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Global cgcc

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Global themed dinner parties with cultural or celebrity members including cooking classes, events with art, fashion music and theater plus special trips and single events.

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Global cgcc

  2. 2. Amazing Facts about CGCC Worldwide membership with many privileges Free Intimate monthly themed dinner parties Free Singles night monthly Celebrities are members Celebrity Chefs are members Events like fashion shows Events like concerts renown artist Events wine tasting and balloon rides Events travel and trips Events like art exhibits Cooking classes all over the world Free cooking classes for corrinators
  3. 3. Themed dinner Parties  In members homes rotated and voted on at monthly meetings  Example of parties Greek, Italian, Victorian, Asian fusion, Arabian  Décor and food selections decided at monthly meetings with coordinators  Newsletters monthly with suggestions and sources  Cooking classes 6 to 12 times a year in hundreds of locations around the world.  Meet celebrities and artist among all people
  4. 4. Meet our coordinators Open your home for meeting for two hours a month All members vote what to do and your final decision is The Benefit Free cooking classes all year Yacht trips yearly vacation meetings in exotic places Celebrities email you to come last minute to parties Meet interesting people and have a important part
  5. 5. Free Singles Night  Horse back riding on a beach at sunset  Winter time evening wine and fireplace cozy meetings  Evening drinks and dinner at your favorite cafe
  6. 6. Global Cultural Events
  7. 7. The Director Ms. Anderson In 1990 I started a home business based on my love for good food and friends. It was called GCC, Gourmet Cooking Club. The concept was that people had intimate home based dinner parties with interesting themes, like Arabian nights, Tuscan gathering or Asian Fusion. Despite big success locally, I knew I could not support myself or the business on a small scale. I knew in my heart one day my dreams will come true, global overnight success. Now the new CGCC; The Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club was created in 30 days with newsletters, memberships cards, policies, training, press releases and disclaimers. Coordinators who are members open their homes for monthly meetings, where the members plan monthly home dinner parties with unique themes and each bring a dish or wine. Planning for monthly events, singles night, and cooking classes occur there. People love having a big part in it, meeting new friends, experiencing fun and learning a new cooking technique. Trips, tours, events on the subject of food, fashion, music, theater and wine tasting is popular. Cooking classes are every other month by renowned chefs in bread making to sauces, teaching the latest techniques in cuisine. Yes, my dreams have come true, overnight in 7 countries and 13 States we launched our company recently. I had this additional ingenious idea of offering free memberships to famous celebrities with a big following. You never know when a famous actor, for example, with a wine bottle in hand may knock on your door. Ask for our newsletter for details of the 2014 year.
  8. 8. What others are saying……..  Devan in New York says,  I love CGCC I used it on business trips for myself as a last minute idea to attend themed dinner parties and I bring flowers or wine I met a few celebrities and dined with them, it is awesome.  Mary S from LA California say,  I joined with a few of my friends and WOW, I met so many new friends…Now I have a network for travel and professional business connections. The last cooking class was a real class act with celebrity chef and samples I will carry my card where ever I go.  Sue K from CT USA says,  I felt being single for 10 years that I was ready to give up. Now I meet very nice group dates of people with similar taste and interest in culture. Josh and I have been dating for months and it looks very good since I am going to Australia to meet his family this summer.
  9. 9. Global CGCC Cultural Gourmet Cooking Club  www.globalcgcc.webs.com  www.facebook.com/eveandersonsir directors personal page  Write me at evensmore@aol.com  SKYPE me at eve.anderson3  Phone me office at 860-999-4234  Membership as low as $15 a month  Write me: Ms. Anderson PO Box 463 Enfield CT 06083
  10. 10. The PR department and Employment department CGCC  Press releases email me at evensmore@aol.com  For appearances on TV, radio call me at 860-999-4234  For 250 calorie gourmet meals demos on TV call 860-999-4234  For employment as office management, sales call or email me  For benefits in being a coordinators with requirements/applications email evensmore@aol.com  For articles to insert in magazines and news papers call me or email  We have 100 free memberships for celebrities call me to see 860-999- 4234