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Everypost infographics

We’ve assembled a compilation of all of our infographics to date that cover topics such as social media profile clean-up, ways to repurpose your content, native apps vs. mobile apps, and many more.

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Everypost infographics

  1. 1. everypost® lnfographics
  2. 2. "'04 Where to post your visual content: Pinterest vs Tumblr ‘01 10 Social Media H Publishing App OW 10 QVOW Comparisson 0 5 YOUF 3009'“ Native Apps fonowing vs Mobile web: _ pros & Cons Image search engines: Pinterest takes on 06 Google How to use Hashtags on Goog| e+ Index
  3. 3. Social Media Publishing: (I Q I IIICD . ... .p « . ,. ' ifs 0000006 remo- A k-§ , I ‘ ! |ame«'OOebeoC5Il: MhsI, ikhu, -mun - - mvszaxii Pun-yauvaminan 5 FEATURES 5 48 everypost ; 8 buffer ; Inutsuite ; 5 3 ONEFACEEOOK E E : 5 5 ACCOUNT 3 ; SUPPORTED = SOCIALNETWORKS @ 3 0 : 5 / PLATFORMS E E E ‘ : E‘ 5 wuss E 1 2 2! 2 W" 2 : POST TO COMPANY posno COMPANY POST T0 COMPANY posting on PAGES PAGES PAGES aloe ci 0 ci . ... .. . . . . . .. g. . .. . 5 SEARCH vouruss E: 5 3 ATTACH / [D505 70 p051’; 5 ADD VIDEO LINKS onLv E ADD VIDEO LINKS onLv 5 ADDING VIDEO To mom WITHIN THE APP E YOUR POSTS ° humps : ° iuuuzyouiutomnrnlwun. .. E ; i ll 0 : ° nmyumnnunnuma. .. : ° wmyumu-Mann. ; 3 5 SEARCH MUSIC on 3 . 5 E E WOOVESHARK 3- ATTACH 3 ADD MUSIC LINKS onLv 3 ADD MUSIC LINKS ONLY 3 : ; Music To POSTS mom : : : E ADDING MUSIC TO 3 wm-um ‘rm-: App 5 "W 5 “W 5 E YOURPOSTS O -inqroovnhrt . .. O m~Iv. ;ncushrI¢. .. 5 E 5 ° unnv. ;roovubcrk. coml. .. E °uuIv. ;roovtsIurI'. onaIl. . S TAKE moms AND VIDEOS 5 FROM WITHIN THE APP 8. ' TAKE PHOTOS AN) VIDEOS TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FIOH WITHIN THE APP 3 FROM WITHIN THE APP [W CAPTURWG 3‘ 2 CHOOSE FROM is BEAUTIFUL ADDING PHOTOS 5 PHOTO FILTERS TO YOUR POSTS E . - ounauoonunnunognaoauouunnuun ‘yo 9 on . - noun-nnunn-noun cooonaJ: uoo-on. ..“ ; nu. no-nun-noun. »-nuca n. --. .--. --. ... ... ... ... -_. ... --. . . ... n-. ... .; ... .--. -.. ... -.. --. .nu. .. ( FASTERPHOTO UPLOADING 3 UPLOADS FUNCTION 5 no OPTION son 5 no ovnon FOR 5 PHOTOS TO YOUR 5 ; FASTER PHOTO § FASTER PHOTO 3 POSTS 5 fig 3 UPLOADS 5 UPLOADS E . ... . . ... ... . . . . . . .. .. . ... ... ... . VIEW 3. ADD TRENDING E 5 ; ADDWG 5 HASHTAGSTOPOSTSFROM E IAUSTLEAVETHEAPIITO E uusnznvemcu-no E 5 § WITHIN THE APP-POPULAR 3 CHECKANDRESEARCH E CHECKANDRESEARCH 2 ; HASHTAGS T0 5 HASHTAGS AUTOMATICALLY 5 msuome i-uisunss 5 mmoine HAsmAss 5 ; your: posts ; UPDATED WITHIN THE APP 5 ; g E nosron MULTIPLE Ivosrouuui. nvL£iII. A'rrouus vosronuuLmL£vui1rouus E CUSTOMIZING 1 PLATFORMS AT ONCE AND 2 AT ONCE. HWEVEINO OPTION 2 AT ONCE. HCWEVEIKOPTION 2 : 5 CUSTOMIZEYOUR MESSAGE 5 TOCUSTOMIZEMESSABEFOR 5 rocusromztucssnssron = = YOUR MESSAGE 5 son EACH NETWORK EAOINETIKJIK : uicimnwonk son EACH SOCIAL NETWORK 1'? 5 IIUI (lit 2 U U 2 H I POSTONALLSUPPORTED POSTONALLSUPPORTED CANNOTPOSTON , POSTING ONANY ; SOCIALNETWORKSWITH 3 SOCIAL NETWORKSWITH 5 Go0GLE+wITHAn 3 MOBILE Dgvicg _ ANY IOS OR ANDROID 5 ANY IOS OR ANDROID 5 ANDROID DEVICE ; ' DEVICE ; DEVICE ; ALLOWS SCHEDULING ALLOWS SCHEDULING ALLOWS SCHEDULING SCHEDULING I355)’ egg o . --nnnnnununnnuununnnnnuunnunnuuunuunnnnnnnnuuunnnnnupuunnnnnunnnunnnnnnn-an--an MI rlulllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HAS A WEB PLATFORM HAS A WEB PLATFORM wnmz WITHOUT rcxr SHORTEN ER 140 cm, ,R, ¢CTER 140 CHARACTER UMIT 140 CHARACTER LIMIT can; no-uounooluunonouo OIOUOObOOtIUiOOlOlODOlOIO , WEBPLATFORM , . ... ... . ... ... ... . . .
