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How to become a flight attendant in pavlodar

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how to become a flight attendant in Pavlodar

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How to become a flight attendant in pavlodar

  1. 1. 1 to become a great flight attendant in FREE EBOOK: Tags: how to become a flight attendant pdf ebook free download, flight attendant job description in Pavlodar, flight attendant cover letter in Pavlodar, flight attendant resume in Pavlodar, how to get flight attendant job, flight attendant career in Pavlodar, flight attendant salary in Pavlodar, flight attendant tips and tricks in Pavlodar, flight attendant application letter in Pavlodar, flight attendant requirements Pavlodar 12 tips
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  3. 3. Useful materials: + cabincrew68.blogspot.com/2018/08/22- tips-to-prepare-for-your-flight-attendant- interview.html + flightattendant365.info/2018/08/free- ebook-86-secrets-to-become-a-pro-flight- attendant.html + flightattendant365.info/2018/08/free- ebook-56-tips-to-win-every-flight- attendant-job-interview.html + interviewquestions88.info/2018/08/free- ebook-195-interview-questions-with- answers-pdf 3 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  4. 4. 1. Meet job requirements 4 a. Minimum Age First in a long list of flight attendant requirements is the minimum age. All flight attendants must be at least 18 years of age, but the minimum age can be higher depending on the airline – but never higher than 21 years. Can I be too old? Unless you’re ready for retirement, there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply for a position as a flight attendant even if you’re having a mid-life crisis career change. On the basis you’re fit and healthy, and meet the basic physical flight attendant requirements – you should definitely feel confident in applying for a position. free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  5. 5. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 5 b. Physical Attributes As you’ll see below, all of the physical attributes airlines are looking for are purely for safety reasons. Be aware that the specific physical flight attendant requirements do vary from airline to airline. • Height: The most common height range is between 4ft 11in and 6ft 3in, or between 150cm and 190cm tall. • Reach: Even though your reach is closely related to your height, the height you can reach to is a more accurate and is increasingly becoming “the measurement” for determining your suitability to work inside a cabin. Cathay Pacific have stated they require a reach of 208cm. It’s been said some airlines will allow you to stand on the balls of your feet! • Weight: Breathe a sigh of relief, there are no specific numbers regarding the weight flight attendant requirements. The definition is simply this: your weight must be proportional to your height.How do you know if you meet this requirement? A great starting place is to use this calculator to work out your BMI, and if you’re within “normal weight”, you clearly have nothing to worry about. • Vision: You must have at least 20/30 vision. This means you don’t even need to have “normal” 20/20 vision, and with the use of glasses or contact lenses – you’ll likely to pass this requirement without even batting an eyelid! free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  6. 6. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 6 c. Your Appearance • Hairstyle: Avoid the latest radical style cut and stick with conservative, professional styles. • Hair color: No unnatural hair color. I.e. Pinks, purples or electric blue. • Hair length: Above shoulder length, or at the collar. Do keep your fringe above your eyebrows. • Jewellry: Minimal and petite. No big dangling necklaces, no trinkets with bells. One ring on each hand. • Wrist watches: Accepted, so long as they’re conservative. Don’t try for the latest pop-princess hyper-white watch with an enormous band. • Makeup: Minimal eyeliner, blushes, other highlighting and natural tones only. • Piercings: Not allowed. Perhaps with the exception of fine studs in the ears. • Tattoos: Always covered by clothing. Neck or face tattoo? Not a chance Specifics for Men: • Facial hair: Be clean shaven. No goatees or beards. • Tom Selleck?: Moustaches not below the corners of your mouth. Keep it trimmed very neatly. • Austin Powers?: Sideburns no lower than halfway down your ear. Keep them trimmed very neatly. free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  7. 7. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 7 d. Personal Qualities/Characteristics • What makes someone a great flight attendant? The personal qualities you’ll need to meet the basic requirements for a flight attendant position are really just things your parents tried to instill in you throughout your youth or things you learned at school. • Communication Skills: • You must be able to communicate effectively in the English language. You are constantly engaging with passengers, and in an emergency situation, flight attendants are relied upon to give instruction to passengers. We’d say this is one of the most highly regarded flight attendant requirements. Airlines are looking for people with: • Excellent verbal skills: Listening, comprehending and giving instructions. • Excellent literacy skills: Reading and writing. free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  8. 8. