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Documentaries human behaviour

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Documentaries human behaviour

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Documentaries human behaviour

  1. 1. Documentaries Human Behaviour
  2. 2. Educating Yorkshire • DuringEducatingYorkshire,an overtheshouldershotisuseda numberoftimes.Mostofthetime it isusedwhena teacher istalkingtoa student.Itisusedinthissituationbecauseitallowsthe audiencetoeasilyidentifywhotheteacherisaddressingintheparticularscene.Thewayinwhich thisshotiseffectiveinthedocumentaryisthatitshowswhoisincontrolofthesituation,andinthe school.Thisisdonebygivingtheteacher aslightlylowangle,whichcreatestheimage ofpowerand control.I probablywon’tusea overtheshouldershotwithan angleinmy documentarybecause frommyinitialplans,I don’twanttohavea certaincharacter thatisseen as havinglessauthorityandpower.
  3. 3. Educating Yorkshire • Voiceovers are probably one of the most common features of EducatingYorkshire, as they allow the audience to stillbe informed byeither the off screen teacher, or by the series voice over. They are useful in Educating Yorkshire, asthere isn’t apresenter that stands in front of the camera and moves scenes along. I think that in my documentary I will stilluse a voiceover, but not to the extreme that this one does, I willstill choose to have a presenter in the filming.
  4. 4. Educating Yorkshire • Direct address is something that makes the audiencefeel involved in the documentary. It occurs when one of the characters talksdirectly to the camera about an issue or a situationat hand. In this situationthe head master istalkingto the camera about the way in which some students behave and why it is not what’s expected from them. Thisis effective in this situation, because it can relate to the viewers that are watching at home and helpthem understand the point of view of a teacher at aschool. In my documentary, I am going to ensure that I use a number of these to create a similar effect.
  5. 5. Don’t Tell TheBride • Voiceover’softenoccurwhenthenarrator isattemptingtofullintheaudienceaboutan eventthat hashappenedthatthemaincharacters haven’tspokenaboutyet.Inthisinstancethevoiceovertalks abouthowtheyhavestruggledtostaytogetherover thelastyear.Thecouplethengoontoexplain howandwhyafter thevoiceoverhasfinished.Thiscanoftenbeusedinorder topullattheheart stringsoftheaudienceas theycaneasilycreatean emotionalstoryusingthistechniqueasa sad soundtrackcanbeboughtinbehindthedialogue.ThisissomethingthatI may considerusinginmy documentarybecauseI believethatitisaneasyway tomanipulatehowthe audienceisfeeling.
  6. 6. Don’t Tell TheBride • Direct address has been used in this instance to talkabout their relationship with on another. They are speaking to an interviewer, but they are situated behind, or right next to the camera. This gives the impression that the couple are talkingalmost directly to the audience at home. This technique allows the audience to feel very involved in the programme and that the couple is talkingexclusivelyto them. This is a key part of a documentary and is used in almost every one that you come across andthis is because it works well with boosting audiencenumbers, asviewers are feeling involved.
  7. 7. Don’t Tell TheBride • An establishing shot tends to be used at the start of a scene, and when one of the characters hasmoved location, it gives the viewer and over view of where they are and what they might be doing. This instance isno different. In the clip, the groom hasgone into the city centre to order something for the wedding. As the audience are able to see the location before they see the reason why they are there, the audience are able to start thinking or guessing what might be happening, this further involves them into the documentary, makingthe viewing a more enjoyable experience for them.