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Hotel campo verde profile

  1. 1. HOTEL CAMPO VERDE HOTEL, ARENAL VOLCANOA place to stay in Arenal Volcano Arenal Volcano Hotel Campo Verde Nestled in the foot of Arenal Volcano, Campo Verde Hotel offers 10 volcano view cabins spread in a green property, and surrounded by exciting natural activities. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or shopping and relaxing at a spa and hot springs, the Arenal Volcano has plenty to offer! Best of all, it is easy to travel, and also easy to enjoy natural attractions
  2. 2. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal Volcano, Costa RicaHotel Campo Verde Hotel, ArenalVolcanoA R E N A L VO L C A N O, C O S TA R I C AABOUT USCampo Verde Hotel designed for the enjoyment of couples and families, located right in front of one of theworlds most active volcanoes, the Arenal Volcano, just 10 minutes from the beautiful village of La Fortuna. Thehotel is run by their owners, distinguished itself by its dedication to responsible sustainable tourism, and itspersonalized, quality service and attention to detail, making all the difference in our customer’s satisfaction.Campo Verde Hotel is a place where life is the purest of nature, with spectacular views of both the volcano andthe mountains that surround it. The guest can enjoy the majestic volcano from their rooms. The Volcano´s ashexplosions and lava flows, at night, give the impression of fireworksHISTORY • Campo Verde Hotel is located at the base of the Arenal Volcano in the area known as La Palma. The hotel is on the Peñaranda Quesada Farmland, which was formed by Mr. Carlos Peñaranda (deceased), his wife Soledad Quesada and their children. Mrs. Soledad Quesada is the daughter of Mr. Alberto “Beto” Quesada, considered in 1930 one of the founders of the town which was initially called El Burío Neighborhood, but due to the richness of its soils, the neighbors changed its name to La Fortuna. Beginning in the 1930’s and for decades to follow, the town’s founders hiked the mountain which was rumored to be a volcano, in order to try to verify the veracity of the rumors. • In 1959, the first filming of an expedition to the crater was organized. Upon returning from the expedition some believed the mountain was in fact a volcano, and others did not. This film is available for viewing in the reception of our hotel. • On July 29th, 1968, what was known as Mt. Arenal, reveled its irrefutable volcanic nature with an eruption of huge hot rocks, burning gases, and tons of ash. From this moment on, Arenal became the most important site for volcanic investigation in all of Costa Rica, and one of the most important in the world. After the eruption the area was evacuated from the region and the Peñaranda Quesada Family had to go live in “La Villa”; the area known today as Ciudad Quesada. • After one year, the authorities permitted the return to the area and the family began to rebuild their farm, dedicated to milk production. Around 2004, several of the children began to dedicate portions of the land to tourism, as it had become an important activity in the region, by building several small hotels www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa Rica Page 1
  3. 3. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal VolcanoAMENITIES • Front Desk, Open from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m. • Internet, at the reception we offer computers In the lobby you can find a variety of snacks, free internet. We also offer free Wi-Fi in every personal hygiene articles and souvenirs. room Complimentary wireless internet service and computers are available at the reception area • International and local phone calls, In the • Laundry Service. We offer this service to an front desk you can make national and/or excellent price. Please if it requires of the international calls. National calls have a service requests it in the reception of the Hotel charge for $1 per five minute and international calls have a charge of $1.5 per minute • Breakfast, Delicious home-made breakfast. • Private parking. Each parking lot is From 7 am until 10:00 am breakfast service identified with the room number, by this way available. We offer tree kinds of menu: the each room will have parking lot Continental, Tropical Fruits and the typical breakfast, this one includes national food, so our clients can see the typical Costa Rican foodRESTAURANT EL MIRADOR ¨Don Elmer Peñaranda¨, the owner grew up in the country, he has always been a farmer and he loved everything rustic and related to cowboys. Thus his interest to design and transform his project including these features. Therefore since that moment The Steak House Mirador Arenal Restaurant is the only one in its original west and rustic style around the Arenal area. It offers to its clients a different place where to enjoy, not only the panoramic view to the amazing Volcano from our facilities, but also to indulge and enjoy our specialties in Steak, sea food, chicken, or any other of our delicious Costa Rican varieties and why not to delight with any of our prestigious wines. Aiming to get the highest category of quality and service according the exigency and satisfaction of our clients Campo Verde Hotel is a place where life is the purest of nature, with spectacular views of both the volcano and the mountains that surround it. The guest can enjoy the majestic volcano from their rooms. The Volcano´s ash explosions and lava flows, at night, give the impression of fireworks www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa RicaPage 2
