load cells are manufactured by in this company. We are also aware of Load Cell Dealer.
For more details contact to this no’s:
+91-80-2348 1364
+91-80-2328 3728
+91-80-6576 1259
+91-80- 2559 8268

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Load cell

  1. 1. Load Cell WEL COME TO fgvbdfhttp://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  2. 2. Load CellLoad cells are transducer which transformsforce into a considerable electrical outcomesignals.Types of load cells•S Beam Load Cell•Cantilever Load Cell•Double Ended Beam Load Cell•Compression Load Cell•Tension Load Cell•Shear Web Load Cell•Pedal Force Load Cell•Web Tension Load Cellhttp://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  3. 3. S Beam Load Cell ‘S’ beam Load Cell is versatile, compact and Rugged.  It is used for tension measurement, weighing, industrial automation, and research application.http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  4. 4. Cantilever Load Cell Cantilever load cell is a strain gauge based low profile bending beam load cell and is for precision single point load applications. These load cells can be used in Tank Weighing, Hopper Weighing, Truck weighing etc.http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  5. 5. Double Ended Beam Load Cell The Double Ended Shear Beam load cell, is readily capable for tough surroundings associated with Vehicle machines.http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  6. 6. Compression Load Cell Compression Load Cell is a high perfection force indicator for strict load statistic.  These load cells are used in the application ofhopper weighing, tank weighing, tension measurements, crane weighing, platform scales, weigh bridges, silo weighing. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  7. 7. Tension Load CellTension Load Cell is a high precision force sensor for load measurement. These load cells is used for Tower Testing, Rope Testing etc. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  8. 8. Shear Web Load Cell Shear Web Load Cell is universal type.  It is used for measurement, weighing, industrial automation, Universal Testing Machines.http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  9. 9. Pedal Force Load Cellpedal force load cell, which is applied during aroller brake or plate brake test, can be measuredwith the pedal force meter.pedal force is visible on the LCD display. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  10. 10. Web Tension Load Cell Web Tension Load Cell measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery that utilizes either rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers.http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html
  11. 11. Contact UsAddress:MIG 132, Ist Floor, 2nd Stage, 80 Feet Road,K.H.B. Colony, Bangalore - 560079,Karnataka, India.Phone:+91-80-2348 1364+91-80-2328 3728+91-80-6576 1259+91-80- 2559 8268Mobile:+91 93412 30785Email:epochic@dataone.inWebsite:http://www.epochloadcell.com
  12. 12. For More Details Login to Our Website http://www.epochloadcell.com/