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Escape Room Egypt

Do you want to participate in world’s best interactive and innovative mystery game? Escape room Egypt brings fun to a different level! find out more! Challenge your mind with beguiling puzzles that will challenge your intellect. Participate in this entertaining concept and go ahead to take your pick. Learn more at http://escaperoomegypt.com/

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Escape Room Egypt

  1. 1. ESCAPE ROOM EGYPT www.escaperoomegypt.com
  2. 2. What is Escape Room What is Escape Room actually? Escape Room Egypt is a live-action game where you need to solve puzzles and clues and escape before the time runs out. The best part about this game is that it is played in teams so you better be a fair team player if you want your team to escape the room. This game is popular all around the world and people of all ages enjoy the fun and excitement it brings. www.escaperoomegypt.com
  3. 3. About Escape Room Egypt When looking for fun things to do in Cairo, look no further as escape room Egypt is without a doubt a preferred choice among locals and tourists. Escape room Egypt includes fun, challenging, and creative puzzles the group must solve before the time runs out. The puzzles and clues are tricky, but if you get into the game we can promise you that you can solve anything. No special knowledge or skills are required to play this game. www.escaperoomegypt.com
  4. 4. How Does the Game Start? The more participants are included in the game – the merrier. There are teams and each team is consisted or minimum 2 and maximum 6 people. The participants have 1 hour or 60 minutes to solve the clues and the puzzles and escape the room. Only teamwork and creativity will set your team free. The escapers, of course, are the winners! The mission of the game is to develop an educational experience that promotes team building, creativity, and cleverness. The entire escapology Egypt theme, display, and participation are designed to create a special and unique educational experience. www.escaperoomegypt.com
  5. 5. Different Escape Rooms Examples • Ascension • The Mummy • Prison Break • The Secret Lab • Gallery www.escaperoomegypt.com
  6. 6. Who Can Play the Game? •Family & Friends •Students •Colleagues •Special Events •Tourists So, are you interested in trying this new level of entertainment and fun? Escape room Alexandria Egypt can provide you with a fantastic experience! If you are ready to try – book your escape now! www.escaperoomegypt.com