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OiRA online and interactive risk assessment

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10th International Conference on the Prevention of Accidents at Work 2019

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OiRA online and interactive risk assessment

  1. 1. OiRA online and interactive risk assessment WOS 2019, Vienna 24.9.2019 Michaela Seifert, Prevention and Research Unit EU-OSHA
  2. 2. Risk Assessment Directive 89/391/EEC - OSH 'Framework Directive' All hazards and risks, workers, workplaces, employers
  3. 3. Risk Assessment The hierarchy of prevention  Avoid & eliminate risks  Reduce and minimise hazards AND separate from the workers  by technical measures;  by organisational measures;  by personal measures.  Improve safety behaviour
  4. 4. OiRA background and figures Source: EU-OSHA ESENER survey Reasons for not carrying out risk assessments regularly
  5. 5. Interactive tools The world is going digital and there is no escape OiRA background
  6. 6. http://www.rie.nl Open source The RIE tool OiRA background
  7. 7. The OiRA philosophy – how we work with our partners Free! 4x join use copy develop anonymous Do good work and share it with people Software +
  8. 8. Political background for OiRA project • In 2017, SMEs in the EU-28 non-financial business sector accounted for almost all enterprises (99.8 %; micro - 93.1%); two-thirds of total employment (66.4 %; micro – 29.4%) • European Pillar of Social Rights Principle 10: Healthy, safe and well-adapted work environment‘…not only apply the rules, but also establish ever- improving health and safety policies with help of tools such as web-based tools to facilitate risk assessment, dialogue with workers and workplace suppliers…’
  9. 9. Political background for OiRA project EU OSH Strategic Framework 2014-2020 Challenge: Improve the implementation record of MS, in particular by enhancing the capacity of micro and small enterprises to put in place effective and efficient risk prevention measures Action: financial and technical support on implementing OiRA and other IT-based tools in MS, focusing on priority sectors (MS, with support from EU-OSHA) with a view to facilitate compliance with OSH legislation
  10. 10. Development of the tool: structure A tool consists of: - Introduction - Risk identification structured by: • Modules and risk statements - Action plan development • Solutions (proposed measures) - Documentation possibilities • Different reports
  11. 11. www.oiraproject.eu
  12. 12. OiRA in figures – July 2019 • 171 OiRA tools have been published in total and more than 80 are under development • The OiRA community is made of 16 OiRA national partners and 17 EU sectoral partners. OiRA background and figures
  13. 13. EU Partners • Audiovisual • Cleaning • Education • Hairdressers • HORECA • Leather and tanning • Live Performance • Private Security • Sport • Maritime transport • Shipsan joint action
  14. 14. OiRA partners at national level Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic France Greece Iceland  Italy  Latvia  Lithuania  Malta  Portugal  Slovenia  Spain
  15. 15. EU-OSHA National OiRA Partners Small & micro enterprises OiRA tools generator tools OiRA target groups – national approach Available in 17 languages How we work with our partners
  16. 16. EU-OSHA EU Social Dialogue National Social Partners or OiRA Partners OiRA software General EU tool Available in 17 languages OiRA target groups – EU level national tools How we work with our partners
  17. 17. Promotion: website  Managed by EU-OSHA  Available in 25 languages  All OiRA tools by country, language and sector  Promotional resources  Monthly OiRA update.  News items  OSHmail OiRA section.  OiRA community - Private zone  National Partners / IRAT Network  EU Sectoral Social Partners OiRA website
  18. 18. www.oiraproject.eu
  19. 19. EU-OSHA One of more than 40 EU Agencies Governed by European law Founded in 1996 Mostly financed from the general EU budget Independent in the execution of its mission/tasks A tripartite network organisation, closely linked to EU actors and national networks through the national focal points Who we are
  20. 20. Use the OiRA and promote it! Thank you! See more on OiRA www.oiraproject.eu Contact: seifert@osha.europa.eu