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2017 Financial Services SEO Whitepaper | Key Takeaways

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We take another look at the research we complied in
early 2016 to examine what impact the latest Google
changes have had on the financial services sector.

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2017 Financial Services SEO Whitepaper | Key Takeaways

  1. 1. 2017 Financial Services SEO Whitepaper Has Google breathed new life into financial services (FS) SEO?
  2. 2. We take another look at the research we complied in early 2016 to examine what impact the latest Google changes have had on the financial services sector.
  3. 3. new challenges in 2017
  4. 4. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, financial services brands must not only compete with the dominant aggregators on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), but with larger-sized paid search ads
  5. 5. Changes to paid search ads means the space for organic search results to appear above the fold is reduced “ “
  6. 6. After analysing the organic rankings of eight financial services markets, including: ▪ Credit cards ▪ Current accounts ▪ Insurance ▪ Investments ▪ ISA ▪ Loans ▪ Mortgages ▪ Savings
  7. 7. It was evident that aggregators and consumer sites continued to dominate the natural search rankings…
  8. 8. However as Google continues to tweak its algorithm in a bid to deliver the best possible organic results, new opportunities are emerging
  9. 9. In April, the aggregator-dominated Insurance market returned an all-aggregator result in the top five organic positions for nearly 7.5% of searches
  10. 10. By December, this had dropped to aggregator-only organic search listings for only 0.18% of searches made
  11. 11. It seems that Google managed to achieve its aim of delivering more varied results to users during 2016 “ “
  12. 12. Only the savings market saw a significant increase in aggregators in the Top 5 natural results in December 2016. In all other FS verticals the results delivered are more varied or roughly as they were. 
 Table 1 — shows the average number of aggregators appearing in the top 5 natural search results positions for each FS market, and the change between April and December 2016.
  13. 13. As a result, ranking well (in organic positions 1, 2 or 3) is more important than ever.
  14. 14. what can you learn from the big players…
  15. 15. Brands that have cleaned up their link profile and successfully migrated to https:// have re-appeared in the rankings or improved visibility
  16. 16. Brands with sites with good technical SEO and sematic URL’s rank well
  17. 17. Strategies designed to build rankings for head, torso and longtail search terms can lead to increased visibility
  18. 18. Content rich, informative landing pages specific to products or services improve rankings
  19. 19. Brands with a strong social strategy and use paid-for techniques to boost engagement continue to make gains
  20. 20. The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is still a challenging place for financial services companies hoping to rank for generic search terms
  21. 21. steps to success
  22. 22. It’s important to understand your customers, their behaviours and their need states so you can ensure you provide information that answers their queries customer profiles and need states can inform content strategies
  23. 23. Build content rich, informative landing pages for product or service key search terms and don’t be afraid to incorporate a mixture of content types quality content
  24. 24. PPC can be used as a short term tactic to prove there is a demand for a new product or service. Use paid search to size the potential site traffic volumes, quotes and conversions from search terms testing content need with ppc
  25. 25. ▪ Audit links ▪ Invest in good on-page SEO ▪ Regularly crawl your site to check for issues ensure your site’s technical attributes are optimal
  26. 26. implement site migrations thoroughly Focus on making sure there is a complete and robust redirection plan in place and check your site for duplicate URLs
  27. 27. Use a measurement framework that is right for your brand. ▪ Track campaigns ▪ Align Google Analytics data with search console data to build a case for SEO changes. measurement
  28. 28. Invest in a strong social strategy to broadcast content and boost with paid for activity
  29. 29. appendix Ranking Score was calculated as follows:
  30. 30. download the full whitepaper Go to http://eqi.md/2lX9vAF to download the 2017 Financial Services SEO Whitepaper
  31. 31. contact us Call us on 01793 715440 or email new.business@equimedia.co.uk if you would like to discuss how we can grow your business.