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100 Best practices in Omnichannel

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Jorij Abraham, Director of Consulting Unic

Jorij Abraham, Director of Consulting bij Unic en voormalig manager eCommerce bij Magazijn de Bijenkorf, TUI en Sanoma, presenteert 100 Best Practices op het gebied van Omnichannel. In zeer korte tijd wordt u geïnspireerd met hoe u nieuwe media kunt inzetten voor verkoop. Tevens behandelt hij de valkuilen die horen bij het wisselen van een single- naar een omnichannel strategie.

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100 Best practices in Omnichannel

  1. 1. Omni-Channel Best PracticesHow Companies can Survive in an Omni-Channel WorldBrussels, 28th of March 2012 Jorij Abraham
  2. 2. Introducing Unic› The European Omni-Channel Specialist
  3. 3. Your Presenter…Introducing Me…. Manager eCommerce TUI Manager eCommerce Magazijn de Bijenkorf www.unic.com www.ecommercefoundation.org www.ecommercebenchmark.org
  4. 4. The Unic Group is rapidly expandingPan-european Omni-Channel Specialist with Swiss Roots Core markets › Subsidiaries in Core Markets Adjacent markets › Amsterdam Nearshore markets › Bern › Brussels › Karlsruhe › Valencia › Vienna › Zurich › Adjacent Markets › Clients in UK, F, IT, DK, SWE › Figures of the Unic Group › 260 Employees from over 15 Nations › 7 Office in 6 Countries © Unic | Page 4
  5. 5. Our CustomersMid- and Big size companies, Local & Global B2B2C Fashion Retail B2B Finance Other© Unic - Page 5
  6. 6. What is Omni-Channel Management?Concept & Benefits
  7. 7. What is Omni Channel Management?From Single to Omni Single channel Multi-channel Cross-channel Omni-channel Customer experiences a Customer experiences multiple Customer experiences multiple Customer experiences a brand, single type of touch-point channels acting independently channels as part of the same not a channel within a brand brand. Only one channel is offered. The channels are organizational There is a single customer view There is a single view on the and technical silos but the channels do not deliver customer and he is serviced the same brand experience. consistently across all channels. • The Sting • Mediamarkt • Bijenkorf • Bijenkorf • Megapool.nl • Selexyz • Netflix • Netflix© Unic AG | Seite 7
  8. 8. What is Omni-Channel Management?Manage the Customer Experience across all Channels Sales reps Email Company website Sales force Flagship stores E-Kiosks/ATM Kiosk Outlets Internet TV Brand shops Physical Digital Iphone app. Direct Call center Mobile site Online chat Tablets The Experience Door-to-door IM Shop-in-shop Twitter Home advisors Indirect Social network sites Retailers Physical Digital Online retailers Agents Affiliates XML/EDI Dealers Integrators Franchisers VARs Comparison sites Online auctions Consultants Catalogues Resellers Home shopping channels Magazines Flyers Classified adds sites© Unic AG | Seite 8
  9. 9. What is Omni Channel Management?Support the Customer Journey across each Touchpoint Orient Search Customize Compare Purchase Play Share (activate) (inform) (configure) (enable) (sell) (support) (stimulate) Dealer BrandWebsite AffiliateShop-in- shopMagazine Social sites© Unic AG | Seite 9
  10. 10. What is Omni Channel Management?Support the Customer Journey across each Touchpoint Orient Search Customize Compare Purchase Play Share (activate) (inform) (configure) (enable) (sell) (support) (stimulate) Dealer BrandWebsite AffiliateShop-in- shopMagazine Social sites© Unic AG | Seite 10
  11. 11. What is Omni Channel Management?Why go Omni-Channel? Because the Customer wants it! 2012 2025Purchase 20 80% 80% 50% %Information 30% 70% … 90%Gathering Offline Channels Digital Channels© Unic AG | Seite 11 Forrester, Profiling the Multichannel Customer, July 2009
  12. 12. What is Omni Channel Management?Why go Omni-Channel? Because it Pays! Visit frequency 9.0 Web Winkel 7.3 € 107 € 50 € 182 € 611 € 450 € 381 3.1 € 179 Mailorder Online Shop Multi- only only channel© Unic AG | Seite 12
  13. 13. Best Practices in Omni-Channel Management› Online, POS, Mobile, Store, …
  14. 14. Omni Channel Best PracticesBeter BedStore Locator Showroom models Travel Directions Product inventory / store Quote in store/online© Unic AG | Seite 14 Appointment maker
  15. 15. Omni Channel Best PracticesWarmteserviceFrom 20.000 to 150.000 articles Deliver on site or pick up in store Product advisor For each online order, one basket is printed and bought in store.
