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Overcome Your Exam Anxiety

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Anxiety can affect your exam performance. Here are some tips to overcome your exam anxiety. - Examify

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Overcome Your Exam Anxiety

  1. 1. Overcome Your Exam Anxiety
  2. 2. Exam Fear, Exam Phobia or Test Anxiety...No matter how you call it - all relates tothe fearfulness about upcoming examA psychological condition in whichpeople experience extreme distress andanxiety in testing situations from the fearof failing during an exam or evaluation
  3. 3. Understanding Exam AnxietyExam anxiety is a type ofperformance anxiety. In situations wherethe pressure is on and a good performancecounts, people can become so anxiousthat they are actually unable to do theirbestIt is this anxiety which hinders studentsperformance even if they have theknowledge and skill set to do well in theexams
  4. 4. Exam Anxiety is a vicious cycle:Stronger feeling that exams Exam as a threatening eventare threatening Poor outcome confirms the perception of threat Anxiety lowers performance
  5. 5. Here are a few tips for the students to avoid the anxiety before facing the heat of the momentQuick survey to your textbook orworkbook before you read:Take a couple of minutes to gothrough the glossary, index, studyquestions and other importantinformation.
  6. 6. Make sure you read any study questionsbefore you read the chapter:This will help you to know what you canprobably expect in your upcomingexam.Attack your textbook with sticky notes:As you read, write down the mainpoints in just a few sentences.Reviewing the sticky notes at the endof the chapter is the fast way to find theimportant information you need.
  7. 7. Make your own practice test:On completion of a chapter, take aself-test and assess yourself. Reviewthe material you read, and prepare aset of questions. Take the exam youhave created and check if you cananswer all the questions. If not, goback and study for some more time.A great way to build yourconfidence as you fall asleep eachnight is to visualize yourself doingwell in the exam.
  8. 8. Practise success will help you tostay calm and perform better.Be prepared for your upcoming examsand invest enough time to study for it.If you are excellently prepared andstudied as much as possible then thereis no need to be fearful about the exam.
  9. 9. Thank You