  4. 4. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal Volcano, Costa RicaROOMS & RATESCampo Verde Hotel at Arenal Volcano has 10 comfortable mountain rooms offering great volcano viewexperience. Our property is located right on the foot of the Arenal Volcano, thus offering our guest some of themost spectacular views of the volcano directly from every room. Our stunning location combined with our goodtaste and personal service offers our guests a unique and unforgettable experience and all round sensation ofwellbeing. Junior Suites can accommodate up for four people, have two queen size beds, cable TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, private bathroom and hot water, hair dryer, coffee maker and safety box. Pricing High Season Low Season from Jan 3 to April 30 from May 1 to Dec 16 Single USD$75.00 Single USD$70.00 Double USD$90.00 Double USD$80.00 Triple USD$105.00 Triple USD$96.00 Deluxe Rooms The Deluxe Rooms have a comfortable, modern and spacious design; you can enjoy the view of the Arenal Volcano and the rainforest from your private terrace. Pricing High Season Low Season from Jan 3 to April 30 from May 1 to Dec 16 Single USD$85.00 Single USD$80.00 Double USD$95.00 Double USD$90.00Prices include taxes and home-made breakfastBOOKINGS at: www.hotelcampoverde.com/rooms-rates.html www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa Rica Page 3
  5. 5. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal VolcanoLOCATIONCampo Verde Hotel is located 9 km north from La Fortuna town, on the main road to the Arenal Volcano.GPS Coordinates: Latitude = 10°3007.78” N Longitude = 84°4222.97” WGetting here by busThe public bus is the company “Transportes San Carlos” located in Street 14, Fifth avenue, and buses leaveeveryday from San José to La Fortuna. Ticket prices: $6.00Bus schedule: San José departures at 6:15am, 8:40am and 11:30 am.Phone number: (506)2255-4318, 2255-4300, 2255-0567, 2460-5032, 2460-5064When you arrive to La Fortuna you can take a taxi, and give our address, no problem because all the taxis arefamiliar with our hotelGetting here by Car • From San Jose Costa Rica Airport Route by San Ramón (Cloud Forest): This route is the fastest and with less transit; it has a lot of turns because you will drive across the Cloud Forest. It is also a very lonely way, so is not recommended to drive it at night. You must take the Panamerican highway passing the Juan Santamaría International Airport following the route with destiny to the pacific coast, looking for the indication of San Ramon, where you have to take the Right for1 Km. After crossing San Ramón follow the road and pass also the town of Bajo Rodríguez, this trip takes about one hour and a half. Then you have to continue and also pass the towns of La Tigra, Chachagua and the last 12 Km. until get to La Fortuna • From Liberia Airport Guanacaste, drive towards Liberia and at the next stop light turn right. Follow signs for the town Cañas which will be on your left after 46 kilometers. At Cañas turn left and follow signs for Arenal Volcano, follow signs for Tilaran and then drive around the lake until reaching the Arenal Dam. After passing the dam continue straight, pass the Tabacon Hot Spring and one kilometer more is Campo Verde Hotel Hotel Hotel. • Route by Naranjo (Traditional): It is the most transited route and with more number of Towns during the trip. You must take the Panamerican highway passing the Juan Santamaría Internacional Airport following the route with destiny to the pacific coast, looking for the indication to Naranjo, where you have to take the Right. After crossing Naranjo City, you must follow the road and pass also the cities of Zarcero, Ciudad Quesada, and then Florencia. In Florencia you will get an intersection where you have to take the left. Passing the towns of Santa Clara, Los Ángeles and El Tanque until find to La Fortuna. When you get to La Fortuna, of the Catholic Church it should follow 9 km to the west highway to the volcanoGoogle Map Link www.hotelcampoverde.com/location.html www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa RicaPage 4
  6. 6. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal Volcano, Costa RicaGALLERYThe Volcano views from Campo Verde HotelThe Rooms at Campo Verde HotelPicture Gallery: www.hotelcampoverde.com/gallery.html www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa Rica Page 5
