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Cutting Weight for a MMA Fight or a Day Before Weight in Tournament!

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http://www.luttermma.com/mma/ Click link for Free MMA Gloves & 3 Free Sessions!!!

Mixed Martial Arts (mma), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (bjj) & Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults in Fort Worth, Arlington, Benbrook, North Richland Hills and Haltom City areas. "Cutting Weight for a MMA Fight or a Day Before Weight in Tournament!"

We have classes for beginners all the way to professionals.

CALL 817-781-4243 today to receive your FREE MMA Gloves and 3 Free Sessions of the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (bjj), Mixed Martial Arts (mma) and Muay Thai Kickboxing Academy on the Planet!!! "Cutting Weight for a MMA Fight or a Day Before Weight in Tournament!"

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1732 E Square
Fort Worth TX


6913 Camp Bowie BLVD
Fort Worth TX suite 133


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Cutting Weight for a MMA Fight or a Day Before Weight in Tournament!

  1. 1. Cutting Weight for a MMA Fight or a Day Before Weight in Tournament. Cutting Weight for a Day before weight in versus a same day weight in then go right into competing is a lot different. Today we are going to deal with cutting weight (water) for a day before weight in. The first thing is to get your weight within 5 percent of your body weight so if you are 200 pounds you will cut 10 pounds of water. So you should be within 10 pounds of your goal weight hydrated. At the 24 hr mark you are going to cut out all food and water. I usually like to cut about 3 or 4 pounds the first night before I go to sleep. You can do this a couple of different ways. You can run/walk it off with sweats on. Or sit in a Sauna. Or a crazy hot bath. Any of these ways you can lose about a pound every 10 minutes. I prefer to use the bath tub way because a Sauna you have to breath the hot air taxing your lungs. When you run/walk you are using energy and since you won't be able to take any food in you don't recover as well. But everyone is different. Then I try to get a good night’s sleep. The next morning I wake up and repeat the process. I will have usually lost 1 to 2 pounds overnight leaving me 3-4 pounds away from my goal. Again I repeat the process from the night before. I usually try to get my weight down all the way about 2 hours before the actual weight in. This way I have a buffer in case I have a harder time then expected losing weight I can still make it. Rehydration process I take in a litter of liquid usually 1/2 water 1/2 Gatorade. I also take in a tablespoon of salt with a little water (taste terrible) I repeat this process for the first 4 hours before I eat anything else. This allows your stomach to recover and not be messed up the following day. This allows you to put more weight on and recover that much better for your match or fight the following day.