  4. 4. everypost CREATIVE WA YS T0 REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT. IND are Gillan laced with the challenge at constantly creating original and interesting urirerit it you on that yourself wmhg about the same tuuics over and over again The good news IS llir; -is aw‘: ylielllv v-t ism h a new and interesting way Renurposing rzoriterii gets your olrl content tiarilr ~ri limit it vi . -tr >: rr. «i<-riixce a . .l'1ll rimw coriterit is also good tor SEO if done property as you are creating an DD£)tJ'li| iiIlly Ii; iirri« 0; k in « ii‘ )l-L)lilHl V : vi‘i3i’l alternate iriecirurris to distribute your content you can increase the intention ariri iii-. = ‘l‘l(J&t‘i rrt yo-rr "iessage dl wt lit- relationship with your ranger market in order to repurpose content uiieciively you should stick with "everurreer : ,~ : .:r. rr: teiii that is 'l| l'é1’lilé~ ~. ri«i unit; idsliriti Fm repurpose content you want to be sure to adapt it to that meuvii-rr r- iraiirie .1 trill-_; iri : .i)l'€ acider J» Mar re 3. . mi v ~. . i . i reusing content here are 50 creative ways to reuurpcise your L »’)(‘lt'jlII eirer_ri. ~ely' 6 Create a Presentation . - - I. SUDESHARE: : With over 60 million views monthly, Sildesharenet is agreat platform for content exposure. 3 Include a cal to action at the end of your presentation to dive traffic back lac your website. . 2. PREZI: 3' ' ' ' ' Rework content with this cloud-based presentation tool. Prat dlows you to include video 1 fles. Images. Inks. and then embed and shes your presentation where you'd like. um. ... ... i.-. ... -.. .-. ... ... ... ... ... -.. .-. ... ... .u. ... .-c. -.-. .-. ... ... ... ... ... .-. ... ..-. Micro-Blog 0 3. TUMHR G - -. A good choice if you are looking to post more content than allowed on‘FMttsr but dcn‘t wish 3 to repost the content exadfy. You can also link your Tumblr updates to post on your other ; social media platforms at the same time. : 4. oaosm ___ _; Vilhlle we don't recommendation posting an entire blog post on Gcogle+. his social network 5 does have micro-blogging fundionaiitles with a 1(x)K character Ilrnit which is plenty of space : to post good-sized content excerpts. 1 Facebook . 5.R£PO$T When you post content on Facebock, chances as It has come and gone before all your fans took a look at it in their newsfeeds. Repost content with a new desorption and mags to optlrnlze its visibility - -- 6.TliROWMCI(TIfURSDAYS This popular social media theme involves posting old photos but can also be applied to blog content. Make a ‘Throw/ oack Thursdays" canpdgn to share old posts. 7.PtNlMA6E$ --. Take an image from your content and post it to Pinterest with a link back to the original 5 post - a. cftEATEANIM4GEOU0lE ® . . . .. Take a key quote or eicerpt from your article and create an lmagewith the text to share it 3 on Plnterestrmih a link back to the original content. 8.CREATElMAGEl’! P Tips sell well on Pinterest. You can create an image with a single tip from your post and share it on Plnterest llnkhgback to the full post. 9 Twitter ia. Rmsr Tweets only last a few mhutes before they are pushed down and never seen again. its pertectty fine to post links multiple times on Twitter. Just be sure to switch up the wording and hashtags to promote it diiierentty each time. - - @ ILTWEETKEYPOWTS Take key points from your content and turn them into 140 characters or less. This is a goat wayto getmultipleiweetsoutofaslnglebiogpcstorartlcle and ilnkbacktotheorighal every time. IZJWEETOUOYESORIMAGES Tweet quotes frcrn your content or if you created an image specifically for your biog post. tweet the lrnage only along side the ilnlc IJJWEETOLDPOSIS ltyou are uslngwordpress. trythe freeplugln ‘Tweetoid Post'foraqulckend essywayto draw attention to old content The piugin automaticdly posts your old articles on ‘twitter. if you're using Google+. be sure to repcst your content on your perscnd page, company or organization page as well as in relevant communities for maxrrize exposure. U. PO$TINMUl. flPl. EPl. ACES 9 -- - - . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..-. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... u.. -.. ... ... . G Link-Sharing Networks i5.DlGG The news aggregator Dlgg allows users to recommend links to news stories. posts and photos aid then vote on whether the content is interesting. important or unusual. l6.REDDII The major social website Reddlt features user—created content In the form oi‘ submissions or ‘posts’. A popular link on Reddt can gamer hundreds of thousands of views ‘ r7. siwrmoc Similar to Reddit but for professionals, Sharebloc is a new | lnk—sharlng community and a great place to post your links to qualty business-related content 11' . .r--. ... ... ... ... .-. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... --. ... -. . . . . . nu. .. . . . . . . . .. ... ... ... . . . . . . ... ..u. ... . re. SHARE ON COMMNVPAGE 0 - - 3 Post content on your Llnkedln company page that is customized to your followers‘ and 5 customers‘ professiond interests and you can easily draw ; attention from the social network. : i9.pEirsoMAmic£ When relevant you can also share content on your personal Llnkedin page to engage with others. 20. GROUP POSTS @ - - 3 Posting you content in Llnkedln groups can showcase and highlight your knowledge for a 5 topic and generate interest for both your posts and company. ' --. ... ... ... .--L-. .. . ... ..--. ... ... ... -nu. ... ... ... ..nun. ..-. ... .-. .-. ... ... -.. ... -.-. ... ... .. 9 Create a Resource ‘ - - - - - 2I. CREATEA WMITEBIPM Taking content and diving in deeper can be very effective for educating and persuading your audience. Create awhltepeper to expand on a specific topic and bringing in additional industry experts to add their two—ser'ee. 22.CREATEANE80OK ebook car provide a further look into specific topics and is a great way to create a compre- hensive resource for your readers - 23.cREArEAPDf E Tum your biog post into a PDF and tpload it to a doc sharing site. such as Scribd for a ' permanent link that can be easily shared. - - -- 24.TURN icuir courrur mroa RESOURCEKIT A resource ldt is a collection of materials and content that is too complex for awhitepaper or ebook. it is one of the simplest ways to repurposa your content by repackaging it, without the need for rewriting. Your resource kit can include multiple toms of media - biog posts. hloafaflhics images. weblnazs. etc. . ..-H. ..--L. --Li. ..-n. ..-. -nun. -.-. ... ... .u--. ..-. ... ... ... .-. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Guest Post 2s comiiiurrroorirsiruocs Take some of your moremediodre posts mdtum them into powerful guest pcstsby 3 divhg lniothesublectdeeper. 26.REPUll. I$HA GUESTPOSTONTDUROWNMOG 0 " ' ' ' if you've had guest posts published elsewhere. taking that content you've created and _ posting it on your own website is a great way to reuse content. Reach out to the Indlvld- - uel owners of the blcgs where your guest posts have been publshed and ask for permission to republish on your oiMi site with a note linking to the original post 20. GROUP Posts Pcstlrg your content in Linkedin groups can showcase and highlight your knowledge for " ' ' a topic and generate interest for both your posts and company. . ... ... ... ... 9 Create a Resource I ' ' ' - - 27. CREATEA PRESS RELEASE For newsworthy content. creating a press release is a good way to reach lournalsts and draw in referral traffic. 20. RWURPOSE YOUR PRESS RELEASES Rewriting published press releases as a ccnversatlond blog post or article can be an interesting way to take a fomiai announcement and trmsform the content without the marketing hype Add links and resources to support your article for an extra touch. 29. NEWSIETTER Again It your content is newsworthy or provides great value to your email newsletter list. hclude your article In your newsletter. lllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIllkllllllllllllllIIIIIIBIIIIIIIIIIIlhlllllllullllllllllllll Build on Content aa. OREATEA SERIES : For your tips and lists biog posts. don't stop the count at ‘Top 10 Ways. .'. Compile additional tipstowilteoutandaddtothellst. tothenextlevei. 32. UPIMTE THE OWITENT Have any recent news or new developments on a topic? Freshen up your content with uadaies. Just be sure to keep the URL the same. 33. CREATE LIST POSTS Flepurpcse post content by creating list-style posts or pages that goup together related articles. For example, create an article that features al you posts on social media. or create an end of the week / end of the year post highlighting content you've published dump that time. 3!. 60 MORE lfl-DEPTH wrm THE TOPIC G - - -- Take another look at older posts to see what you ooud add that can take the information 3 . .-. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..-. ... -nu. ... .--innun. ..-nu-n. ..-nu. ... ... .-. ..--. ... ... ... .