  16. 16. Omni Channel Best PracticesStandaard Boekhandel© Unic AG | Seite 16
  17. 17. Omni Channel Best PracticesFabory Top Key Account Manager EDI Accounts Key Open Sales Rep. Accounts Catalog High Segment Customer Care Scanners Store Medium Segment FaxScan / Email Manager Low Segment Store Website© Unic AG | Seite 17
  18. 18. Omni Channel Best PracticesFabory© Unic AG | Seite 18
  19. 19. Omni Channel Best PracticesMyCom › 60% online orders is click & collect. › 90% of store traffic is to collect order. › 20% of all click & collect visitors buy something extra.© Unic AG | Seite 19
  20. 20. Omni Channel Best PracticesLarge Fashion Retailer – 30% Orders is picked up in Store Actual order Online order… value send & returned by 25% 75% Post send by post & returned 23% 18% 95% in store 23% picked up & returned 23% 30% 107% in store 23%© Unic AG | Seite 20
  21. 21. Omni Channel Best PracticesHornbach© Unic AG | Seite 21
  22. 22. Omni Channel Best PracticesInterDiscountInterdiscount Mobile App Complete product assortment Check for in-store availability near your current location© Unic AG | Seite 22
  23. 23. Omni Channel Best PracticesKortingscodes worden gebruikt om klanten vast te houden© Unic AG | Seite 23
  24. 24. © Unic AG | Seite 24
  25. 25. Omni Channel Best PracticesLarge Fashion Retailer› Xxx mimic me.© Unic AG | Seite 25
  26. 26. Beste Practices in Omni-ChannelWhat are the channels to Watch? I-TV Siri© Unic AG | Seite 26
  27. 27. Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel RetailersNPS, Architecture, Speed
  28. 28. Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel RetailersNPS = Net Promotor Score© Unic AG | Seite 28
  29. 29. Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel Retailers Customer Centric Architecture Channels Users B2B Employees Customers Partners Sales Customer PC Mobile Tablet TV POS Print … force service Channel Management Platformplatform Sales Customer Content Order Merchandise Business manager management management Management analytics Resources Products (PIM) Operations (ERP) Customers (CRM) Facts Commercial UGC Inventory Logistics Transactions Facts Behavior Social Everything process is optimized to the optimal. © Unic AG | Seite 29
  30. 30. Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel RetailersSpeed – Do, Measure, Improve› xxx© Unic AG | Seite 30
  31. 31. Wrap-up - How Unic can HelpPersona’s, Processes, (S)peed
  32. 32. How Unic can HelpUse Persona’s to Understand the Customer I am Ann, 31 years, married, mother with 2 kids I am married and want to be a good mother for my kids (girl 4 years, boy 6 years) and show this by dressing and presenting my kids in clothes of the right brand and of good quality. I have a part-time job and therefore do regularly online shopping. I look for those online shops that have a good reputation for delivery and that offer a wide range of attractive brands. It is important to me that the assortment is adapted to me and that information is correct, because that saves me the hassle of returning the shipment. I am willing to pay for brands and good quality as long as it is affordable. Job: Office manager My buying criteria: Searches on: Goals on the site: Area: Brussels  Reknown Brand  Google  Orientation Age: 31  Quality  Brand websites  Buy Family: 2 kids, married  Affordable price  After sales information & support My end goal Buys also from: Entrance to the site: Internet experience: To show the world I am a  Ikea  via Google (53%)  medium experienced good mother by dressing my  small online shops  direct (33%)  regular online buyer- kids in brand clothes of good medium advanced quality. computer© Unic AG | Seite 32
