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  1. 1. DATING ONLINEName: EVELYN Last name: MUÑOZAge: 20 Describe your hobbies: I am an easy person. I like to listen to music while I´m doing other activities. I enjoy reading books but only when I read them out of my own interest not when they are assigned by others just like what happens with college homework. I also like to go away in vacation along with my family. Another hobby that I have is to practice sports. I try to stay away from people who like to get in trouble. Describe your likes: I love to practice swimming, volleyball and basketball. To go to places where I can have nice views of my surroundings. Sightseeing is very relaxing to me. I like to meet new people and have a good conversation. I don´t likre to get up early nor to get yelled by others under any condition. Describe the couple that you would like: I´d like a responsible guy who won´t forget to make me laugh. I would appreciate if he is very polite and tender. FUNDACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA LUIS AMIGÓ FACULTAD DE EDUCACIÓN DEPARTAMENTO DE IDIOMAS