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Appaloosa Broadcasting

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Appaloosa Broadcasting

  1. 1. Appaloosa Broadcasting Ericka Patten
  2. 2. Buckhorn Halloween Commercial Spot Objective Local hangout was hosting a Halloween costume contest. Result This advertisement allowed our team to develop a creative take on a costume contest. Not only did we promote the event, but also advertising on the specials of the day while emphasizing the specials of the day
  3. 3. Amazing Rayz Commercial Spot Objective Create an advertisement for tanning in Wyoming in the winter. Result Our team drew on the emotional ethos of Wyoming Winters. By pairing the advertisement with a discounted price, this ad incentivized students to come to Amazing Rayz for tanning discounts
  4. 4. Clure Brothers Furniture Commercial Spot Objective Annual Mattress Sale Result Focusing on the technology of the mattresses, the advertisement effectively promoted the trustworthiness of Clure Brothers.
  5. 5. Laramie Auto and Diesel Repair Commercial Spot Objective Featuring new business Result By creating a brand promise of reliable service, our team was able to create an ad that highlighted how Laramie Auto and Diesel Repair could best meet the needs of clients based around town.
  6. 6. Snowy Range Vision Commercial Spot Objective Create an advertisement to promote an eye glass shop in town Result Glasses have a way of transforming a persons life. This idea of “New Look, New You” was the driving force behind this advertisement.
  7. 7. Ericka Patten erickapatten430@gmail.com 303-565-0148