  33. 33. How Unic can HelpDesign the Customer Journey 1) What are the process steps? 2) Which channels will be used? 3) Which features are needed in which channel & process? Orient Search Customize Compare Purchase Play Share (activate) (inform) (configure) (enable) (sell) (support) (stimulate) Product Dealer Information Management First House owners Brand First House owners First House Students ProductWebsite owners Information Product Management Information ManagementAffiliate Product Information Management StudentsShop-in- Hotels (b2b) shop First House ownersMagazine Social Students sites Marketing
  34. 34. How Unic can Help Unic’s Process Landscape Approach Front-End Inspire & Find, View & Interact Order & Pay Self Service Get Service inform Customize Channels Channel Management Multi- Multi- Multi-Brand Mobile CCC POS Social Country Langual Traffic Generation Merchandising & optimizing Customer RetentionMid-end Supplier & Product Customer & Content Print Order Price Information Contact Management Management Management management Management ManagementBack-end Warehouse, Administration & Delivery & Return Finance
  35. 35. How Unic can HelpUnic’s Process Landscape Approach Same as PIM- in case there is no PIM system these processes have to be done with e-commerce system Category Management EC 1 Channel Output Timing and Control EC 2 Product EC 3 Category Product Global Navigation Faceted Search Keyword Search Access navigation [EC 3.2] [EC 3.3] [EC 3.4] finders/selectors [EC 3.1] [EC 3.5] Promotions & EC 4 Product Promotional Promotions a. % discount b.bundle c.Buy X get Y free Teaser a.cross-sell b.up-sell c.newest Planogram vouchers Management merchandising [EC 4.3] [EC 4.1] [EC 4.2] [EC 4.4] d.Order treshold f. Recommended e. Related e. Fixed price d.Top sellers promotion products f. Recommended Behavioral targeting c. Date of last d.Which products e. Keyword [EC 4.1] a. Size cart b.N. Of orders order viewed searched Dealer/store Appointment locator EC 5 management management Offline sales [EC 5.2] [EC 5.1] Product Lists configurator Wish list Gift list Order templates Request for Product Scan to order Stock notification Pre-order management EC 6 management management proposal handler configurator mng mng. handler management management [EC 6.4] [EC 6.2] [EC 6.3] [EC 6.5] [EC 6.6] [EC 6.7] [EC 6.8] [EC 6.9] [EC 6.1] Checkout Basket mng. Product Customer check Delivery methods Payment methods EC 7 Cost Calculation process [EC 7.1] reservation [EC 7.3] [EC 7.4] [EC 7.5] [EC 7.6] [EC 7.2] Payment settlement Credit check Solvency check Online payment Confirm order Order inbox Product set on Order attachment EC 8 confirmation sold and [EC 8.1 ] [EC 8.2] [EC 8.3] [EC 8.4] [EC 8.5] [EC 8.6] [EC 8.7] confirmation Handlers EC 9 Email Message Error Message Hints Message Handler Handler Handler [EC 9.1] [EC 9.2] [EC 9.3] c. Navigation General a. Header b.Footer d. Faceted search flyout a. Product Detail b.Home- Landing c.Theme-Landing d. Category e. Brand Landing f. Product Lister Shopping Pages Page Landing Page page Page g. Wishlist h. Gift list Page Page 1st level: b. Personal f.Order Checkout Pages a.Order basket details c.Delivery d.Payment e.Order summary confirmation All process landscapes 2nd level: Each single process landscape with its items # Sub processes Faceted navigation EC 3.3-01 As a online marketer I want to create a [EC 3.3] facet by defining the attributes based on which it is created and its values 3rd level Each single item 4th level: The sub-processes (or smart user stories) per item
  36. 36. How Unic can HelpWe believe in Speed, the Agile way… Go live 15 months Go live 2nd Release 3rd Release 4th Release 5thRelease 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 15 months© Unic AG | Seite 36
  37. 37. UnicUnic Jorij Abraham Director of ConsultingArenbergstraat 44B.V. De Ruyterkade 1241000 Brussel 1011AB AmsterdamBelgium Tel +31 20 561 77 29 jorij.abraham@unic.com | +31 6 5234 2568 amsterdam@unic.co Igor CorversDe Ruyterkade 124-125 m Director of Sales & Marketing1011AB Amsterdam www.unic.com igor.corvers@unic.com | +32 478 83 63 96The Netherlandswww.unic.com Come and visit us at our Booth!