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Education jokes

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Education jokes

  1. 1. Education JokesEducation Jokes bring about the lighter side of school life with absentminded professors, silly teachers and kids asking silly questions.The Poor ProfessorProfessor: How was my class today?Student: It had a happy ending sir. Everyone was happy that it ended.School PJWhat should you pay apart from fees when you go to school?AttentionThe Witty StudentTeacher: John, I hope I didnt see you copying from George.John: I hope the same too.Timing JokeTeacher: If you add 55467 and 12543 and divide by 1729 what will youget?John: The wrong answer miss.Feet in a YardTeacher: Do you know how many feet are there in a yard?Student: Well, first tell me how many people are there in the yard.Five Domestic AnimalsTeacher: Name five domestic animalsJohn: Dog, cat, cow and two goats.Funny Teacher Student School JokeTeacher: Give some example of pronouns.Student: Who, me?The Brilliant Student StarTeacher: Does any one of you know what a comet is?John: A comet is a star with a tail miss.Teacher: Good answer, can you give an example?John: Mickey MouseThe Math ExamStudent: Miss, I dont think I deserve a 0 in the math exam.Teacher: Neither do I, but thats the lowest we are supposed to give.
  2. 2. RomeTeacher: Do you know that Rome wasnt built in a day?Student: Then was it built during the night miss?Knowledge and ExperienceKnowledge is what you get from reading fine prints.Experience is what you get from not reading them.The Chinese Student who learnt EnglishA Chinese student was learning English from a 30 day rapid learner book. Hedecided to try it out in the college canteen. When served coffee he replied:Thank you sir or madam, as the case may be.Funny School JokeChild: Mom, today my teacher caned me for telling the correct answer.Mom: What was the question and what did you answer?Child: He asked me who threw a paper-rocket at him and I gave him thecorrect answer that it was me.School LifeThe first thing a child learns in school is that his peers are getting morepocket money than he gets.The ProfessorStudent 1: No one can win an argument with that professor... he is sounmoving just like the rock of Gibraltar.Student 2: Blocks the view, doesnt he?Education FailThe education system of our country is completely screwed up. 25% of thepopulation cannot read, another 30% cannot write and the rest 60% cannotdo basic math.