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Myeda, Molly, & Me



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Myeda, Molly, & Me by Patricia Easley

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Myeda, Molly, & Me

  1. 1. Patricia Easley is an L.C.S.W., a licensed clinical social worker, who describes herself as a professional listener of people’s life stories that have gotten stuck in negative places and need help in discovering where and how they want their life story to go. She has been writing children’s stories since her two sons were small, but it took the birth of her granddaughter for her to decide she wanted to put some of these stories in print. Myeda, Molly, and Me © 2014 Written by Patricia Easley Illustrations by Jon Gehlhausen Production Art by Deborah Doleh
  2. 2. Three little girls swinging in a row. Three giggly girls swinging high and low. Three lovely mommies talking toe to toe. Three loving mommies caring for us so.
  3. 3. Myeda and her mommy’s hair is dark and rich and brown and covered with the greatest care by the best of scarves in town.
  4. 4. Molly and her mommy’s hair is a touch of red and blows about in the air with curls around their head.
  5. 5. Mommy and my own long hair is a brownish tan, ZKLFKPRPP¿[HVZLWKDÀDLU and ties up with a band.
  6. 6. Sometimes we get to share in foods our moms prepare: rice rolled in leaves of grapes, potatoes made into pancakes, baklava and chocolate cakes, all made just for our sakes.
  7. 7. In different ways, on different days, we know we get to give God praise. 12 13
  8. 8. On Friday in a mosque Myeda hears God’s words that she so reveres. She bows down so very very low from her head to her tippytoe and does so every day when she hears the call to pray.
  9. 9. On Saturday Molly’s family takes their jog to pray at their nearby synagogue. There they open up their scroll that’s wrapped so well on a roll and hear sacred stories that are old that give new meaning when retold. 16 17
  10. 10. On Sunday I get to go to church and on a pew I pray and perch, hear stories of Jesus from above who came down to us to share His love. We take these stories to our heart and use them when the week does start.
  11. 11. We three began to walk and talk and talk and talk about what we do see that in our faith is key.
  12. 12. Myeda’s says, “We tell God we’re sorry for doing what is wrong, especially when we’re fasting during Ramadan.”
  13. 13. Molly’s says, “We also let each other know, what we’ve done that’s bad and ask God to let it go, because it makes him sad.”
  14. 14. I say, “We know God forgives us when we make mistakes, because Jesus loves us just for our own sakes.”
  15. 15. All of us can see that we do all agree, God’s love is big and wide and holds us all inside, so…
  16. 16. when we see someone new, we ask them to join us, because they’re God’s child too.