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 8 e. Personality Traits: • You’re blessed with your own personality, it’s what makes you, you! And your personality traits will dictate your actions, attitudes and behaviors. These traits help airlines determine whether or not you’re the right person for the job and is one of the most important flight attendant requirements. Flight attendants should: • Be able to work well under pressure, or in stressful situations: Can you act quickly, and be relied upon when it matters most? • Work well in a team: Team work means efficiency. • Be flexible: You should be the one who bends to “make it work”. • Be patient: You have the joy of dealing with people, the most complex beings on earth. • Be focused on customer service and customer satisfaction: The passenger is the most important person on the flight. free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  9. 9. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 9 e. Personality Traits (con…): • Be caring and conscientious: Put yourself in your passengers shoes. How can you make their flight better? • Be a problem solver: On many flights, you’ll need to put out a fire or two (metaphorically speaking). • Be able to multitask effectively: How many things can you do at once? • Have a positive attitude: Positive attitudes are synonymous with positive outcomes. Believe it. Do it! • Be confident within themselves, and portray confidence. Confidence breeds success, for you and the company. • Be observant and always aware of their surroundings: Do you notice the little things? Little things make a big difference at 35,000ft. • Have a professional manner: You personally represent the brand and the company, act accordingly. • Be punctual: Be on time, and help passengers promptly. • Be safety conscious: You will be working in tight spaces, and in a dangerous environment. free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  10. 10. 1. Meet job requirements (con…) 10 f. Physical Ability • Being a flight attendant is actually a very physically demanding job, especially when you’ll be doing it back to back for days on end without a break. Here’s just a sample of the day-to-day requirements of flight attendants: • Lifting heavy baggage into overhead lockers • Pushing a 200lb service cart up and down the isle • Keeping your balance during the flight, while serving passengers food and drink, and through turbulence (t’s not as easy as it sounds when you have your hands full!). • Walking for miles through the airports, and not getting lost on your way! • Working in tight spaces • Managing to work in a pressurized cabin, with recycled air for extended periods • Managing jet lag/sleep deprivation • Working extended shifts, in excess of 12 hours free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  11. 11. 2. Make sure the lifestyle is right for you. Since flight attendants travel so much, they often have to make personal sacrifices. But flight attendants function as each other’s family, and they provide each other with a lot of support. Flight attendants usually have the following qualities: • They’re fiercely independent. Flight attendants are able to navigate new places alone, and they enjoy being on their own, even if it means being away from their families during long trips. 11 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  12. 12. 2. Make sure the lifestyle is right for you (con…) • They live in the moment. Many flight attendants explore the nightlife in the cities they visit, or take advantage of the attractions each city has to offer. They enjoy having new experiences and finding something great about every city. • They’re generous with time and space. Flight attendants don’t get a lot of personal space. They share their quarters with other flight attendants on longer trips. While flying, they have to put the customer first, even if they may be just as exhausted from being in the air for ten or more hours. Flight attendants have a cheerful attitude and uplift others under uncomfortable circumstances. 12 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  13. 13. 3. Know what the job entails. Flight attendants are caregivers, customer service professionals, and safety providers. They ensure that passengers have a safe and calm passage while they’re on the plane. They work hard to make sure everyone's comfortable while constantly wearing a friendly smile. Their responsibilities include: • Greeting passengers as they board the plane, and thanking them as they exit. • Helping passengers get seating and stow their luggage in the overhead bins. 13 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  14. 14. 3. Know what the job entails (con…). • Giving a presentation of the airline’s safety procedures. • Facilitating beverage and food services. • Answering passengers’ questions, and calming passengers who are anxious or upset. • Guiding passengers to safety in the event of an emergency, and administering first aid if necessary. 14 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  15. 15. 4. Have some customer service experience The primary role of a flight attendant is to provide excellent customer service, so it really helps if you’ve worked in a similar role before. There are many types of jobs that count as customer service experience: answering phones for a company, working in retail, or working at the front desk of a small business all require interacting with and helping the public. This isn’t a mandatory requirement for all airlines, but it will help give you an edge. 15 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  16. 16. 