--. With a pcdcast you can easily extend yourcontenfs reach. lTtnes tops the list of podcast directories with 13% (27 mllIon) of U. S. Internet users listen to podcasts on a rogue basis. a large audience you shouldn't overlook 34.cRwEAPoocAsr . ... ... .--L. -.. .-nit. ... ... .-. -.. ... .-. -U. ..-. ..n--. ..-. --. ... ... ..-in-. .--. H.. .-. ... ... ... . 35. YOUIUIE Repurpose you content into avlsual presentation and create a video on Youtube. Be sure to include an appropriate call to action at the end of the video to bring attention back to your biog or website. 36. GOOGLE IMNGOUTS Hcstrg a Google Hangout featuring a topic can be very vduable for your audience and a top way to engage. 37.VlMEO Same idea as Ycuttbe. meets a visually-pleasing presentation from your content and create a Vlmeo video to share with you audience. video. Walk your audence through your topic step by step with a how-to video. 39.YINE/ INSIIGRAM VIDEO Take a tip or keypolnt from your article and create a (nick Vine or lnstagram video to share with your followers and entice iherh to find out more. 10. WEBINAR Auclo content combined with presentation slides and Q&A provides aweii-rounded content experience that can be replayed at anytime. 4 7. MIXBIT Sknilar to Vine. Mixbit is an app that allows for long. customizable videos and social collaboration. After you create a «den other users can remix your video and realism It. 42. WIDEO Animated videos are all the rme so why not turn your blog content Into an animation? Wldso is a free tool to make awesome animated videos online and share them. 43. LIVE PRESENTATIONS ltyou havecontent that could be presented in trontotalveaudience gotor itl Whether its via aweblnar or Google Hangout. a Ive presentation will really 1 make your contentcome to life. 30. SCREENCAST VIDEO @ -- - Take a topic that requrw detailed explanation and explain it better through a screencast . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lllll . . . . . . . . . . 6 Make a Graphic u. MfNDMAP A mind map is a great wayto onlne you content visually. You can create a mind map based around a topic and use content from multiple blog posts to educate your audience. 45. INFOGRAPHIC They say aplcture lsworih athousandwords butan lnfographlc can also bewcrih many additional links. tweets and shares. Repurposlng your content into an lnfographlc can create high impact on social networks. _ - 46. MEMES 3 lnaedbiy successful on social media. try riding the trending meme wave and create your ‘ own to post along side your content. To easily create your own memes use Qulckmeme. Community Interest Pages 0 47.souinoo The Squldoo slteailcws you to buildyourcwn page. called a"lens". around atheme or 3 topic, and is a popular link building option for drMng traffic back to your 5 original content or site. 40. HUBMGES @ - - Huboages is a social content community for writers. As a member you receive a tree sin-domain where you can post content and enrich it with videos. external links, photos. etc. Hubpages are great for longer content, so you could combine multiple blog posts to I create a single page. 49. scooeir Q - - The content curatlon service Sccop. it is perfect if you have content in a specific niche. You can share your information in that particular niche and gain targeted followers that will Ikew want to learn more. . ... ... Lu. ..-. ... .-. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... -“-4.. ..n. -.. .-. ... -.. ... ... . . . . . . . . . . .i. - a Blog Syndication 5a. smnrcAiricuiruoe The find easy way to get your content seen by a larger audience is to syndicate your biog feed with content aggregators Your content will be autorriailcdty delivered to sites that syndicate your feed. Two examples are Buslneeszcommunlty and Social Media Today. which accept both contrbutcrs and blog syndication for business professionals and social media topics Repurpcslng content into mmy different forms and for many dfferent audiences can save you time from creating unique marketing material everytime and gives your content menrimum exposure. Do you have any other ideas for effectively repurposing content? Share with us in the comments! everypost