  7. 7. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal VolcanoARENAL VOLCANO, the magic mountain Arenal Volcano National Park is found within the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area located in north- western region of Costa Rica. Inside the park are the Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal, the Lake Arenal Dam, and another volcano called Cerro Chato or Mount Chato as it has already been inactive for 3500 years. Unlike Cerro Chato, the Arenal Volcano used to be dormant until it had a major eruption in 1968. Since then, there has been constant volcanic activity in the area specifically in the volcano’s Crater C. There is presently lava flow of andesite basaltic composition, gas emissions, and explosions of pyroplastic materials. ORIGINAL PICTURE TAKEN FROM www.hotelcampoverde.com/arenal-volcano.htmlWhile you cannot scale the volcano itself, there aremany tours offering you the chance to hike around thebase and view this spectacular landmark from everyperspective. After a day of hiking in Costa Rica there isnothing better than unwinding at the famous hotsprings. Set in acres of primary rainforest, the hotsprings offers weary hikers the chance to revitalize in aseries of lagoons, each enjoying a constant supply ofnatural and steamy-hot volcanic water. If action is moreyour kind of thing, why not try your hand at white-waterrafting, horseback riding, caving or even theexhilarating canopy zip-lines. With so many activities inan around the Arenal area, you should be sure to make ORIGINAL PICTURE TAKEN FROMthis a priority stop while hiking in Costa Rica. www.hotelcampoverde.com/arenal-volcano.htmlVisit the Arenal Volcano National Park, located just 10 minutes from the hotel. Maps are available at the frontdesk of the hotel. In the park visitors can appreciate the variety of flora and fauna protected there while enjoyingan about two hour walk. There is an observation point located 1 km from the entrance, which you can arrive at bycar. From there, there are paths: 1. The Heliconia Trail with an area of 1 km, 2. Las Coladas Trail of 2 km or3. The Ceibo Trail with an area of 1.8 km.The park entrance is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, though you can stay in the park until 5:30pm.Entrance fees are: Costa Ricans, Residents, Central Americans, and all students with valid ID: ¢1.000, Children 6to12 - Costa Rican or residents: ¢400, Tourists: $10, Children 6 to 12 – Tourists: $ 1ARENAL VOLCANO: www.hotelcampoverde.com/arenal-volcano.html www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa RicaPage 6
  8. 8. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal Volcano, Costa RicaTHINGS TO DO in Arenal Volcano Baldi Hot Springs Canopy Tours - The Ziplines Get special discounts in the Hot Springs while staying at Hotel The Canopy tours in La Campo Verde. Fortuna are one of the most wanted adventures by travelers. Arenal Hanging Bridges Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge The Arenal Hanging Bridges tour takes place on a 600 acre The Caño Negro Wildlife reserve filled with lush Refuge is considered to be of vegetation and a the best sites on the continent for bird watching. Hiking to Rio Celeste Horse Back Riding to La Fortuna Waterfall In the foot of the Tenorio National Park, the mountain The horse back riding will guide turns a river into blue waters. 1 you across the Arenal Volcano hour hiking in one of the most National Park interesting natural process. Arenal Volcano Tour Venado Caves Tour Hiking the Arenal Volcano is The Venado Caves located one of the most refreshing and about 45 minutes from Arenal adventurer expeditions in the Volcano. This amazing area. experience is one of a kind Expedition to Chato Hill Arenal Volcano Lake on Kayak Cerro Chato, the sleepy volcano is next to Arenal The calm waters of Arenal lake Volcano. turn the Kayak adventure into a scenically tour. Cultural tour at La The Maleku´s, a Fortuna town Costarican tribe Get immerse in our typical life, Arriving to the Maleku Village, the way we used to do the daily you will visit “El Palenque”; it is activities and how the tourism the biggest ranch, where the helps rural schools. An Maleku used to make their experience that touches your meetings, dances and feelings. ceremonies. www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa Rica Page 7
  9. 9. Hotel Campo Verde Hotel, Arenal VolcanoCONTACT USAt Campo Verde Hotel we will more than happy to be your host in Arenal Volcano. Enjoy one of the warmestaccommodations where the Costarican hospitality is part of our daily living. Enjoy the volcano views, the hotsprings, adventure tours, nature walks, and much more.RESERVATIONS: 506+2479 1080FAX OFFICE: 506+2479 1081CONTACT: LISBETH OLMOSEMAIL: info@hotelcampoverde.comWEBSITE: www.hotelcampoverde.comPOSTAL CODE: 21007 www.hotelcampoverde.com Arenal Volcano Hotel, Costa RicaPage 8