5. Linked In Linked In is an essential tool in aviation. It will be more useful when you're past the junior level and you've already had a few miles up in the air. Nevertheless, by creating a strictly professional account on Linked In, you could join a few aviation groups to keep you informed about any new openings. Plus, you could connect with people in aviation and access - at least - its' internet world. As I said, your account should be strictly professional. By following the steps above and keeping an eye for all openings, you'll have plenty of opportunities to join aviation. Do not wait for the chances to come your way - it is quite impossible to happen, especially these days. Make sure you're looking past the uniform and the idea of the job - there are a lot of sacrifi 16 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  17. 17. 6. Clean up your social media "Lock it down — if you're on Instagram and you've got your sexy selfies, you wanna take those down," Long says. "If a recruiter were to look at that, they're not going to hire you. You want to come across as polished and poised and professional." 17 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  18. 18. 7. Research airlines to find job openings. • Go to the websites of airlines that appeal to you and find their “careers” page. Make a list of all the jobs that appeal to you, and figure out whether you meet their requirements before proceeding. • Some cities host flight attendant “open houses” to give potential flight attendants the chance to learn more about the career and meet employers. Do an online search to find out if there’s an open house coming up near you. 18 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  19. 19. 8.Apply to open jobs. Most airlines will require that you submit an application with your basic information, a resume, and sometimes a cover letter. Make sure your application materials are clear and well-written, and stress your customer service experience. • It may be a matter of days or as long as several weeks before you receive a telephone call or an email from the airlines to whom you have submitted an application. • Most major airlines have only one city in the United States where they conduct interviews, so you may have to travel to your interviews. Know what makes each airline unique, and be prepared to discuss the qualities that make you right for this particular airline during your interview. 19 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  20. 20. 9. Ace your interviews. Airlines are quite selective when it comes to hiring flight attendants; the right candidates must have a special mix of cool-headedness, endurance and the ability to provide excellent customer service. Show that you’re personable, responsible, and that you care about people’s safety and comfort. Be personable and don't forget to smile. Know that many airlines conduct the first interview via video submission. Many interviews consist of two parts: • In the first part, your customer service skills will be tested with a written examination. • If you pass, the second part of the interview will test whether you have good leadership skills. You'll be asked how you would handle different scenarios that could occur while working a shift in the air. For example, what would you do in an emergency if the aircraft started to descend? Or how would you handle a drunk passenger? • Use anecdotes to illustrate times when you handled a situation that required acting as a leader while others were anxious and stressed. 20 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  21. 21. 10. Pass the medical exam. If you’re hired for a position, you’ll have to undergo a medical exam before the airline makes it official. Find out what the exam will entail and make sure you’ll be able to pass it. 21 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Pavlodar
  22. 22. 11. Excel during the training period. 22 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant Every airline has a slightly different system for training flight attendants. You may be required to take an online course as well as do field training on a plane. You'll receive training regarding how to handle an emergency landing and evacuate a plane as well as how to answer customers' questions and operate the drinks cart. Depending on the airline, you may also receive instruction on how to make announcements to passengers. You can take steps to prepare for this by learning your airport codes and understanding the 24 hour clock. • The four- to six-week training period is described by many as being difficult, but rewarding. Learn from your mistakes and always maintain a positive demeanor. Remember that every flight attendant started out as a rookie. You have a lot to learn, and a lot to look forward to. • It's essential that you pass the training period in order to move into full- time status as a flight attendant. If you do not pass, your contract will be revoked. You may reapply after six months to a year, depending on the airline policy. Pavlodar
  23. 23. 12. Your First Years As a Flight Attendant 23 free ebook: 12 tips to become a great flight attendant With your training complete and your certificate in hand, you may think you will soon be jetting all over the world and earning a living at the same time. Not so fast. While there will be some opportunities to work, you will not have a regular schedule yet, and it will be a while before you get to fly some of the more desirable routes. New flight attendants spend at least one year, and possibly up to seven years, on what is known in the airline industry as "reserve status." What does this mean? Being on "reserve status" is like being on call. You will have to keep your overnight bag packed since you will have to report to work at a moments notice when you are summoned to replace absent crew members or cover extra flights. Eventually, you will be able to bid on monthly assignments, but that comes only with seniority. Pavlodar