  5. 5. Leif/ éTl_tPi.3'. <;. >.‘= l‘. t.’-' 7%. » ’. it C l A . l . §.l ‘~ ' A to busi'ne_ss_es and tt_1_o’p_r: <5Q'f: i's°‘i_l_1‘: "th_c-_3 erra 'oiftmobiie'devices’ is on F-acebyooki and; the— ‘ E ' CAPTURING THE MOBILE MARKET Month| yA. Cti/ eusers onFacebookmoblle:1.01fl. UON llflfllllllflllflflliflll @ Dally Active Users on Facebook ’ mobile: 556 MILLION Of US Facebook users access the social network through mobile 7 of Worldwide Facebook users access the social network through mobile T SOCIAL APP DOMINATION 45% of social loglns are through Facebook H Teen (16-19 usage of Facebook essenger increased . 89% in 2073 Facebook accounts ‘for 50.3% of all mobile sharing Users on F. ac: eb_o<_Jk Connected . Games: 375 million F book-owned lnstagram and Fgbook Messenger each have ' F be l<- dWhat nuuuuluwuanmunu hgg950g+ g, ;t; ;;g” HWSSAW HoursspenteverymortthonFacebookmobileappsand o games: 927 -million h0Ul‘S 83“ BIG BRANDS ON BOARD 9”‘ A r 5 R755‘ Ben &Jetry's ran a Facebook advertising campaign vl/ nich reached 14m people — 90% ofwhlch sawthe ad on their mobile devices MOBILE APP EXPANSION PLANS Facebook is buildlngapps in-house under its Creative Labs Launched in 2014; Paper, Facebooks news-reading app. Coming Soon: Slingshot, a Snaochat style photo and video altering app . : ’$, b.l7l{QE9=' é ti'leguarr_1tan. ccrrl: nelrtrsroont. ' gmevergacbm = .everypqs. t}‘
  6. 6. Winteresi The most popular content on Pinterest is re-pinned already existing images featuring female lifestyle topics Tutorial, DlY & recipe pins experience 42% higher click-through rate than other types of pins Most popular age group: 25-34 years old Dominated by women: 33% of all online female adults use Pinterest. compared to 8% of all men 50% of all Pinterest users have children More than 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on phones and tablets. 31' _~ 1' 3-: -. tumblr. mar. - tumblr. The most popular content on Tumblr is self-uploaded images and shared photos of musicians, actors, animated GlFs, and memes Most popular age group: 16- 24 years old Tumblr usage is divided equally among males and females 33% of Tumblr users have children More Tumblr page views come from a computer browser than from mobile device browsers. however 50% of Tumblr users access content through the Tumblr mobile app lnstagram uses Tumblr to blog and post visual content which gets shared on Twitter almost 6 times more often Average Pinterest user spends approximately 15.8 minutes on the site 28.1% of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100k Pinterest users spend 70% more money than referrals from other non—social channels Videos on Pinterest are displayed randomly and thumbnails aren't very appealing. Pinterest users typically scroll quickly & may not notice a good video along side amazing images. than on Facebook 5? 3.11 . i (Pintereél FACT: Average Tumblr user spends 14 minutes on the site The majority of Tumblr is made up of young adults and college students with 35% making less than $30K a year Tumblr’s average revenue per visit is around $1 .10 (close to Facebool<'s $1.22) Videos on Tumblr are displayed in a larger format post and are just as noticeable as images, GlFs, and other visual content. When Nashville ad agency redpepper analyzed its Pinterest campaign for online furnishings merchant Kirklands they found pins containing images and no text were 75% more likely to be repinned Pinterest is better for static images. When you pin a GIF. a "play" and “pause“ button is displayed. G| Fs do not play automatically. With Pinterest, focus should be on images that will encourage users to click on the pin. instead of textual content users may or may not bother to read below the pin. GlFs woi1< extremely well on Tumblr and are very popular. GlFs play automatically. Visual content alongside text works well on Tumblr. Over 50% of all types of posts displayed on Tumblr feature an image.
  7. 7. NATIVE APPS NATIVE APPS Native Apps are apps developed for mobile devices, with a specific platform in mind. They can be downloaded and installed directly onto devices from the App Store and Goog| e‘s Play. 9 E O PROS Much more popular with consumers Better UX than any other mobile optimization solution incorporates and works with all smartphone tools (like cameras or GPS) included in app stores, which makes it easier for users to discover the app whether they were seeking it or not Do not require an Internet connection to operate Once installed. the app stays on the mobile device. The user sees the app and its icon in the apps menu. Generally faster than using mobile web 2 hours. 