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Twitter, puur tijdverlies. Of toch niet?

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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Wie heeft daar in godsnaam tijd voor? En wat brengt het op in een professionele omgeving? Tijdens de straffe madammen twunch op 26 maart 2013 heb ik getoond hoe ik twitter intensief gebruik als waardevolle bron van inspiratie en conversatie.

Meer halen uit social media. Daar draait het om. Naast het ‘sociaal’ aspect, kan social media je ook helpen met je dagelijkse taken op de werkvloer en als informatiebron voor je privé-activiteiten. Je kan ‘passief’ meeluisteren of zelf actief aan de slag gaan. Ik koos voor het tweede.

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Twitter, puur tijdverlies. Of toch niet?

  1. 1. Straffe Madammen Twunch
  2. 2. Puur tijdverlies. Of toch niet?
  3. 3. Ik ben Vanessa 1.187 dagen
  4. 4. twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service thatenables its users to send and readtext-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets“Source: www.wikipedia.org
  5. 5. imagine Being able to see which topic is trending right now
  6. 6. http://omnimediavore.blogspot.be/
  7. 7. imagine Discovering new things every day syndicated by your peers
  8. 8. imagine Your words read by 5 people. Then 20.Then 100 ...
  9. 9. personal blogpromotion corporate event
  10. 10. imagine Talking to strangers and liking the discussion
  11. 11. being rewarded for WOMexchanging opinions asking information
  12. 12. imagine Being listed for your conversational skills, your areas of interests, the content you share, ...
  13. 13. BLACKLISTED some of mine
  14. 14. imagine Using twitter can help you in your daily job
  15. 15. “Back from Torfs inPaal. Yesterday the Flair pumps got sold there per 10 pairs!!”
  16. 16. #FSD11
  17. 17. and it’s also working in non-profit sectors
  18. 18. imagine Sending tweets to sell food and find your clients
  19. 19. imagine Promoting your book(s), blog(s), cartoon(s), your view
  20. 20. sharing creatingparticipating broad YOUR CHOICElistening focused casual consistent
  21. 21. Define goals
  22. 22. The WHY’s• listening• networking• (knowledge) sharing• link to your (blogging) activities
  23. 23. Get rid of the egg
  24. 24. Give twitterbirds some reason to follow you (back)
  25. 25. Some tips• observe• listen• do your homework = search• connect• engage• spread
  26. 26. Tools to help you
  27. 27. Paper.li• content syndicated by your ‘specialists’• giving others the credit• define publication rate (daily, weekly,...)• link it to your twitter account• send tweets with mentions• a way to engage conversations
  28. 28. Tools
  29. 29. On twitter
  30. 30. Output blog
  31. 31. Think short
  32. 32. Tools to help you
  33. 33. Think readable max. 2 or 3
  34. 34. References
  35. 35. References on my blog
  36. 36. References Pinterestslideshare
  37. 37. Don’t focus to much on numbers...
  38. 38. But try to understand• test (measurement) tools
  39. 39. • test (measurement) tools
  40. 40. • test (measurement) tools
  41. 41. Get the numbers
  42. 42. Get insights on yourtweeting behavior
  43. 43. Try different ‘readers’
  44. 44. Final tips
  45. 45. sometimes you will feel lonely