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Developed an 'opinionated' Twitter client designed to cut down the noise on twitter when reading.

By default it only shows you posts with links to information allowing you to find the twitter posts that add value when re-tweeted or can help you learn.

The client doesn't show any images so is fast to read on mobile and web.

The software is secure and values your privacy because it stores none of your information, you authenticate via Twitter Oauth for each session.

All favourite search terms are stored locally in the browser - we store nothing on external servers.

The most stress free Twitter client you will ever use.


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Chatterscan promo

  1. 1. Chatterscan.com A Free Twitter Client Cut out the Chatter. Scan posts which matter. Use ChatterScan. | https://talotics.com
  2. 2. Do you want to read your Twitter feed faster? Then you need a way to read it without the chatter. How is it faster? ChatterScan initially shows only those posts with links. No images are shown You can expand to see replies, retweets, and no links.
  3. 3. Do you value your privacy? ChatterScan is authenticated to read your feed via OAuth, only for the life of your session. No data is stored about you by the application. You can setup favourite searches ‑ these are stored locally in your browser.
  4. 4. "The lowest stress way to read Twitter. My favourite Twitter client." Alan Richardson ‑ EvilTester.com | https://chatterscan.com
  5. 5. | https://talotics.com