19 minutes per day 74% J MOBILE WEB 22 minutes per day CONS Takes more time and more expensive to develop Requires app store review and approval to publish with every update OS-specific. cannot reuse code from one device to another Needs additional app marketing strategy High competition from other apps . Takes longer to download and - install Requires lots of memory and storage on the device (>9 MOBILE WEB THE AVERAGE AMERICAN SPENT 4 MINUTES A DAY MORE ON A MOBILE DEVICE COMPARED TO LAST YEAR For many businesses mobile web is a practical first step in a mobile promotion strategy. A mobile website is designed specifically for mobile devices and is responsive to fit different device screens. 0 PROS Typically less expensive to develop, and require less development time More flexibility for faster bug fixes and updates One browser makes it easier to reach awider audience faster Perform on most, if not all smartphones No app approvals required Easy integration into existing CRM, marketing & Bl systems Fewer hardware requirements such as memory or a fast processor Ya I W ND 6? ® 9 CONS Not Universally Compatible. May not work properly on certain devices or older browsers Does not incorporate all smartphone tools like the camera or GPS, or phone dialing Cannot run offline Not listed in app stores, making discovery more difficult Maintenance on two websites Multiple URLs. Customers have to remember two URLs otherwise be redirected to the mobile website, which can take several seconds Additional SEO work for the mobile website Fact- TIME SPENT IN APPS GRE W 9.5% T0 2 HOURS AND 19 MINUTES (UP 12 MINUTES FROM LAST YEAR) To decide between a Native App and Mobile Web, here ’s what you should consider: 0 How important is speed and performance? 6 Do you want to include any device-specific features? 6 Is an Internet connection required? 9 Will you need to support multiple mobile platforms and devices - if so. how many? 6 What's your budget and timeline? ' ‘ ~L'; f“" -irr: f.~. ' '. .‘. ~.. /5*, r!: ‘~. -
  8. 8. Pair Your Hashtags with images Complement your images with nashtags to boost views. 59% ED Aim to use 2-3 Hashtags per Post More than one hashtag is great. lust avoid too many and distracting from your message. include Hashtags When You Post to Communities This is the best way to foster engagement and track conversations. Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags That Relate to Your Content if your hashtag really connects to the content you are sharing, this is a great way to gain additional followers and come up with new content. Run Hashtag-Connected Campaigns and Track Metrics Related to Those Campaigns This is how you will be able to refine your Google+ hashtag use in the future, p Look up Hashtags in Google+ Explore First Hashtags with no or few related tags in Explore may not be as popular. Check the dates on the related content to see if that topic is still “trending". {iv 3-Vi if" DON ‘TS Try to Replace Quality Posts with Hashtags Hashtags are there to augment your post. not to be your post. #hashtag #every #word #in #your #post 2-3 hashtags is plenty, If you overdo it, you cause more harm than good. #useverylonghashtagsthatarehardtoread Wasn't that way too long and hard to read? Keep your nashtags concise. Use Trending Hashtags Without Knowing Why They Are Trending Check why a hashtag is trending first in case a major event has taken place that you do not want to tie your brand to. Use Hashtags for Trending Topics Not Connected to What Your Post is About if you are trying to rope readers in with misleading hashtags it will ultimately backfire on you. Use incorrect Hashtags if you are planning to reference another person or topic being discussed, don't guess what hashtag is being used. find out!
  9. 9. Just How Big 3) scam IS Pinterest Mole -7 7 5 % 0' 8” daily Pinterest imfiic Nearly 50% or all social sharing Number or new mobile visitors comes from mobile devices on iPads is from Pinierest Plnieresi sent to retailers increased 46% MOBILE TIPS FOR SUCCESS Character Limits ‘ Image Ratios for Pinterest ‘ Use Easy to Read Fonts ‘ Mobile (Iength: width) y’. ',’: '!i Before the "Expand Pin" shows Golden : §« . ‘ Fl-atio for Desktop. Pad 8. Phone: 3.67:1 —~ ~ —— Android Ratio: 2.55:1 How much of your pin’s description is view. -able7’ Desktop = up to 500 c. l'raracters Android 103-125 characters ' ' ‘ Make sure text images are legible on a iOS = .7:--100 char-a-: :ter<: ~ Try Real Time P’nnIng ‘ Smaller‘ Screen Verify your Pinterest’s ‘ website URL Optimize Your Pins for C Mobile Web Share