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Lean startup 101

  1. What’s a Lean Startup? (and why you should care) Jason Evanish – MIT Startup Club – November 21, 2011
  2. A Tale of Fail Don't be Webvan.
  3. Lean Startups can help
  4. Lean Startup 101: Get Outside the Building
  5. Lean Startup 101: Test Your Assumptions
  6. Lean Startups 101: Problems not Features
  7. Lean Startup 101: Launch ASAP
  8. Lean Startup 101: Learn + Build + Measure = Lean
  9. How do you do it?
  10. Lean Startup Tools: Finding Customers to talk to
  11. Lean Startup Tools: Getting interest *before* you build
  12. Lean Startup Tools: Measuring what you build +
  13. Now. Go!
  15. Embrace the Process
  16. What I covered today What else there is to learn about Lean Startups
  17. Further Reading - Books The Lean Startup By Eric Ries Great high level overview of all the principles of a Lean Startup. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development By Patrick Vlaskovits & Brant Cooper The Cliff Notes for Lean Startups; a must read for everyone on your team. The Four Steps to the Epiphany By Steve Blank The Bible of Lean Startups. Tough read, but excellent content. Running Lean By Ash Maurya A practical guide to build a great lean startup from the creator of the lean canvas.

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  1. $400M raised Launch to fail in 2 years