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Burning fossil fuels

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Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly industrial liquid that work with nature, not against it. Our Environmental Cleaning Products put the power in your hands to reduce your environmental footprint.

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Burning fossil fuels

  1. 1. Burning Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels can include a wide variety of components, including wood products, mineral products, petroleum products, and even refined mineral materials. You see, fossil fuels have to do with the burning of “fossilized” raw materials, which can be anything from raw, dry wood to parts of the petroleum category. In William Bryant Logan’s book, Air, he discusses how the burning of fossil fuels has created an atmospheric condition where, instead of rain and clouds and evaporation all occurring in small quantities throughout the year, the burning of fossil fuels messes this process up. In this book, Logan describes how fossil fuel burning releases agents into the atmosphere which actually, temporarily, hold off rain for some time. Then, when rain finally comes, it comes as a huge, giant thunderstorm which erupts over the land, causing lots of damage and washing out locations which have been desert dry in between these highly infrequent rain showers. The point is that burning fossil fuels actually prevents steady, frequent small rain showers, and results in prolonged, violent thunderstorms which come by only every once in a while. This means that it is necessary to keep your emissions fairly low, and that includes all types of emissions which you may be putting out. For example, burning wood in your fireplace contributes to this, but so does burning petrol in your car. The end result of all of this is that we need to be able to burn fossil fuels, but only in environments where the air is more normalized by the surrounding vegetation which, incidentally, tends to encourage smaller, frequent rain showers. Marine glass cleaner, radiator coolant, and glue remover are all chemicals which, in the past, have contributed to this unnatural weather process. However, Envirosafe Solutions brings you all of these chemical solutions and many more through our environmentally friendly liquids. For example, we provide solvent free degreaser, as well as fabric conditioner, both of which are eco friendly and good for the planet. For more information about our goals and what we can do to help you switch over to our daily solutions, visit our website, read our site blog, and give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70. This article has been taken from http://www.envirosafesolutions.com.au/articles/burning-fossilfuels/