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創業兔-FITI 創新激勵計畫 市場開發 Business Development-BD 就是 Sales 嗎?新創公司如何做 BD?

Topic: FITI 創新激勵計畫 市場開發 Business Development
Tagline: BD 就是 Sales 嗎?新創公司如何做 BD?

Time: 2017-02-24

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創業兔-FITI 創新激勵計畫 市場開發 Business Development-BD 就是 Sales 嗎?新創公司如何做 BD?

  1. 1. Rabbie ⾼高⽽而芬 FEB 24th, 2017 Business Development BD 就是 Sales 嗎?新創公司如何做 BD?
  2. 2. About Me Rabbie Kao 高而芬 (小兔) n Business Development of Hahow 好學校 https://hahow.in/ n Co-founder of BiG SiSTERS https://www.bigsisterstw.com/ n Tech Blogger 創業兔筆記 rabbiekao.com n 交大資訊與財金管理學系畢
  3. 3. Agenda n 什麼是 BD︖ n BD 等於 Sales 嗎︖ n 新創怎麼做 BD︖ n 市場開發的 BD Metris︖ n 市場開發流程怎麼優化︖ n 推薦閱讀與相關資源
  4. 4. 什什麼是 BD?
  5. 5. 什什麼是 BD? BD (from Wiki) …developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations …the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_development
  6. 6. 什什麼是 BD? n Identify partnership opportunities. Forge and develop relationships to enable continued rapid growth and service expansion at Airbnb.
 n Lead all aspects of deal execution, including prioritization of partners, strategic and product assessment, transaction structuring and negotiation.
 n Ensure effective ongoing management of key established relationships, improving terms as needed, and maintaining accountability for the health of the partnership.
 n Work with cross functional teams in engineering, product, marketing, operations, community, legal and finance to ensure alignment on partnerships and business requirements.
 n Pilot new initiatives and business agreements in markets, evaluate their impact on business and determine the most effective scope/approach for any follow-on rollout.
 n Demonstrate strong leadership through robust execution of projects and initiatives. https://www.airbnb.com/careers/departments/business-development?locale=en
  7. 7. 什什麼是 BD? BD = 做⽣生意 = ⼈人脈 + 策略略
  8. 8. BD 等於 Sales 嗎?
  9. 9. BD 等於 Sales 嗎? n figuring out "new" sales (don’t have quotas) n driving "new" and "existing" sales (have quotas)
  10. 10. BD 等於 Sales 嗎? BD ≠ Sales https://blog.alphacamp.co/2015/07/22/startup-bd-sales/
  11. 11. 新創怎麼做 BD?
  12. 12. 新創怎麼做 BD? https://www.slideshare.net/erhfen/rabbiebd150707
  13. 13. 市場開發的 BD Metrics?
  14. 14. 市場開發的 BD Metrics? 沒有 Product/Market Fit 就不⽤用談 BD 了了各位…
  15. 15. 市場開發的 BD Metrics? n Pre vs Post Product/Market Fit Growth n Product/Market Fit Canvas n Ideal Customer Profile n Lean Canvas n 必備的財務概念念 n ⼀一張表格看商業模式
  16. 16. Pre vs Post Product/Market Fit Growth https://www.slideshare.net/500startups/02-brian-balfour-hub-spot-final
  17. 17. Product/Market Fit Canvas https://www.creatlr.com/template/4kqIag4DgwtT1ObbFA2vag/the-product-market-fit-canvas/
  18. 18. Product/Market Fit Canvas http://blog.leanmonitor.com/product-market-fit-canvas-the-strategic-innovation-tool/
  19. 19. Ideal Customer Profile http://www.brandonpugsley.com/ideal-customer-profile/
  20. 20. Lean Canvas http://kojenchieh.pixnet.net/blog/post/367706579-%E7%B2%BE%E5%AF%A6%E7%95%AB%E5%B8%83-(lean-canvas)
  21. 21. 必備的財務概念念 n Revenue Structure 收入結構 n Cost Structure 成本結構 n Gross Profit ⽑毛利利 ⽑毛利利 = 營業收入 - 銷貨成本 ⽑毛利利(%)=(營業收入-銷貨成本)÷營業收入 n Operating Profit 營業利利潤 營業利利潤=營業收入-銷貨成本-營業費⽤用 n Marginal Contribution 邊際貢獻 邊際貢獻=(產品營收–產品變動成本)÷產品營收 n LTV (Life Time Value) 顧客的⽣生命週期 n CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) 獲取客⼾戶的成本
  22. 22. ⼀一張表格看商業模式 https://appworks.tw/business-model/
  23. 23. 市場開發流程怎麼優化?
  24. 24. 市場開發流程怎麼優化? http://www.coelevate.com/essays/traction-vs-growth
  25. 25. 市場開發流程怎麼優化? n 以下內容參參考《B2B銷售勝經》 n 四個核⼼心團隊區隔 n 1&2:業務開發(負責審核驗明) n 3:客⼾戶經理理(負責成交) n 4:客⼾戶成功/管理理經理理(負責耕耘) n 營收可預測性 = 漏⽃斗 + 平均交易易⾦金金額⼤大⼩小 + 時間 n 找出⼀一個空間最⼤大的管道並且⼤大⼒力力加碼,許多⼤大公司都 從單⼀一管道中獲得 80% 的成長率。Zynga ⾃自 Facebook、 LinkedIn/Facebook ⾃自病毒式傳播(透過電⼦子信箱聯聯絡 ⼈人)、Instagram ⾃自病毒式傳播(透過分享)、Hubspot ⾃自內容⾏行行銷、TripAdvisor ⾃自搜尋等。
  26. 26. 推薦閱讀與相關資源
  27. 27. 推薦閱讀與相關資源
  28. 28. 推薦閱讀與相關資源 http://startupclass.samaltman.com/
  29. 29. 推薦閱讀與相關資源 http://jingji.cntv.cn/special/internetage/01/
  30. 30. Contact Me n RabbieStartup 創業兔筆記 https://www.rabbiekao.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RabbieStartup/ n rabbie@hahow.in n rabbie.kao@gmail.comRabbie Kao 高而芬 (小兔)