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33 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

What makes a piece of content, 'high-quality'? What can you do to keep readers engaged, and coming back for more?

All these question (and more), can be found in our presentation, "33 Tips for Writing Engaging Content".

For our full list of content writing tips, visit our blog: http://www.ewebmarketing.com.au/blog/content-writing-tips-seo/

Image credits can be found in the final slides, thank you to all who licensed their images for use.

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33 Tips for Writing Engaging Content

  1. 33 Tips for Writing Engaging Content
  2. #1 Start with Why
  3. Before you write, establish: - WHY is this valuable to readers? - WHY does this matter now?
  4. If you cannot answer the ‘why’, your readers will question the time they spend with you.
  5. #2 – Think outside the box
  6. Use an Why Finding Home Insurance outlandish statement to Quotes is Like envoke curiosity Giving Birth
  7. #3 - Use Numbers
  8. Turn large pieces of content into consumable lists
  9. #4 – Ask a question
  10. Open the conversation to readers in your comments section
  11. #5 – Proofread your work
  12. Nothing disrupts the reading experience (and loses credibility) faster than a misspelled word.
  13. #6 – Stay on topic
  14. Keep to your title and keyword throughout the post to stay relevant
  15. #7 – Tell a story
  16. Keep readers guessing what will happen next!
  17. #8 – Be transparent and deliver
  18. If you promise in your title, deliver in your content
  19. #9 – Show examples
  20. Examples reinforce your content and provides additional context
  21. #10 – Create emotion in your headlines
  22. Try using some of Copyblogger’s Trigger Words to invoke feelings inside your content.
  23. #11 – Benefits over features
  24. People are more interested in knowing their needs can be met, over how they can be met.
  25. #12 – Curate like a pro
  26. Provide your own additional insights instead of rehashing what has already been said
  27. #13 – Use images
  28. Some things are best communicated with an image
  29. #14 – Use ALT tags
  30. Great for users with accessibility issues… and SEO
  31. #15 – Use your Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
  32. Show your audience why you’re different
  33. #16 – Consult experts
  34. Stuck for ideas? Talented content specialists can generate content ideas for a range of industries.
  35. #17 – Show love to your other content
  36. Use internal links to keep users on your website
  37. #18 – Use descriptive anchor text on links
  38. Descriptive anchor text will help your content flow
  39. #19 – Use appropriate tone
  40. Know which language to use for your demographic
  41. #20 – Plan your time
  42. Use a content calendar to plan writing well in advance
  43. #21 – Optimise font size
  44. Make sure your content can be read. Minimum 12pt for web fonts.
  45. #22 – Optimise your font-face
  46. San-serif fonts are easier to read online than serif fonts
  47. #23 – Optimise your color scheme
  48. Select a font color that’s darker than your overall background
  49. #24 – Format your content
  50. According to Smashing Magazine, optimal number of characters per line for reading on the web is between 55 and 75.
  51. #25 – Be succinct
  52. Make their answers easier to find
  53. #26 – Show consistency
  54. Use a template for repetitive content. E.g. product descriptions
  55. #27 – Use quotes
  56. As Dorothy L. Sayers said, “I always have a quotation for everything – it saves for original thinking“.
  57. #28 – Be Helpful
  58. Helpful content is long-lasting evergreen content.
  59. #29 – Understand the law
  60. Be mindful of what you can and cannot write about. Stay informed with a legal resource for online writing.
  61. #30 Don’t talk nonsense
  62. Use language that your readers understand over the buzzword of the day.
  63. #31 – Your readers are #1
  64. Keep your ego out of your copy for a better reading experience.
  65. #32 - Solve a problem
  66. When you’ve finished writing, ask – have I solved a problem here?
  67. #33 – P.S.
  68. Use postscripts to remind, persuade and create a stronger sense of urgency.
  69. Thank you (Now get writing!)
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