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Digital Disruption in Wealth Management

EY Wealth & Asset Management explores how digital technology is accelerating the transformation of wealth management. Read the full report at ey.com/wealthITsurvey

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Digital Disruption in Wealth Management

  1. 1. Digital disruption in wealth management Accelerating the transformation of wealth management through digital technology ©2018EYGMLimited.AllRightsReserved.EYGno.00119-184GBL.EDNone. High performers Low performers Spend more on front-office initiatives Outsource more and get more value through business efficiency and growth Have less discretionary IT spend and extract more value % of total IT spend 39% 39% 54% 24% 29% 60% How to win in wealth management higher IT share of cost when platform older than 10 years 1.4x % of business functionality provided Total cost of ownership Top performers also use fit-for-purpose IT platforms 5.9% 8.3% Best-of-breed IT platform Off-the-shelf IT platform Best-of-breed IT platform Off-the-shelf IT platform What do my clients expect in terms of digital capabilities? What can I learn from new digital upstarts? How can I benefit from emerging ecosystems of FinTech providers? Top performers take actions and make investments in areas with the most impact. 60.4% 79.1% Key questions wealth managers must ask themselves Read the full report: ey.com/wealthITsurvey Why incumbent wealth managers must act Emergence of FinTechs as Assets under management growth by robo-advisors every few months of high net-worth clients would value robo-advice 70%2x New competition Source of innovation Collaborators in new business models