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Ohio Northern PRSSA 2010

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Ohio Northern PRSSA 2010

  1. 1. PRSSA Chapter Ohio Northern University
  2. 2. 2010-2011 PRSSA Chapter Membership •9 Executive Board members •Approximately 35 members •20 dues paying members Overall Chapter Activity •Weekly meetings, ranging from speakers, workshops and networking events •Attendance at Regional and National events
  3. 3. Past: National Conference •12 members •Funded by ONU and fundraisers •Forum reporter •Conference tweeter Conference Awards •Star Chapter Award •Jamie Scott: John D. Graham •Renee LeGendre: Betsy Plank
  4. 4. Past: Campus Events Conflict Resolution Workshop •Four conflict styles, resolution techniques, multiple settings •Dr. Joseph Trahan •65 attendees, double from last year Etiquette Dinner •Prepare for job/internship interviews, conference settings •Dr. Charles Johnson Both attended by Business, Comm Arts, and Sports Management students.
  5. 5. •ONU’s student run PR firm •Nationally Affiliated •Approximately 15 members ONU Performing Arts Department •Freshman recruitment •Promote brand and events on campus •Advertise minors to current students Results •New promotional materials •Student testimonies •Blog for perspective students Past: Vision Communicaitons
  6. 6. Past: Go Bare Campaign What: National PRSSA campaign Client: Solo, Go Bare line Objectives: recycling education pledge support campus events Successful Results •“Give Back, Give Thanks” dinner, over 100 attendees •Pledge Support = 263 •Recycling education booth •“Plant a seed” in recycling
  7. 7. Future: Winter Quarter Schedule Speakers: •Rachel McKee, Corporate PR •Scott Ebright, Educational PR •Jamie Heberling: Government /Agency PR Speed Networking Event •6-8 professionals, short interviews Mentor/Mentee Program •Second year for program, incorporate new members
  8. 8. Future: Vision Comm. Projects ONU Pride Project •Collaboration with ONU Sports Department •Increase student support for basketball •Social media/press release workshops with sports management students Ada ReStore •Increase community/university awareness •Redesign promotional material •Increase media attention •On campus fashion show
  9. 9. Be Progressive: Maximize your PR Potential 2010 PaRtners Conference Ohio Northern University Saturday, April 2, 2010
  10. 10. Be Progressive: Maximize your PR Potential 2010 PaRtners Conference Ohio Northern University Saturday, April 2, 2010