photos onto Pinterest boards within seconds from your mobile device It realhr pops on Pinterest mobile Keep ‘-03 Guided ‘ Don't make users pinch and zoom to view Search in Mind Pin GIFs fl Have an App? ‘ C—. lFs are very engaging and can be '-Aewed I I 0 ' I‘ c ' . . . In the '03 and Andmd ml’ Al'IJ€1}’S include pin descriptions -mth keywords or hashtags and categorize your boards to be easily found in Ad-: l the Pinterest mobile SDK for 'Pin lt' guided sexarch buttons on images in your app Caution! Links in Pin i Descriptions are not Clickable Mobile version of your website 1' ¢WWi’i/ . Make sure your pins link back to your website under "source". Links in the pin desc. -rrpnon not = better experience for click-throughs Pinterest mi: -bile,
  10. 10. '-vi-, t 3'13:-i-1 7 : l:t: l: -'i: t: . ~ i. '.l: 2' HI: ‘. :=‘’ r i : ‘1l: ’ :1: . 'llt‘II: t:i; t:i l. '.t: -:1; : ~l:1:t: to-i: .:t: l:t: Il 5:t9it'. M;ttieig1;, ;. : i.i! tiilIti.43sr Begin t ing a word into search and both keywords and ‘ ' ’ possib e categories appear that start with the same letter. ly , ‘ V ’ x r Descriptive guides help you sift through images and refine _ your search. Guided Search / ’ ‘ / iiili Browse general categories and narrow down the results. ideal if you don't know exactly what you are searching for. Categorized Browsing Pages No repetition of image results, wider variety of unique images related to your search. . '3‘) Example: searching "Johnsons Baby Lotion" on Pinterest gives you a wide variety of images (lotions, babies, quotes, Johnson's Baby clothing, events and gifts) with no repetition. The same search in Google gives you repeated images of Smarter Search lotion bottles and other literal images of the product. Bgowse popular images and know what people are talking a out. Whats Popular ‘Ei' 5 WS ‘ ‘ ~, ‘E The home newsfeed shows what the people or boards you . ; . — follow are sharing so you don't miss images about vi‘ subjects you're interested in. Newsfeed | v Users do not pin low-quality, unattractive images. ' ', ",' " ‘ ' Search results will actually skim all the bad images, giving you only the best, whereas Google image results depend - _ on web rankings and give priority to this over image Quality Images qu, -,my_ Easil send images to your friends or yourself via email, '1‘ “; ‘ Robust sharing Face ook or Twitter. Options 4 B? ‘ , _, ‘Related Pins" appear in your home feed based on images , Z= 3, you already like or are interested in. ' .4 1' ‘K While Google also tracks your likes and interests, Pinterest offers the ability to vote "thumbs up" or "thumbs‘down” on Rdated ymages related ms to improve your home feed and the images you wil see. ; «:iIi: t~,1§,3 vfiirzmririiiis Iiuaiiimirltiiilai rim -.1‘lt‘4:iiiiTl:4'. 'n-wiii Flriiiiiaittliiiiiuiiiiiiivitviu ,3. 1!. -‘I. IIl! l1€! IIllIlIlI7lIIUPi mil li'l.1|l_Pli'. I.'l-‘4'. ‘II. *'Will! !!‘ it’ , i -tvi-—l| ‘l, o:-in?
  11. 11. -, .1;; ~._t ; ~, ;1~ aw’ "I - I F’: :. 3|. -.1910 I-la: to :13 : r-‘till; :mIIt: Ilniz. mm-. pizl I'll-tnlli It 7-llatil. I| _- 'lsIIIi : r.rlI'= l nlzulhi = mmiiinIr». ~. li’: l:(iiig c : u:i_o mist: iv r: :‘= W‘-'IIII= |l= mi-‘I Ii, -iél: u: will >iIiu: ui~’ _m: i.-iziui 4: will iicilp '1-in ‘ninmu to —~m: iuu| iii: in : m- gllow will mlllu: III‘-‘Ii: (3lnIL§i : In: l't~‘ ii iii: hllilliu I'§I-‘I? ‘V4’ :1 It'll: ’'. ‘r-? ‘' '. W‘"’''«? ‘i‘ 4:‘. Y r 0 . I’ — UPDATE BIOS Make sure your "bios" or "about us" sections are up to date Regularly update any links and key messages 9 I r UPDATE BANNERS & BACKGROUNDS Update your social media profile banners and backgrounds to represent the current season, trends, sales, or offerings and keep your pages feeling fresh for your fans CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS Set aside time every couple of months, or every quarter, to update your passwords VISIT YOUR COMPET| TORS' PAGES Examine what your competitors are up to on their social media venues. Which social media platforms are they using? How engaged are their followers? Are they doing anything new? What type of information are they sharing and when do they share it? ’~‘ii-"‘I-‘-'r'-! l"’L~2‘lv ii I: at I : .