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Powered by Data, Engineered for Success | Key Takeaways

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Key takeaways from the equimedia London Finance Forum, March 2017.

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Powered by Data, Engineered for Success | Key Takeaways

  1. 1. © equimedia Powered by data, Engineered for success Equimedia logo.png
  2. 2. If you missed our Finance Event in March 2017 read on to hear about the topics that were discussed and how they might impact your business
  3. 3. Kathryn Jefferies Operations Director equimedia Tiffany Stubbs Group Account Director equimedia Bob Screen Industry Head equimedia James Nesbitt Agency Development Manager Google Debbie Osguthorpe Category Director – Financial Services Mintel Jon Moore SEO Group Head equimedia
  4. 4. Faster, Smarter Market Research Source: Google
  5. 5. The Problem You need relevant data from real consumers, and you need it fast Source: Google
  6. 6. The Solution Google Surveys allows you to make fast, data-driven decisions for your brand. Consider using it to ‘pressure test’ ideas Source: Google
  7. 7. Here’s one we made earlier… Source: Google
  8. 8. Hop on the segmentation express
  9. 9. Known unknowns
  10. 10. A KPI is worthless unless it is segmented… next up are Jon Moore’s top, under-utilised Google Analytics reports
  11. 11. Source: https://goo.gl/RwV19P
  12. 12. Remove noise with custom dimensions Logged in statusBusiness Banking Personal Banking
  13. 13. Use cohorts to isolate campaigns Criteria 1 – First session in week 1 March 2017 Criteria 2 – First interaction is paid search
  14. 14. 1. Category – CTAClicks 2. Label – {CTAText} - {Position} 3. Action - Click Use events to discover intentions Event syntax
  15. 15. Aggregate content for clarity CG2: Product CG1: Department
  16. 16. Get the picture with conversion segments Conversion > Multi Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths
  17. 17. Find bottlenecks with behaviour flow Behaviour > Behaviour Flow > Explore Traffic
  18. 18. Visualise success with Data Studio
  19. 19. Speed is of the essence Source: Google
  20. 20. 40% internet users will abandon a site that takes >3 seconds to load Source: Google & Kissmetrics
  21. 21. 47% expect a page to load in <2 seconds Source: Google & Kissmetrics
  22. 22. How Fast Is a Site? Source: Google
  23. 23. How Friendly is the Mobile UX? Source: Google
  24. 24. Usual suspects in mobile performance Source: Google
  25. 25. Tales from the footplate
  26. 26. What do you see?
  27. 27. Why experiment? “If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness.” – Jeff Bezos
  28. 28. How to prioritise tests ▶ Prioritise your worst performing pages ▶ Focus on the pages with high volume and costly traffic ▶ Consider the complexity of the test, and technical, organisational and political barriers
  29. 29. Run tests for long enough Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Test Control Early gains Long term loss
  30. 30. Innovation in Financial Services Source: Mintel
  31. 31. Aviva launches Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo ▶ Glossary of 300 terms and definitions ▶ Looking towards future channels for customer communication Source: Mintel
  32. 32. Currency transfers via messenger app ▶ Integrated with Facebook Messenger ▶ Can set up transfers in various currencies ▶ Can set rate alerts for selected currencies Source: Mintel
  33. 33. Biometric payments - FingoPay ▶ Launched at test event at London bar in January 2017 ▶ Users make payment by scanning finger veins at transaction point ▶ Scanned finger linked to bank card details Source: Mintel
  34. 34. Financial service innovations New providers/challengers Consumer behaviour and expectations Technology Drive to lower costs Regulation Source: Mintel
  35. 35. % of internet users who have used in the last six months 85% online banking 45% mobile banking 85% price comparison website 35% contactless payment via card Source: Mintel, Consumer Attitudes to Financial Service Innovations – UK February 2017, Changing Channel Preferences in Retail Banking – UK October 2016
  36. 36. % of internet users who have used in the last six months 9% contactless mobile payment 6% mobile payment system – Pingit, PayM 3% budgeting app 35% mobile app to monitor driving skills for insurance Source: Mintel, Consumer Attitudes to Financial Service Innovations – UK February 2017, Changing Channel Preferences in Retail Banking – UK October 2016
  37. 37. Typical FS customer Source: Mintel
  38. 38. Open banking could transform the banking experience… ▶ Account aggregation ▶ Spending analytics ▶ Personalised product comparisons ▶ Personalised offers Source: Mintel
  39. 39. If people can be convinced to opt in… Source: Mintel
  40. 40. 50% of consumers could be encouraged to opt-in to sharing data with a FS provider, rising to 68% of millennials Source: Mintel
  41. 41. 28% consumers would share data in exchange for loyalty points/rewards 20% for personalised offers on utilities 19% ability to choose who to share data with Source: Mintel, Consumer Attitudes to Financial Service Innovations – UK February 2017
  42. 42. Get in touch 01793 715440 | new.business@equimedia.co.uk