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3 tourism trends

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3 tourism trends

  1. 1. 3a. Global Tourism growth Why has tourism become a global phenomenon?
  2. 2. By the end of this lesson You should be able to: 1. Describe the trends of international and domestic tourism 2. Describe the changing nature of global tourism
  3. 3. Definition • International tourism refers to tourism outside of a tourist's own country • Domestic tourism refers to tourism within a tourist's own country 3
  4. 4. International Tourism trends • Increasingly diverse in origins and destinations • Asia pacific destinations becoming more popular
  5. 5. Text pg 29 5
  6. 6. Domestic Tourism Trends • Grows along with international tourism • Especially in big countries like China and Philippines
  7. 7. Domestic tourism in Singapore? 7
  8. 8. 307 June holiday trip Option 1 Option 2 Chan brothers travel tour package Backpack Visit Eiffel Tower in Paris Participate in Tomatina in Spain 4 hours flights to Hongkong 12 hours flight to Africa 8
  9. 9. Changing nature of tourism From mass Chan brothers tourism to niche travel tour package tourism From tour groups to independent travellors Visit Eiffel Tower in Paris Short or long haul destinations 4 hours flights to Hongkong Backpack Participate in Tomatina in Spain 12 hours flight to Africa 9
  10. 10. Changing Nature of Tourism Evolution of mass tourism to niche tourism • Mass tourism- act of visiting a destination with large amounts of people at one time • Dominated by Tour Operators offering low cost, standardised package tours
  11. 11. • Niche tourism targets a specific market segment, usually with a well-defined product that can be tailored to meet the interests of the tourists Tomatina, Bunyol, Spain Monkey Buffet, Lopburi, Thailand
  12. 12. Changing Nature of Tourism From tour groups to independent travellers • Tourism moving towards independent travel (e.g. backpacking) • Independent travel allows for more flexibility in travel itinerary • Tourists are not bounded by restrictions laid out by following tour groups
  13. 13. Changing Nature of Tourism Growth of long haul destinations • No standard definition of what is considered long or short haul destinations • Some consider long haul destinations to be more than 5 hours away by flight • Tourists moving away from regional destinations to those which are further away (e.g. Singapore to Brazil/ USA)
  14. 14. Changing Nature of Tourism Development of package holidays Tour packages moving towards adopting niche tourism types (e.g. food and wine tourism)
  15. 15. Changing Nature of Tourism Development of short haul destinations • Short haul destinations have also tried to market themselves to niche markets • For Singapore, rise in ecotourism and communitybased tourism in short haul destinations • E.g. Komodo national park, Orang Asli experience
  16. 16. Learning Points • The trend of global tourism is positive seen from both rising tourist arrivals and tourism receipts • Niche tourism types and independent travelling have become popular • Package tours are adopting elements of niche tourism to attract the diverse market • Tourism is the way to go because of the economic benefits it brings
  17. 17. Homework text page 34 Question 1a, 1b & 4b (2m each) Question 1a, 1b & 4b (2m each) 17