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Reflections: Croatia

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Reflections: Croatia

  1. 1. What difference does the project make? o Raising awareness of social inclusion issues within included school and involved local communities o Limited effects on national level VET policy o Project serves as an evidence-based tool for advocating social inclusion VET policy and putting it on political agenda
  2. 2. Measure resulting from the project o Follow-up project aims at the development of action plans for addressing social equity and inclusion issues within schools included in initial project (financed with national resources) o The project is led by CYN (Croatian Youth Network) with partner schools o Issues addressed in action plans were related to obstacles to social inclusion identified in initial project
  3. 3. Measures in the pipeline o The issue in social inclusion of vulnerable group has been recognized in the New National Strategy for Education, Science and Technology in the area of: o Curriculum and assessment o Support for pupils o Quality assurance o The strategy does not address issues of VET social equity and inclusion issues in particular. o Erasmus+ starting in 2014 will be oriented toward cross-sectoral cooperation of VET schools, employers, social partners and other stakeholders.
  4. 4. Challenges o Lack of systematic co-operation between VET schools and economic sector o Gaps and overlapping institutional framework within VET o Improvement in career guidance and counseling