-. +. ml? -1' In "‘| -'I: y‘: "‘: ‘f REVIEW PAGE PERMISSIONS Review who has access to manage your social media pages, even third—party posting apps, and update these permissions accordingly ORGANIZE YOUR FOLLOWINGS Create lists based on interests, or to organize the updates from your favorite bloggers and influencers. If you already have Twitter lists or Google+ circles, be sure they are up—to-date with the content and people you want to be able to find easily. EXPLORE NEW OPTIONS Check in and see if you're missing out on any new network features or updates. Evaluate whether you want to invest in new channels like posting images on Pinterest, Vine, or Instagram, or contributing to conversations on Quora. CHECK SOCIAL SHARING BUTTONS See how the social sharing buttons on your website or blog are performing, and optimize these or add any new social networks if necessary. REVISIT AND ASSESS GOALS Take a look at your analytics and summarize growth, performance, engagement, and audience demographics by channel. Your social plan should support the overall brand and objectives of your organization. I~*I»'= ‘ -.1:»u. :=" ll :4‘-‘. ,i' 3» EMA-, §‘_av‘: vi E‘; :1 lTl! ( l: -R1 : ‘.'t‘-: |'; ‘o: n:1.». -iclmllll-LI -‘I333IHIiI35|I! IIlI: £'. 'I5l(F§lrO{| JIl‘ in-‘.1Ii: lZ<i('—a~: oiui ‘. 'l= I“‘l| I , '~1
  12. 12. ‘. vIfl ‘V! I ‘, :1 ttziaigli: ‘um: ‘mtgilii III(: Q|i: lIlIu Eislvrlglla-I yl? l~‘il>: inns . ~i: :=irr. li rzimlii: zinc with H‘l= I -‘III! IIlIIII~‘II = lT~In'l: Imzll. ‘ _Il= l nivmil. i‘.1r. i<-i. g|l: ~ 3: 4:: nlluw '. 'i~i~ ii piniuiiiilrlllu in ‘Mill at-.1 rm lllzlcnt m= ii: <=iIIii_- aim 1-: . = lw-. u. I‘ ‘l°l| "'I‘. Ina uni Thu zllli 't'flIi 6-1»m. gII= I“"IIi: . i‘ui: ir-. :ir-. unity w: y». ~ -mi snu giiaw ‘mu: Ir-illawlliu ri= I,-ii-. |L' ic- USE THE DISCOVERY OPTION Build segmented circles to receive recommendations of pages and people to follow. CHECK OUT THE LIST OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE ENGAGED WITH A POPULAR POST Use the engagement on posts to find people who are interested in similar content. 2 POST VISUAL CONTENT Include images, videos, and infographics that are relevant and compelling to stimulate engagement. JOIN COMMUNITIES AND HANGOUTS Participate in communities and hangouts to engage with other users and foster connections relevant to your business. BE PROACTIVE WITH ENGAGEMENT End your post with a question to create discussion, and respond to users’ comments or questions back. DEVELOP REPEATABLE CAMPAIGNS Make it easy for users to participate by creating a unique hashtag. CONNECT ACROSS PLATFORMS Connect your Google+ to other social media platforms to help move traffic across the web. I-’*l“~' r. »1:. ~-. r' II : ;¢: ,.r . , 35-. _Illnlnl>: l('- 'l«Il| l ‘-minis -'-II I'll}: uicuw. -iiiz. “NT "'IIII0I'/ nllj‘ 31k CHECK THE FOLLOWING OF OTHER BRANDS AND INFLUENCERS Use the About section of a person's page to discover lists of people or brands they are following. ‘i'r"' 'r‘ . - ’ 1‘ - . ‘I ; ~ ‘I s’ I I -. ._‘a _, iJ SEGMENT AS YOU GO Use circles to prevent overloads of information by directly contacting followers who are interested in specific topics. USE HASHTAGS Use hashtags to find related posts, follow ongoing conversations, and join trending topics. RECORD GOOGLE+ HANGOUTS Then add to your company's YouTube channel to boost your video content. C3 €39 USE YOUR CURRENT COMMUNITY Current employees can recommend your company to circles to gain initial exposure. _I USE + MENTIONS AND POPULAR CATEGORIES Draw a following by inviting people to join the conversation via mentions and use content that is already popular on Google+. LISTEN TO WHAT DRIVES YOUR AUDIENCE This will help you to understand where to drive the conversation and building relationships. 21 I III I15". $122‘r-li-iliulliz: -"i'l: It¥i :4-: -llzl . ‘iI'. :-II= n3.'+. l|IIlIl'—l I: », . '.(: -ll: =isi.1Iiiq. m«r4N-ii-ii-ii IlI' :1-r. :'<o. v:_€1r-1;: I-iii. :91-; -1-. i1:nE-In11:14:21-. (I103.-; .‘Z«Jl[-mum-‘rtflat-lire. it-1'. i‘. .r-. -5211-1'; '(v1i. l.'!1u-; -lb‘: =_rut-:1-i: m;4u iliiji. -“.0:911-Ill‘X07!I-lL1%'¢~x-21:91!-; 'Hli'a; . _-‘1r: i-1-. i:r. -.J£~1iiru 1.91-; -;-i! :L 1t-. ~_¢. ir-1;: '1-A-I. ‘)2:-Jm-; rul'k; ;'1-Julrrimill‘ 7 zwzi ‘is: in
  13. 13. ._ everypost” TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR SOCIAL POSTS , .5 Curate Search and curate content from Youtube. Flickr, and Grooveshark FROM ANYWH ERE. I v _ , L D , ‘. F I Personalize Schedule Personalize your message for each Compose your posts andnschedu| e socialnetwork themto send it later. Contact Us: info@everypost. me http: //www. everypost. com : ,:j, :‘Q/ I0} 4.? S Pubfish Publish content like a pro to Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedln business pages, and more!