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Brochure 100 best soups

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AMAZING 100 global soups unique and amazing recipes for sale to businesses and chefs globally

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Brochure 100 best soups

  1. 1. Chili Shrimp and paprika creamy chowder Smoked Salmon corn pimento chowder Asian Chicken or shrimp rice noodle bean sprouts mint basil broth Butternut squash and potato dumpling with buttered sage Tomato eggplant sausage stew Creamy asparagus with maple bacon Thai chicken coconutginger with scallions Italian Minestrone roasted Pesto Grilled vegetable creamy chowder Spicy Indian green lentil stew Black bean vegan chili Creamy Cheesy BroccoliChowder Celery root and apple fallstew Cheesy crab cornchowder Tuscan Shrimp herbal white bean stew Jamaican Pumpkin Chowder Spanish SeafoodStew Sample of some of our 100 recipes for sale Wild Mushroom, potatoes and Vermouth MoroccanCurry Chicken Stew Spiked Lobster Bisque Sweet Heat Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Bohemian Seafood Stew Roasted tomato red pepper creamy soup Chickpea Hummus stew Oxtail Velvety Stew Meatball and Plum stew Barbecued Shredded Porkand corn sweet potato chowder Dutch Peanut Butter soup Chilled Mango Cucumber soup Tropical mango tomato ginger soup 100 GLOBAL SOUP RECIPES 446 Main Street #310 East Hartford CT 06118 860-904-6815 lifesagem@outlook 100 GLOBAL SOUP RECIPES Global Creative Delights
  2. 2. Chicken PotPie Chowder Creamy corn beef cabbage potato Butternut squash carrot withpeanut Three melon chilled soup Sausage leek red beans overpolenta Shrimp coconutpineapple Hawaiian soup Mango strawberry chilled soup White bean tomato and baby kale soup Curried chickencouscous lentil stew Chicken Gumbo Vegetable Chowder White bean potato bacon stew MoroccanLamb barley stew Tuscan Tortellini spinach tomato Black bean baby kale carrot vegan stew Creamy chicken with short grain rice Tomato green lentil Caprese with basil Green pea potato sausage meatball Chicken stew with paprika, peach jam and tomato “Certified Nutritionist Eve Anderson sources best ingredients from Italian volcanic soil to USA Organic produce. Home raised herbs to humanely raised meats.” My name is EveI am retired International Foodie. I cookso good I never go out to eat. I love to cook and down touching my food,smell the aroma’s and intuitively NEVERuse recipes; even withdesserts. But to be able to share my talent: I fordecades tasted and measured the abovesoups, so my recipes can be yours. I believe in complimentary ingredients and a secret ingredient that sets it apart from recycledrecipes on the market. I never over power the favorof the food itself. At yourfingertips my favoritescan be yours. I sell twothings: rights to use my recipes and for a higher rate rights and ownership of the recipe that I will never use For Sale: commercially or sell that recipe to another. I have a sliding scale for each offer.In the past my dream was to have a bistro called 12 Wonders of the World and a soup producing retail and wholesale business. But now retired this work suits my lifestyle. I willdo menu consultation. A personal foodie muse at your finger tips. EveAnderson lifesagem@outlook.com Sweet potato red lentil chili honey stew
  3. 3. 860-904-6815