Interop, please

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The Anticipatory Web

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Skypelandia: The Lost Continent of Realtime Communications

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Phil Wolff at #SemTech

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Introducing the Portability Policy

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Skype For Sip Beta Opens to Everyone

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Skype As A Platform

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Kotov Razvitie Vo Ip (Rspp Ijul 2009)

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eBay 2009q1 Earnings Slides

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2009q1 AT&T Earnings Slides

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2009 Q1 Google Earnings Slides

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Power, Freedom And Money

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eBay 2009 Analyst Day

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Phil Wolff to the 2008 Emerging Communications Conference

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Ten Years

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EComm2008 Program

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eBay Q4-2007 Earnings Slides

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The Power of Three

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Sep 27 2007 San Jose Event P Amery

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